Little Boy Blue (Mb,oral,anal,lite-bond)

Little Boy Blue (Mb,oral,anal,lite-bond)

Prologue: Four, almost five year old Jack spends some scary time on a big bed with Uncle Dan learning more than just how to keep a secret. In fact learning that some secrets are worth keeping.

“There you go” His mother said zipping up his jacket “Daddy and mommy are going on a trip, you’ll be staying with Uncle Dan a few days till we get back”

She smiled big placing a baseball cap on his head grabbing his hand and they were off to the car. Jack wasn’t the most outgoing kid in the world, kind of shy and unsure of himself. He was an only child in a world of adult trying to understand all the rules they had. Seems he was always making mistakes but really wanted to do the right thing. He was what some would call cute if not a little stocky, with green eyes and light almost blond hair. His mother bragging at bath time about him going to be the want of all the girls when he was older, saying he was built like a horse.

Soon enough the car pulled into uncle Dan’s driveway and Jack and mommy hand in hand were heading to the porch uncle Dan swing the door open smiling. That is where mommy stopped handing Jack’s hand to uncle Dan whom took Jack’s hand leaving Jack standing there now looking out beside uncle Dan at mommy.

“Now you do as Uncle Dan says” she warned then looked up to Uncle Dan “You sure it’s no problem?”

“No… no.. none at all” Uncle Dan said.

Mary was Dan’s sister and married to John a friend of his from way, way back. Dan himself had been promiscuous as a younger boy having an uncle of his teach him the ways of boy’s and men. He’d often fondly remember how scared he was the first few times his uncle’s advances became more than he was willing to do, but his uncle wasn’t a man to be bulked. He found himself tied down with his uncle’s cock in his ass. That shock of the first few times remained with him now as a ingrained remembered fantasy. He had gotten use to being cornered by his uncle when no one was around, sometime forced to suck his huge looking adult nasty cock. Later though as a preteen played with other boys as boys sometime do but grew out of that when discovering girls. But now coming full circle his sister was handing off her young boy to him ‘what the hell did she think was going to happen’.

Dan had felt jittery all day knowing young Jack was going to be with him for a full week. Mary and John were taking a selfish second honeymoon even begging Dan to watch the young boy. They even offered money. Hell he would have done it for free but didn’t want to seem too eager. Dan had been over at their house at bath time for young Jack seeing the boy naked. His tight boy sack and perfect boy penis, even his blemish free buttock stuck into Dan’s mind, flashing up at odd time of the day making his cock stiff where ever he was when it happened.

“Were heading to the airport as soon as I get back home” Mary said to him “Love you brother”

“Love you to, sis” Dan said “I’ll take good care of him, don’t worry”

She turned hurrying toward the car. Dan knew the flight time they were on and knew for sure this was the last he’d see of them for a week. Even knew that flight time. The rest of the today with the boy was his.

Jack felt uncle Dan’s hand tighten around his as mommy backed out and drove away. He kind of felt out of place suddenly not really sure of what to do and followed beside uncle Dan through the house.

“Come with me” Uncle Dan said “Lets get that jacket off”

“Okay” Jack said being picked up and sat on the edge of a big bed not sure what to do.

Uncle Dan unzipped the jacket helping Jack out of it. Then unbuttoned Jack’s shirt pulling it off too, the cool air of the room not to overbearing. But suddenly Jack sensed a scary urgency from uncle Dan as his fingers went to Jacks pants. Jack grab uncle Jack’s hand stopping them.

“No” Jack said.

Uncle Dan slapped Jack suddenly and sharply across the face leaving it stinging.

“Now Jack pull your hands away” His uncle warned “Lets get you undressed”

Dan didn’t think twice about slapping Jack hard and kind of liked the stunned look on his young face. But it did subdue the boy making him compliant and he push him flat onto his back on the bed and worked his pants and underwear off revealing the full nakedness of the young boy. For his age young Jack was well built his young sack tight but held two fair size testicular boy nuggets, even his young limp cock was seemingly ample for his age. And even though the boys organ was much smaller than Dan’s they still looked a bit out of place on the young boy but not overly so. Still he’d like to be watching the young cock swinging about as he worked his own adult through the boy’s young tight ass, sense he found out that he’d be watching the boy now going on three weeks its been about all he been thing about.

Dan was the type of self centered person that plain couldn’t understand how life was so easy for some and how is it he had to struggle for everything. Early on in life he taken to theft from people he’d considered getting their money too easy. Work was hard for him, other people seem not to mind, well he reasoned let those people do the work he’d just get his money other easier ways. Sex was the same in a lot of ways some had it easy he had to take what he needed. Women were an enigma to him seeming to only want men that work came easy to and over time he’d discovered that he could subdue younger girls and even boys when the chance encounter took place. But when his sister and husband John were heading out of town he’s mind clicked locking on that fantastic boy they had. They’d be gone a full week too. Dan knew he would have time to play out a more than a few fantasies that had been playing through his mind lately. So for Dan when four year old Jack bulked it was a simple matter to put him in his place a brisk slap and he was easily able to disrobe his young nephew.

Jack was stunned, he’d never been slapped by his parents or anyone for that matter. He knew uncle Dan and never expected from him such a stinging surprise. Tears started to well up.

“Don’t you go crying on me” His uncle warned rising his hand to Jacks flinching face “Just remain quiet”

A last sob went through Jack as uncle Dan worked his pants and underwear off leaving him laying on the bed.

“We have a full week Jack” his uncle told him “Today we’ve got lots of time, and that cute face should be put to better use than it has been”

Jack was afraid to even move and just watch as uncle Dan went to a night stand getting a roll of wide tape.

“I’m going to tape your hands behind your back” Jack was told “No hands on this one”

Uncle Dan rolled Jack over pulling his arms behind him and placing some of the wide sticky tape around his forearms pinning them together. Still dazed he was pulled up onto his knees facing uncle Dan at the edge of the bed who stood real close. Uncle Dan fiddled with his belt buckle then pulled his pants down with Jack being confronted by the sudden view of his adult penis and huge testicular sack.

