Little boy on a wheelchair (Mb,pedo)

Little boy on a wheelchair (Mb,pedo)

Prologue: Marks lands a job taking care of a little 10 year old disabled boy  and catches him watching child porn on the internet.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Mark a 28yo man has just landed his first job as a carer, a temporary agency has helped him to find work with the family of a disabled 10yo boy.

The boy’s name is Eddy, he has short brown hair and beautiful deep blue eyes, Eddy is wheelchair bound because both his legs have had surgery recently, he is expected to have to use the wheelchair at least for a year until his knees are strong enough to support him walking, the boy lives alone with his middle aged mother and she works as a financial analyst at some big corporation which keeps her very busy.

It is summertime, Eddy has school holidays, Mark has been hired for the whole Summer full time.

Mark arrives at Eddy’s home on Monday at eight o’clock in the morning, Eddy’s mum hands him out a list with things to do before leaving for work.

First thing on the list is to cook breakfast for the boy which Mark does, the next thing is to wake up the little boy at nine o’clock and make sure he eats everything.

The house is huge, luxurious with two floors, the preteen boy sleeps upstairs in a big bedroom.

-”Wakey Wakey!”

-”Mmm…what time is it?” – the 10yo boy enquiries opening one eye

-”Time for breakfast sweetheart, everything is ready downstairs” – Mark pulls out the sheets from his bed, the little boy is wearing dark blue pyjama bottoms with Captain Nemo drawings on them and a navy style t-shirt.

-”I want to sleep more!” – Mark smiles and starts to tickle the little boy

-”Ha, ha,ha, stop! ha, ha” – Mark hands slip under the boy’s navy t-shirt the little boy has very soft skin Mark can feel it while tickling his prepubescent chest and the bare sides of his body.

-”Do you surrender?”

-”Yes! I do! No more tickling please!”

-”That’s how I like little boys, obedient!” – Mark holds Eddy by his shoulders and helps him out to sit down on the edge of the bed.

-”Can I wear shorts today? It is real hot!”

-”Sure sweetheart, let’s get you ready first” – Mark kneels down slowly pulls down Eddy’s pyjama bottoms, to much of his surprise and excitement the preteen boy is not wearing any underwear underneath and his smooth dick and balls stands all flaccid on the linen as he shamelessly stares at them.

-”But…don’t you ever wear any underwear when you sleep?”

-”Nope never”- the little boy smiles at Mark as he blushes

-”You look real cute nakie little boy”

Eddy is left naked from the waist down, while Mark attempts to hide his big hard on under his trousers.

Mark gets some red shorts from the cupboard to dress the little 10yo boy, he lifts his feet and helps him put on the shorts with his eyes still fixed on the preteen boy bouncy hairless penis. Mark pulls up the red shorts up to the little boy knees, Eddy lifts himself up pressing his hands against the bed as Mark fits the red shorts properly while involuntarily rubbing the little boy’s soft ass cheeks, Mark’s penis leaks some precum but the boy is finally dressed and his hard on comes down.

They both eat breakfast for half an hour with friendly chatting about pop stars and others boy at Eddy’s school, Mark looks up the next thing he must do on the list, it says leisure time for two hours.

-”Is there any game you like playing Eddy?” – asks Mark

-”I like browsing the internet and watch funny videos” – the computer is next to the dinning room, Mark takes the little boy there, he switches on the computer and leaves him alone so he can go and do the washing up in the kitchen.

Forty minutes later Mark comes back to the computer room, he sees him very quite watching some pictures on the screen, Mark has a peek on the monitor and sees that the boy is watching a slideshow of child erotica, naked prepubescent boys of Eddy’s age, 8yo to 11yo boys exposing themselves for the camera none of them has pubic hair yet and some are as young as 3 posing on very obscene ways on their fours or holding out their smooth penises, they all smile as they pose,one of the boys on the screen is only wearing a t-shirt with no bottom part with his preteen bald penis on display, just like little Eddy was on the bed earlier on when Marked helped him dressing this morning, another picture is of fully nude boys aged around 9 years old holding the smooth penis of a smaller boy on one hand, more pictures appear on the screen they depict a group of Asian looking preteen boys with brown  skin simulating to lick each other smooth little bald penises parts.

-”Gosh! Eddy, what is it you are watching!”

-”Just my mum’s pictures…it harms nobody, no need to get upset”

-”These are your mum’s pictures?”

-”Yes, and she let’s me look at them, she says little boys come from Heaven and their bodies are made to look at them”

Mark is surprised at the boys answer, he decides not to make a big scene over it and take advantage of the situation instead.

-”Well she is probably right, do you mind if I watch them with you?”

-”Of course not, Let me show you my favourites!” – Eddy is excited at the prospect of his carer enjoying the same hobbies as him,looking at prepubescent naked boys posing erotically for the camera.