“As long as you do what I say Jack I wont have to blister your young ass” Jack was warned “Now open your mouth real wide”

Dan wasn’t in the mood to wait, his sister Mary and her husband still hadn’t even got to the airport yet. But he’d been like a kid at Christmas waiting on a gift that he couldn’t wait to open. Dan only once before had a young girl for an entire day and in that day had managed to subdue the barely five year old girl into submission with a few well place slaps and a good paddling. After that is was a most enjoyable day indeed with only a couple hiccups along the way like when he stuffed his cock down her young throat and held her head in place. Now there was a good thirty seconds she lost control, but a another good slap brought her to bay. Dan figured to have Jack in line within the first hour, the week still to come would be…. Well… something special.

Jack was just old enough to know this wasn’t right being so close to a naked adult’s loin. He’d never seen let along been so close to an exposed grownup erect cock before and his teary eyes kept a steady gaze on it. A sob took over took him a feeling of being unfairly treated, after all what did he do anyway. What he did know is when adults got like this you listened and took your punishment. He didn’t know what Uncle Dan was mad about or what was even going on but he remained on his knees his forearms twisting nervously in the tight tape hoping soon that what he’d done to warrant being slapped hard and warned about a whipping to come would be become clear. So when uncle Dan said open his mouth he did.

Dan slipped a hand around Jack’s young head and with the other guided his almost full stiff cock toward Jack’s hot moist young open mouth enjoying the look of confusion then cluing in on what Dan wanted for him to do. Dan felt Jack attempt to pull his head away but couldn’t manage it clamping his young mouth closed as his cock went against his boy lips.

“Now I’m now going to fight you Jack” Jack heard from uncle Bill “Open your fucking mouth and suck on my cock”

“No.. “ Jack groaned out through clenched teeth “I don’t want to”

The adult penis pulled away and Jack face was jarred with another stinging slap.

“Open up” ‘slap’ “Open” ‘Slap… SLAP’ “Open” He was warned the hand rising again.

Jack open his mouth, the side of his face red, stinging. His watered over eyes opened relocking onto the approaching adult organ, a hand of his uncle’s slipping back around his young head guiding him to facing the close blunt tip adult organ.

“You’ll need to open wider Jack” He heard and did so even as the seemingly large adult penis touched his lips.

Jack stared wide eyed now into the nasty looking heavy tuff of wiry hair hiding the base of the adult penis. The thick tip slipped into his mouth.

“Suck on it Jack” He heard.

Jack willed himself to comply sucking on it the adult taste filling every aspect of his mouth with something slimy, yucky, and he did his best now to swallow any. Jack wanted to stop but his still stinging face kept him focused for now as his uncle move his head about a little over the tip, probing deep into his mouth at times with Jack trying to remain sucking on it like he was told to do.

“Okay Jack, thats good, but you can stop sucking” Uncle Dan said “Now open your mouth real wide and slide your tongue as far under my cock as you can”

Jack’s jaw hurt already and his face reflected the face he was being told something that was going to take a bit of effort on his part. Uncle Dan’s free hand came up in a warning making Jack flinch and at least attempt to do as uncle Dan demanded of him. But as he willed his jaw to to open the thick tip of the penis pressed deeper.

“Come on Jack your tongue… slide your tongue under my cock boy”

Jack couldn’t just slide in under he had to jab it forward, wedging it under the thick tipped head along the shaft. The tip slipped even deeper touching the back of his throat as uncle Dan pulled on the back of his head. Jack gagged hard his shoulders and back arching sharply the move cruelly lining up his throat to the almost ridged adult organ. Both of uncle Dan’s hand were suddenly at each side of his young head pulling. Jack seeing as his young stomach tensed snapping loudly the adult male loin coming toward his shocked young wide eyed face.

Dan in a gleeful lung also pulled young Jack’s face against his loin. This was only the third kid he’d done this to. Amazing sounds of a young stomach forced into a sudden effort to assist in expelling Dan’s cock from a young loudly gagging throat. Dan was enthralled at the sight of Jack suddenly hunching up, all of his young muscles coming into play at first with the effort of gagging up his fully stuffed in cock, then the glorious struggle of him trying to pull free while still in the throws of the violent upwellings. Dan even felt a sharp warm spray of Jack’s piss go against one of his legs. But as with all the kids so far he managed to pull free, the first time.

Jack started crying out all the while choking on phlegm, tears ran down his young face. His throat hurt, his stomach muscles hurt. And the spittle in his mouth had turned thick. He saw uncle Dan rubbing over the even thicker organ, the hand on the back of his head and neck urging him toward the slimy aimed tip going toward his still gapped mouth.

“Come on Jack one more time” His uncle instructed.

Jack was almost to late and turn his head the thick slick adult organ went sliding over his lips along the side of his cheek. His almost blond hair just long enough for uncle Dan’s fingers to clasp into on the back of his head bringing Jack back to facing the blunt liquid oozing tip again.

Dan having had Jack’s small head planted for that short moment at the base of his cock need to see it all again. Jack had managed to pull off his cock, it was surprising how strong kids were when they thought their lives were in danger. Even with Jacks hands tape behind him he still manage to wrangle free somehow but just. Jack’s mouth was still open working in a dazed half gag as he knelt now his young buttocks collapsed down onto his young feet. But aiming his cock back into the boy’s hot mouth Jack still had enough wherewithal to avoid his cock. Den latched in to the hair on the back of his head, this time Dan got his cock into Jack’s still gaped warm mouth.

“Just once more Jack and it will be all.. over” Dan lied “Slide your tongue under my cock real far”

Jack felt trapped and scared not to do what uncle Dan demanded. He groaned out plainly not wanting to it to happen again. Jack tried to twist his head but uncle Dan’s hand grasping into his hair hurt even more as he clenched in to keep Jack’s head in place forcing Jack to give in, the blunt tip reaching in his mouth a point that he was feeling the start of another gag.

“Na-g.. Na..-g-g” Jack cried out over the thick cock in his mouth.

Dan could feel the slimy tip probing in farther and his young back started arching up as Jack’s gag reflex starting to well into being. Dan’s entire world became the right moment when the harsh sudden reflex hit young Jack and Dan drove his cock forward popping back down the young tight throat. He grabbed Jack’s head in two tight hands pulling him two thirds of the way onto his cock, the fight was on as Jack’s tummy muscles snapped to life molding young Jack’s body an idealistic posture that in the same instant snapped Dan’s cock to full battle ready stiffness. His adult ball locked in place tightly with pre-cum leaking and unwanted cum only tenuously held at bay. Young Jack was stronger for his age than Dan had given him credit, and for a few short moments there was a struggle over a couple inches of cock till Jack’s younger inexperienced boy body welled up and would have puked it he could, Dan’s cock stopping the stuff in it’s tracks even as Jack’s tummy attempted to send even more. Suddenly Dan was rewarded with a sudden reversal, Jack’s throat milking, muscles working to swallow Dan easily pulling Jack open working mouth and throat fully into place.

Jack gagged and gagged tugging to twist and free his head and throat from the thick adult organ already half way into it. In the mist of the struggle something was forced up from his stomach against the thick blockage going no farther as his throat swelled, his body starting full tilt working muscle in his young throat to attempt to swallow back the substance. The shear thickness of His uncle’s cock made the involuntary movement’s to swallow painful and infective in the extreme taking all his will in the failed attempt to stop the knee-jerk swallowing reactions his young body was performing over the now fully implanted adult cock.

Dan’s plan to also sodomize Jack in today’s session was dashed as the erotic wet sounds and sighs of young Jack’s strained boy body in the throws of this unexpected response to his cock in his tight throat send that plan out the window. Dan’s cock blasted out the first of a rapid few heavy loads of sperm for the boy’s throat. Staring down he saw Jack’s young eyes go wide as the taste of Dan’s sperm back flooded into his young mouth and out even his button nose. Dan pulled free releasing a last blast of sperm into Jack still gag locked young face hitting his forehead, it running thickly down almost into one tear soaked eye beside his nose mixing with the rest if the snot like sperm coming from Jack’s nose and open gagged up mouth. Dan wiped a rag over his cock before wiping Jack’s face.

Jack was still dazed as he knelt there on the bed, his arms trying to pull free from the holding wide tape. Even still he coughed up the nasty stuff his uncle’s cock had spit into his aching throat. The adult penis that just a moment before was so stiff and threatening looked limp and soft now. Jack realizing that once the organ had spit the fluid the ordeal was suddenly over.

“Give me a moment little guy” His uncle said “I may be up to a butting fuck yet, been saving up so to speak”

Uncle Dan started rubbing his limp cock all the while staring intently down at Jack. Jack couldn’t meet his uncle’s intense gaze and looked down his eyes locking onto the adult hand rubbing over the re-swelling organ.

“See Jack” Uncle Dan said “Just about ready, do you see”

The cock stiffened even more as Jack watched, he glanced up at his uncle’s face again coming under the still studious stare and having to avert his young gaze again. The adult cock still getting rubbed, now just as stiff as it had been before.

“There we are, Jack” Uncle Jack said to him “Bet you’ll just love this next step”

Jack attempted to cry but started coughing harshly. Through teary eyes he saw His uncle popping open a jar scooping out a thick slick jelly, spreading it over his now stiffly arched organ. Once done Jack was picked up, turned and plopped down onto the center of the bed onto his belly with his uncle climbing up behind him. Jack’s young leg slightly pinned under his uncle’s buttocks as he knelt behind and over Jack. A slick thick bluntness went slipping through his buttock’s moving about only a little before stopping on his anus pressing real hard.

“Ah-hh..” Jack whined out his legs want to move to climb forward away from the rising pain.

“Easy Jack…. Easy boy..” The blunt pressure on his anus unrelenting and getting worse.

His upper body rising up, his young legs vainly trying to find a foothold to push himself forward but his uncle’s weight on his legs keeping him in place.

Dan had entered a few kids anally after stuffing his cock down down their throats finding it easier to gain entry after doing so. Jack he knew would be no different. He thrust his cock the boy’s tight anus reluctant but opening, his adult cock slipping deep into the young extremely tight rectum and was rewarded with the boy’s entire torso rising up tensely before collapsing back down.

“EE-eeee…” squealed out from Jack his young body rising up tightly from the worse sharpest pain he’d ever felt his mouth working silently for long moments after the scream.

Dan’s cock went half way into little Jack’s warm hugging back passage with Dan unable to stop his instinct to rise up off boy’s young legs enough to scoot the boy over the bed impaling him even farther onto his cock. His hands feeling the boy’s trembling tensely held body. Letting the entirety of the experience sweep him up. Dan had watch the boy running around in play but this, seeing his young grimacing head levitate up off the bed had an affect of sending a surge of decadent excitement flooding through Dan’s mind. His cock flex cruelly the urge to hump deeper something he didn’t even try to contain and lined his cock up to what seemed to be the path he should be taking and gave it a go.

Jack’s virginal passage wasn’t something that would easily allow his cock to simply wedge through. There would be work ahead for Dan something that would take a couple days at least. But for now just a bit more… Dan pressed hard his cock moving in just a centimeter with Jack wailing out surprisingly loud with Dan looking up about wondering if he should have check for neighbors about. Dan pulled the half of that was in Jack’s hugging rectum out with a sucking pop and leaving Jack to find for himself strode to the window cracking the closed blinds looking out… nothing.. good.

Jack anus stung hotly and he couldn’t quite squeeze his anus fully closed. But still trembling from the aftermath, he with tear filled eyes slipped off the bed trying to work his young arms from where they were bound behind him. His uncle was over at the window looking out a slat of one of the closed blinds. Jack could see his adult cock still stiff, arching stiffly up into the air, he even made out a smearing of poop on the tip. Jack needed to escape and went for the door.

“Where you going Jack” Uncle Dan called out behind him “The door is close, boy”

Jack got to the door, yes it was closed but not all the way, a sliver of hope went through Jack as he place his foot onto the bit sticking out and tug getting it to swing open… success!! Jack charged through his uncle coming through seconds behind him.