The next hour the little 10yo boy and his carer enjoy watching a few thousand pictures of little boy child erotica modelling, they watch black, white and Asian boys, all beautiful like angels and none of them with dick hair yet, they also watch one hour long video of five boys aged 5 years old to 10 years old where they are being fondled by a woman on the bed as the smile, the woman making their little preteen bald penises hard.

Mark follows the next item on the list and sees that it says he has to help Eddy bathing, he switches off the computer and pushes Eddy’s wheelchair to the bathroom, opens the taps before starting to strip the 10yo boy.

First his t-shirt, revealing Eddy’s prepubescent flat chest all smooth and soft, next Mark pulls down the boys red shorts, Eddy has a little hard on, this makes Mark smile at him.

-”It looks like looking at the pics gave you a stiffy honey” – Eddy blushes

-”Maybe is the weather it’s so hot…” – lies Eddy

-”That’s why I have prepared a nice cold bath for you” – Marks grabs Eddy by his arms as he keeps his eyes on the child’s prepubescent penis, as soon as he introduces him on the cold water the boys small dick comes down.

-”Urfffff, cold! Cold!”

-”I will warm you up sweetie” – Marks pours some gel on his hands and starts to rub the naked 10yo preteen boy all over, first rubbing his back and following down his ass where he fondles the little boy soft ass cheeks introducing a finger inside his tight virgin anus.


-”Any warmer now sweetie?”

-”Do you bath all the boys with your bare hands?” -asks Eddy

-”Only those that like looking at child erotica pics over the internet” – smiles Mark while rubbing the little boy’s smooth penis.

This has made Eddy’s tiny bald penis stiffy again, Mark is enjoying fondling the little boy a lot, but most of all fondling his prepubescent smooth asparagus and feeling it getting bigger on the palm of his hand.

-”I just needed relaxing that’s all! And mum looks at those pics too!” – says the little boy.

-”Don’t worry Eddy, you are already 10yo and there is nothing wrong with a little child erotica at your age, we all have done that at some point, I will help you relax, just close your eyes honey”

The little boy does as told and his carer starts to masturbate him with his fingers holding the boys bald penis with two fingers and massaging it up and down. Mark can feel the little boy leaking something, probably it is the first time a man gives this little boy a proper hand job, Mark carries on stroking
the preteen boy while fondling the other parts of the boy’s body with his other hand touching his smooth chest and back and introducing one of his fingers inside the little boy’s ass finger fucking the 10yo boy slowly.

Mark can feel the little boy naked body trembling getting pleasured on both of his sexual parts, Eddy is about to exploit.

-”Ahhh…ahhhh….uoohhh…yes!yes! Mooooree! Uaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” – the 10yo boy shakes wildly, he has just had a dry orgasm.

-”Did it made you feel good honey?” – asks Mark

-”Thank you so much! Is the best wanking I have ever had! Thank you Mark!” – the little 10yo boy kisses his carer on the mouth with his tongue, he truly seems thankful.

Mark dries the preteen boy with a fluffy pink towel for the next 20 minutes fondling him again while drying, the little boy does not get stiffy any more but Marks cock is about to exploit drying such a beautiful little naked young boy. Mark’s hard on rubs the little boy leg.

-”Do you need any help? I notice you have a bulge on your jeans” – says the little boy

-”If you were so kind, you are now ok honey but so much rubbing you has made me horny”

-”After what you have done for me, I don’t mind, ask me anything really”

Mark sits down the 10yo boy on the wheelchair still naked, Marks undoes his trousers and shows off his big hairy cock while approaching it to the boys face.

-”Can you lick it?” – The 10yo boy starts to lick Mark’s cock as if it was a giant ice cream, Eddy licks it from the base to the head and once on the head he sucks all the precum from it, this makes Mark go crazy, he softly pushes the 10yo boy mouth towards his dick and encourages him to take it all inside his throat, Eddy closes his eyes and sucks it all in, Mark fucks the 10yo boy mouth as the little boy twists his salivating tongue on his hairy manhood.




-”Ummm,urff,uaghh, yeah kid, suck it hard honey! Uahh, arff, aaaaaahhhhhh, urffff”

Mark cums inside the 10yo boy mouth he makes him to swallow all the sperm some it leaks out of his lips.

-”Did you like it?” – asks the preteen boy

-”Yes honey, you did it excellent for your first blow job, it was relaxing, thanks”

Mark washes his cum stained dick on the basin and buttons his jeans again. The little boy is still nude on the wheelchair, Mark helps him out dressing and puts some polo t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms on him.

Next in the list is to go out to the park, Mark takes the little boy outside, its sunny and warm they both have lots of fun talking and they enjoy looking at other little boys in the playground while making sexual comments about them and their mums.

Three ours later Mark and Eddy are back home, Eddy’s mum thanks Mark for his job and they tell each other goodbye.

** END **


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