“Son-of-a-bitch” Jack heard as in less than ten steps down the short hall his uncle had him by the back of the neck “Were not quite finished for today Jack”

A hand went over his mouth and he was lifted by strong adult arm. Jack kicked his loose legs about to no avail as he was brought through the door that was then pushed by his uncle foot till fully closed and brought back to the bed. This time he was plopped down onto his back over his tape arms and pulled to the edge of the bed close to uncle Dan’s waiting cock. One of his uncle’s hands grabbed one of Jack’s leg pulling it up high enough to rise his bottom off the bed, his other leg going off to the other side of Uncle Dan’s legs. Jack’s uncle using his free hand to aim the tip of his poop smeared penis toward Jack’s open bottom. Seeing it coming Jack tried to somehow avoid it but his uncle had a strong controlling grip on his young leg easily manipulating it keeping his bottom open and posed before the approaching organ. Jack was grimacing even before the tip touched his sore anus.

Dan had the boy by his lower leg using it like a lever to control where young Jack’s bottom was to be. Dan found quickly this could be done easily and in fact found that in a few slight moving tweaks had the young boy posed enticingly in such a way that made his cock flex even stiffer still. Jack’s young limp penis laying to one side his tight almost oversize boy balls coming close to hiding his pink jelly smeared anus that had almost returned to it previous perspective of being a clenched guarding muscle. Dan’s cock went pressing hard onto it worming hard trying to regain that quick entry.

“Eeee-gg-ee” Jack wailed then going quite his mouth locked in a silent scream as Dan’s cock did pop back into the overly tight passage.

Dan’s adult eye went wide staring down watching Jack’s world snap back into that special place of mind consuming discomfort the pleasant sight pushing Dan’s adult balls over some edge. Before he could get his cock back to where he’d been his release was spewing forth and what was left in his adult balls emptied into Jack’s tight passage. Slipping his softening cock free Dan was beyond spent and figured the boys day was over too.

Jack was glad it was over, he felt the tape being pulled off his arms and was brought to the bathtub. After a bath he got into his pajamas that was packed for him and it was like any other time at Uncle Dan’s home. He watched TV and Uncle Dan got pizza. Jack wasn’t sure want made the man change maybe he was okay now. He got to stay up late that night.

Jack was up before Uncle Dan and like he did at home he was already at the TV working the remote finding all the cartoons he was accustom to seeing in the mornings. He hardly noticed Uncle Dan when he finely got up. Shortly though he smelt breakfast, eggs, sausage and the smell of toast. Something at home he rarely got but liked a lot.

“Breakfast ready” His uncle called out “Get it while it’s hot”

Jack paused the TV planing to get back as soon as finishing breakfast. Although his throat seamed a little sore, he ate quickly doing his best to avert his eyes form his uncle’s disconcerting gaze. Still Jack wasn’t going to pass on breakfast especially eggs sausage and toast. Finished he had to dart quickly passed his uncle but not before his uncle said.

“Good morning Jack”

“Good morning Uncle Dan” Jack cried out cause his was now obligated to reply but he still slipped quickly back to the TV.

Dan watch the boy seemingly without a care in the world go flying back to the TV. Well let him enjoy his morning, this afternoon would be Dan’s time with the boy. His adult cock was already half hard just thinking of going for another go with the young boy. His tongue ran over his lips at the thought of this time of getting a taste of that perfect little boy prick. He’d lay awake most of the night unable to get the thought or the sight from his mind. He could see Jack from the kitchen, the cartoons were winding down with Jack growing fidgety. The boy knew this was far from finished, well he was right. The last of the morning cartoon finished.

“Okay Jack lets get this party started” Dan raising his voice to be heard from the kitchen “Strip off your PJ’s and leave em on the couch”

Jack’s head turned toward the kitchen a flood of anxiety moving though him. His uncle taking on that to him sudden changed aspect he seen yesterday. He wanted to run somewhere but knew deep inside that that wasn’t going to work. His young fingers fiddled with the remote taking his time. Uncle Dan rising up and coming to the door into the living room. Jack could plainly see the bulge on the front of his shorts.

“Do I have to use the tape on you again Jack” even uncle Dan’s voice seemed to change into something cold and serious, just like yesterday.

“I-I don’t want to” Jack mumbled the remote still being turned nervously about in his hands.

“Okay Jack hand me the remote”

Jack still fiddling with the remote like it was his only crutch, lowering his head slowly and rising his hand with the remote handing to to His uncle, his fingers going to his PJ top slipping it up and over his head, handing it to his uncle.

“Your bottoms and underwear too Jack”

Jack’s feet stomped defiantly a couple time before he realized that a tantrum wasn’t going to work with Uncle Jack. His turmoiled young mind saw no way out his small hands slipping into the elastic bands of the PJ’s bottom and slipped them down stepping out his underwear his last line of defense and even though his fingers slipped into the bands he paused looking up at his uncle his bright green eyes open wide, pleading ‘no’ but seeing nothing on uncle Dan’s adult face that gave Jack a way out from doing what he was told.

“Underwear too Jack” uncle Dan’s voice firm, commanding.

Jack nervously still looking up pulled them down seeing uncle Jack’s adult eyes make that change into something even more as Jack became fully naked. What ever was happened inside of the man was something that scare Jack and there was no way out he could see that. Jack trembling now stepped out of the underwear and handed them to uncle Dan. His uncle took them in one hand the other coming down onto Jack’s bare shoulder.

“Come with me Jack” He grinned “Going to get a taste of that little boy prick of yours”

Just like that Jack was being guided ahead of his uncle toward his room the same room that just yesterday after his parents left uncle Dan had changed. And now the same adult cock of uncle Dan again nearly as stiff as it was yesterday and Jack just knew if they got to the room he’d have to go through the same horrid discomfort as then. They passed the room Jack had sleep in last night, not knowing what else to do Jack pulled loose darting naked into the room stopping only for an instant to turn and slam the door close.

“Son-of -a-bitch Jack” His uncle yelled out “Come back here”

His uncle was fast getting a hand on the door before Jack could think to lock it. Jack quickly turned and saw there was no where else to go, headed running into the small closet pulling the small door closed and holding the knob as tightly as he could.

“Your just prolonging the enviable Jack” He heard just on the other side through the ornate slats “Today I’m going to suck that cute little cock of yours and fuck deeper this time in that tight ass”

“No!” Jack yelled back feeling trapped “Go away!!”

The unlockable knob tugged in his small hands, no amount of gripping and pulling it would stop it with the door opening slowly his young bare feet dragging, pulled over the carpet with his uncle reaching in and firmly grabbing him.

“Come on my boy” His uncle’s voice sounding bemused this time grabbing his hand real tight “My room’s this way, you went in the wrong one”

Off he was pulled at first leaning back with feet being scooted over the carpet then staggering naked his small boy penis bobbing about, pulled down the hall and through the door into his uncle Dan’s bed room. His door closing, a latch far out of reach of him being slid loudly into place.

“Making me cover all the bases aren’t you Jack” His uncle releasing him and started pulling off his own clothes quickly.

Jack facing his uncle slowly back away. His young eyes locking onto the long thick arching adult cock as his uncle’s shorts were kicked at a chair hit it but slipped off slowly onto the floor.

“Before this day is out Jack” His uncle’s hand gripped at the base of his long cock showing it to Jack “I’m going to get all of this up between your milky young boy ass cheeks”

Jack had backed up against the wall standing wide eye and shaking, tears trying to well up, his young green eyes looking about for someplace, anyplace to escape to. The remembered discomfort from yesterday still vivid in his young mind. Uncle Dan went over to the chair picking up the shorts on the floor and after folding them neatly placed them on the seat of the chair his hand grabbing a folded belt draped over the back. ‘SNAP’ resounded through the room loud as his uncle with a hand at both ends of the folded belt push it close together and pulled it apart making the two flat leather pieces come together ‘SNAP’

“But first you have to learn not to keep trying to get away”

Jack’s parents never used a belt, just ‘Time-Outs’ and it was a shock when the first swinging blow went across his bare leg then another. Jack started to dart away but his uncle in a flash grabbed one of his arm pulling it up high keeping him in place as the stinging belt landed again and again around his bare legs till he was crying out for real.

Dan knew his sister and her husband would be gone for at least another five days and any marks on Jack’s legs would be faded by then so he needn’t be too lenient and landed a few good stinging blows over his lower legs to subdue the boy. At least now the boy would have to figure which was worse the belt or whip. And what was surprising, watching the young boy almost dangling by Dan’s strong raise arm, with the naked boy’s free arm wildly trying to ward off the next blow, as he turn and twisted about had Dan’s own adult cock snapping in an iron arching stiffness he hadn’t achieved in some time.

Jack had never ever been whipped like this before and it came as a shock. With his parents he mostly fained crying and took his ‘Time-Outs’ but this wasn’t at all like that. He screamed out trying wildly to fend off each swing of the belt but couldn’t get his arm or hand low enough as each blow went snapping loudly over lower part of his legs leaving each stinging hotly in several places.

Dan tossed the belt onto the bed and with Jack crying hysterically he pick him up laying him back first onto the bed his knees bent over the side. Dan dropped to his own knees onto the floor opening Jack’s legs moving in close between them, staring down onto Jack’s perfect young boy organ for only a moment imaging what it would feel like in his own adult mouth. His head shot down mouth open wide taking in everything he’s just seen, his tongue feeling, tasting everything the young boy had. One of Dan’s hands was pressed down on Jack’s chest keeping him in place the other at Dan’s stiff adult cock, pumping, working over it as he let himself be taken away mentally. This was Dan’s first experience at having his mouth over a young boy’s parts, his tongue relishing the exciting oddness of it all, letting his tongue go feeling everywhere. Dan’s balls tightened and his cock leaked cum, with his well practiced masturbating hand movements keeping him on that edge of struggling not to ejaculate just quite yet, heaven…

Jack’s small hands went into Dan’s hair grasping in, trying to pull him off. Dan felt the boy’s young cock growing stiff in his adult mouth his tongue moving smoothly around and over it. Dan giggling like a kid himself of having forced this onto the young boy. Dan head dug in like a tick, licking, sucking and in the end wondering if a younger boy like Jack could be force into a orgasm at his delicate age, and went for it ignoring Jack’s small tightly gripping fingers in his hair tugging loose strands in his vain effort to pull Dan’s head free.

Jack found himself on the bed tears running wet over his young face. At first he wasn’t even aware of his uncle’s mouth moving over his boy organ. His legs stung hotly the after shock of being whipped still flooded terrorizing real through his young mind. But a new dilemma sudden confronted Jack, one like nothing he’d felt before. A sensation like being tickled till it was pleasure/pain and all you wanted was for it to stop flooded through his boy organ, isolated in just that one spot where uncle Dan’s mouth was working over. Jack had never felt anything like it and needed it to stop like right now, and grabbed at uncle Dan’s head. His young fingers going into his thick hair Jack tugged hard to pull, push, anything to get him off but got nowhere. Jack’s little cock got very, very stiff and his tight young balls tingled harshly in a way he’d never before experienced. He wasn’t sure if it was pain or what but something seemed about to happen and it scared him that he couldn’t stop it.

Then suddenly in a heart pounding flash his young balls clenched tightly, released quickly then clenched tight again… He couldn’t stop or even control the reflex, his young body gripped with the harsh frighting spasms his young eyes wide in shock of his first ever orgasm though he didn’t know that was what it was.

Dan sucked and licked like a demon possessed over Jack’s almost three inches of boy stiffy. And knew from the feel the instant young Jack’s little organ lost control. Dan’s mouth went down harder over the entire organ letting the Jack’s cock go deeper into his adult mouth as far he could get it, feeling the intense spasms that Jack’s organ went through. Nothing came spitting from Jack’s stiff young penis but over time Dan knew that would change. Dan lifted his head seeing Jack going through a state of shock of his first orgasm and took advantage. Lifting him easily turning him and placing him on his knees on the edge of the bed. Pre-cum had leaked from Dan’s adult cock, his pumping hand making it all of it slick with the slimy stuff, more than slick enough Dan figured.

Jack’s young cock still jutted out stiffly, spittle wet from Dan’s mouth as he stepped up guiding his cock up between Jack’s young boy buttocks feeling for and finding his tight anus. With Jack still wide eyed in a daze of confusion Dan urge his cock up, pressing onto the tight resisting passage that held only for a second before opening wide his adult cock, he pushed in deep the young boy lurching stiff and trembling up his young knees went slipping off the bed, his stiff young penis quickly sagging down for the moment as Dan’s cock jabbed slipping quickly through the tight passage to the end of his young rectum. Dan slipped one arm around his hand finding and fondling over the rapidly softening boy penis the other arm going around tightly farther up to keep Jack from going toward the floor and moving farther onto his thick cock. A large mirror at the head of the bed caught Dan’s attention, both him and Jack reflected in full glory of the painful entry.

“Looks like a day of first for both of us, doesn’t it Jack” Dan buried his face into the hair of Jack almost blond hair on the top of his young head breathing in deeply “You got one more coming though”

Jack still reeled mentally from the strange thing that happened to his young body. The shock of it was replaced with a feeling that he might want it to happen again just to be sure that it happened at all. His uncle had lifted him up onto his knees facing a large mirror. He could see his spittle wet young penis sticking stiffly out from his body and his young balls tingled wildly with electricity. His young hands wanted to go to his organs and touch where uncle Dan and his mouth had been but all he could do was stay on his knees in shock as the aftermath of the odd feeling still swept strongly through his young body and mind, his arms slightly out to each side, held indecisively in the air.

A thick slick warm bluntness went slipping through his buttocks landing on his anus. Still caught up in the aftermath of what had just happened it never dawned on him to move away as the blunt tip suddenly press and slipped up into his rectum. Jack’s young body arched stiffly his head going back hard against uncle Dan’s chest, his lower leg trying to straighten out and slipping off the edge of the bed. The sharp pain faded quickly this time and Jack worked his knees moving and feeling for the edge of the bed. Jack willed his knees up and back onto the edge of the mattress all the while uncle Dan’s hand kept moving over his young organ starting to make it real stiff again the tingling in Jack’s tight young ball sack returning. Jack at first started to reach for his uncle’s hand to stop it but change his mind his arms though remained slightly lifted to each side at the ready his young face still reflecting the turmoil going on inside of him as the stretching thickness of uncle Dan’s cock shaft held him in it’s still overly thick intense grip.

Dan was surprised at how well Jack was taking it. His young tight trembling rectum hugged warmly over almost half of his adult cock like an overly tight sock as Dan pumped his fingers over his young stiff boy’s spittle wet penis with young Jack just staring open mouthed dumbly into the mirror. Jack’s young eyes went wide his hands coming down onto Dan’s arm but not stopping him from pumping over the small boy cock. His young rectal passage tightened then gripped Dan’s adult cock hard the young boy’s body coming up tensely as another orgasm swept strongly threw the young boy’s body.

Now it was Dan’s turn to stare dumbly into the mirror as Jack dry cummed again his young rectum snugging down with pulses of tighter grips over Dan’s cock his boy anus squeezing as if attempting to choke off the blood going to Dan’s embedded cock head. Dan needing the boy more now than ever ever before let his excitement overtake him and charged his stiff cock up the thick tip feeling for the deeper opening of Jack’s young colon with the once small stiff boy cock going suddenly soft then limp in his hand. Now that was something that made sense as Dan’s cock found the elusive angle of the deeper passage and sunk in another inch before being cut off from going farther, for the moment. Jack had suddenly lurched up almost making it off his thick cock, both Dan’s arms having to quickly go around Young Jack stopping the boy from getting fully off his iron stiff organ.

“Whoops.. Almost got away” Dan moaned out bemused “Don’t want to ruin our day, do we now Jack”

Jack’s colon clenched up at the sharp stab of pain making him lurch up off the horrid thickness being forced farther up into him. He almost made it off uncle Dan’s thick adult cock but not quite. His uncle grabbed him in a tight bear hug the thick adult organ humping up straight away forcing its way back through his now spasming young rectum searching for and re-finding the tighter entry into his colon, wedging in painfully deep and continued humping trying to go even deeper still.

“Ah-EE-Ee-e….” Jack cried out teeth bared face grimacing a vain effort to rein in the sharp pain.

Dan thrust up his cock slipping with pressing humping effort through the tight curved of young boy colon and finely slipping into relative freedom of his shuddering but still tight large intestine. Dan had done it, and on the second day too with fully five more days of fun to go. Dan let a hand slip back to Jack’s once stiff little boy organ as he eased the last bit of adult cock fully up into place his only thought right now was the instinctive base animal movements his loin was starting to make. Jack’s hugging passage reluctant to release its tight grip being slightly tugged along for the ride with poor Jack’s face showing plainly the intensity of the affect it was meant to have. Dan’s bear hug suddenly became too little to contain Jack in place, his legs and arms moving all at once trying seemingly a bit of everything all at once, any one Dan could have countered but this rapidly got away from him and young Jack lurched from his grip slipping from his deeply place cock in one sudden move, falling belly down onto the mattress stiff legged his young face clenched in a teeth bared grimace.

For a moment Dan was at a lose, ready to move back pulling Jack back over the edge of the bed but he was met by a glorious showing of young Jack going leg stiff body trembling in a sharp bowel cramp, writhing stiffly over the bed with his young flushed face contorted in a pained grimace. Dan’s dominant hand rush onto his cock pumping wildly watching eagerly as the intense sharpie ran it’s slow eye catching course. Before it was fully finished Dan grabbed one of Jack’s legs pulling him back and over the side of the bed.

“Next time you’ll stay in place, wont you” Dan warned his still raging stiff cock being guided between the wet slick area of Jack’s young buttocks his adult cock had just exited from “Let’s try this again Jack”

Jack’s young deep bowel felt on edge, feeling as if he moved wrong in any way the horrid cramping pain would start again. He’d gotten off the stiff gut tugging organ but at the cost of the first and worst shocking bowel cramp he ever experienced. Jack still belly down in shock trembling in the aftermath felt himself being pulled down over the bed till his waist went bending over the side all the while his arms coming back defensibly swinging around as to ward off a coming blow. But found his swinging arms grabbed and placed folded behind him, penned down against his back within the tight grip of one of uncle Dan’s large strong hands. The thick blunt tip of his adult organ being push back threw his buttocks and onto his still aching anus all of it happening much, much to quickly, his deeper spasming young bowel still felt horribly on edge.

Jack tried to rise up, he kicked his legs trying find a foothold on the edge of the bed but couldn’t. The thick blunt tip pressed and popped up inside his rectal passage again, his young body lurched harshly as a gush of sensation flooded threw his young body. It wasn’t really pain this time and his young penis went snapping rapidly stiff against the side of the bed. His parent had let him have free rein to do what he wanted for his entire young life, but being force to endure this abuse suddenly had a odd twisted appeal he couldn’t quite quantify in his immature mind. Uncle Dan’s cock slipped deeper filling his young rectum the stretching fullness feeling more like he needed to poop a big slick one out than real pain now and that odd body tingling sensation like a itch that need harsh scratching followed the deepening adult male organ. Something else too as he tugged to pull his arms free from Dan’s strong gripping hand. A sense of being dominated and purposely demeaned by this powerful man. Jack’s young mind turning inward toward understanding the sudden turn of advents forming with in him.

A flood of sensation gushed threw his rectal passage as the thick adult penis started moving, humping, his young mind sinking deeper into the escalating combination of sensations both physically and the mind consuming knowledge that he was being purposely demeaned for a twisted adults pleasure. It felt wrong, deeply wrong in ways that his own parents should never, could never know about. Jack had never had to keep a secret before but somewhere buried in his young mind he just knew this was something no one was ever going to know about, at least from him. Even still as his uncle’s cock started humping, pressing hard again with every lunge to the end of his rectal passage the itch needing scratch became overwhelmed by the sensation of needing to strain up, his rectal passage involuntary starting to do so, his uncle cock easily plowing threw his young bowel’s tightening reflex the thick tip landing even more firmly deep up inside of him the thick blunt tip feeling for a way to get back deep up inside of him again.

Sharps loud grunts in tune to the erratic movement of the humping adult cock came being forced from Jack like hiccups, he couldn’t stop them even if he tried. His young body forming the frozen pose just like he straining on the toilet. Jack fully consumed by the strange now extremely intense sensations could feel his the hand of uncle Dan’s that wasn’t holding his arms pinned to his back feeling over the strained muscles his tensely held writhing torso. But it all came to and end the second the humping cock did wedge in farther past the end of his spasming rectal passage.

“Hu-gg….”Jack strain grunting out, then as it slipped deeper still “Hu-gGG…”

Uncle Dan’s hand pinning his arms onto his back press down even harder pinning him in place even more firmly in place. This time the thick cock didn’t hump back but having lodge deeper sought to slip back to where it had been before and what had started to become strangely masochistically tolerable turned back into a sudden fight to lunge again off the deeper placed organ. One of his arms managed to pull free swinging wildly behind him in a feeble defensive effort his young fingers only slightly brushing uncle Dan’s hairy pubes and abdomen, extending back stiffly pressing as far back as he could with small fingers extended too, uncle Dan’s abdomen pressing against his fingers, but just.

Dan became caught up, totally engrossed in slipping his cock threw the pre-cum slick hugging tube of young Jack back passage. After the short intense struggle to subdue the young cute boy his moving cock slowly had him pleasantly vocalizing out the kind of debasing grunts that could only come from kid being butt fucked. Even though his goal was to fully plant his fully back into the young boy he humped temporarily enjoying the prep-fucking that could only heighten Jack’s rectal sensitivity to any and all movement. It was strange, a kids rectum was much tighter than the deeper passage of slipping, probing inches into their young large intestine. But once there just seeing the shock on any kids face as one humped deeply to the grumbling harsh sounds found only there could set him off in an orgasm of epic proportions, leaving his balls tingling, empty and aching for hours after. Something he managed only a few well remembered times in his life and Jack was, come hell or high water, going to give himself that treat over the next few days.

So Dan humped watching young Jack fall into line his young body posing up pleasingly sending Dan’s loin into a flurry of humping tuned to acerbate the debasing look of the act its self. It was fucking beautiful to see and hear the intense affect of his continually moving cock had on his young nephew. It was even more than he’d envisioned in any fantasy he’d had about the young boy and the glorious sight had him striving even more and more aggressively toward achieving his initial purpose his planned end game. Dan’s lunges becoming more purposeful with each press turning into an open effort to gain back that young tightly curved boy colon letting any empathy he had left slip from his thoughts. He easily let his mental state snap into taking in the harsh callous act being perpetrated on young Jack as something for him, well deserved. Something that one only got rarely as a treat, not to be passed up but fully relished and remembered for later. So there Dan was his mental state so focused on the shear vileness of the act that he became unable to hold back in any morally civilized way. Young Jack had to Dan becoming just a living toy to be enjoyed for its shear immorally sake, the shear act of degrading sadism adding to it all was the underlaying fact that Jack was a boy, not a man in any way at all.

Dan at any time would fight if anyone even hinted he was gay. But young boys held a special loopholed in that train of thought that Dan had grasped in all his deepest fantasies onto, his adult mind blurring the base fact that Jack was male, he was just a ‘young male kid’ the oddity of the act enhancing everything to even more than the desired affect. To Dan the young hairless body of kids, all kids were free game in his sexual fantasies and boys, young boys held a intriguing special place that could only be described as an alluring enticing fetish. Girl were made to get fucked, anal on a young girl was proof of domination and control. But with young boys it was something different entirely, a deep mental sense of the taboo was added to the intensity of preforming the debasing dominating act. Something Dan’s adult mind cruelly savored. He ran his tongue over his lips settling into the necessity of the struggle that now unfolded before him.

Jack’s tight colon went hugging tightly over Dan’s thick cock and Jack would have lunged off his cock again too except that the young boy was bent over the edge of the bed, his kicking legs inches above the floor. Dan humped deeper slipping his cock almost threw the hugging curve with young Jack half squealing half grunting, his young boy torso twisting in the odd way kids did with a cock stuck in deep into their tight colon. Dan pressed his cock this time slipping it into shuddering spasming area of his tight large intestine and from there an easy seating of his adult loin up between Jack’s perfect boy buttocks. It was pure euphoric heaven for Dan as endorphins flooded threw his adult body his hips already starting the vile act of on a girl would be reproduction, but with young Jack was a satisfying acknowledging fact of actually doing the culturally forbidden act of sodomy on a boy. And in just a few short tentative strokes Dan’s ears took in the crude gross sounds coming from Jack’s young intestine that had him even more eagerly deeply humping. Jack’s young face frozen with terrorized shock, horror and that special something else Dan’s was delighted to see. The boy’s young gut was in need of a real harsh bowel movement, sending the harsh signal over young Jack, the shocking reality revealed as plain as day on his cute boy face. Dan’s cock snapping to iron stiff readiness to actively and aggressively sodomize the boy.

Jack worried young green eyes moved rapidly around the room focusing on nothing, his young mind turned inward. The moving adult organ moving much too deeply inside of him brought on the sudden intense urgent feeling that he was about to have a bowel movement of a kind he’d be unable to contain. He just knew if he could just stop his uncle’s continued movements he could stop, even regain some level of control but he need the movement to stop. Jack’s free hand came back now more easily as his slightly twisted body let him place it squarely above uncle Dan’s thick tuff of pubic hair trying too slow, even stop the ghastly feeling deeply humping movement inside of him.

“Ugg-g…” Jack grunted “I-I.. bathroom.. U-Uhgg..”

“I know, I know.. Jack” Uncle Dan said grabbing his young hand against his adult loin placing it back into his strong adult hand at Jack’s back “Hang on boy, be over soon enough”

Jack young mind spun with harsh realization that uncle Dan wasn’t even going to consider his blight. Jack’s immature mind struggling to voice in a way that his uncle would understand.

“I-Uh-gg.. real ug-g.. bad” Jack struggled “Poop.. bad”

Uncle Dan’s free hand came up pushing Jack’s young head to facing up and forward, turning his young head toward the head board of the bed. Jack now looking up into the mirror on the wall he could see his uncle’s bemuse face looking back intently studying Jack, the moving adult cock inside of him taking on more and more intense lunges. Jack’s young intestine surging out of his control the glaring studious gleam on uncle Dan’s adult face scaring Jack with sudden understanding of just what his uncle was purposely and intentionally doing. Still Jack wasn’t ready for when it really happened but it did, the gross sounds coming from deep inside of Jack changing. The feeling suddenly even more filthily gross his uncle leaning in over Jack back his adult head coming down placing a kiss onto the top of his young head uncle Dan’s free had now turning Jack aghast face toward his adult face. Uncle Dan’s lip went pressing onto Jack’s gapped open mouth his adult tongue slipping into his young mouth. He’d seen adult’s kiss each other this way but right now as his young bowel surged into overdrive of urgent need really poop it seemed oddly surreal, there was no sense of any love in it.

But Jack’s young mind did sense something else. In fact in a flash of youthful insight of understanding young Jack did understand his uncle’s need to be forcing this horrid vile thing onto Jack. Uncle Dan right now didn’t feel any love at all for Jack in fact he was doing all of this because he could. Sex for adults wasn’t necessarily for love and having babies, it was also about control and a need to dominate. Even still it didn’t lessen the horrid fact that his young bowel was being forced to lose all control just for uncle Dan’s need to dominate and control Jack.

“Oh, god Jack” His uncle moaned into his young open mouth his adult humping loin starting to move erratically “Wont be long now”

Uncle Dan’s hand on the back of Jack’s head pressed his gaped mouth more firmly onto uncle Dan’s open mouth, his adult tongue going deep into Jack’s mouth moving everywhere. But Jack’s young mind was else where, stuck onto the mentally absorbing fact that uncle Dan’s thick cock was churning threw his deep moving to escape poop. Then in a sudden lunge the long adult iron stiff organ went fully up into Jack’s back passage, his poop Jack could plainly feel struggling even more energetically to move around the swelling intestinal stretching blunt tip. Jack entire rectal passage ran rampant with the intense tingling sensations of being sodomized, his deeper intestine fully attuned to the suddenly swelling adult penis as even his young gripping anus was force to expand farther still over the thicker swell. A hot splash of liquid shot from the thick tip inches in his young gut, then another coming in fierce waves something like his much smalled penis had done when his uncle sucked and played with his small erect penis. Jack realized that his uncle’s cock was doing what his had done but his was spitting a lot of liquid inside of Jack. If his uncle huge adult penis felt the same thing as Jack’s penis had felt it was no wonder he wanted to do this to him.

Jack’s young penis stiffen against the side of the bed and now his young tongue moved over uncle Dan’s adult tongue as it played threw his young mouth. Now that the movement was halted his young sensitive bowel slowed to a stopped its urgent need to be urging poop out of him. Jack was left in a rush of having done something plainly real naughty, but nice. His uncle now was kissing over his young face changing back into the nice man Jack knew him to be. The iron stiff cock inside on his was rapidly growing soft with uncle Dan slowly pulling it out. Jack lay there a bit longer his young mind trying to process what he really felt, a sense of being used against his will was somewhat foreign to him but once experienced he kinda liked the helpless felling he had. His bowel still tingled nastily with sensation of the resent use and the need to slip off the bed to be heading off the the bathroom strong but he wasn’t sure if necessary. Turning his head he could see his uncle watching him as he went to pick up a towel, his half stiff adult cock showing the deep use of Jack’s still tingling sensitive young boy bowel.

“If you still need to poop Jack, nows the time” his uncle said grinning “I’m done it for a long long while. Maybe we’ll do a goodnight ass fucking before you get tucked in tonight”

Jack did slip off the bed rushing to the master bathroom of uncle Dan’s room and got onto the toilet letting the liquid that uncle Dan’s sprayed into his intestine drip from his sore anus into the bowl, all in full view of his watching uncle. When wiped himself as clean as he could he got off the toilet Jack’s little boy cock was stiff, real stiff as he walked back into the bedroom.

“Me think Mikey likes it” uncle Dan said to him “Come here, lets take care of that”

Jack ran to uncle Dan’s open arms and was lifted onto and sat onto the edge of the bed in the spot he was just deeply sodomized.

“You going to suck on me again uncle Dan” Jack asked, his eyes wide with hope.

“You know it boy” uncle Dan told him as his head dropped down between his young hairless loin.

That didn’t stop Jack’s young fingers from digging into uncle Dan’s hair when the still unaccustomed sensation building in his boy balls got to strong to bare. But if he thought that pulling a few strands of uncle Dan’s head hair would subdue the adult man’s wanton mouth from easing off tonguing and sucking over his boy stiffie his reasoning was misplaced. In a short span of time they were in a mutual struggle together as Jack’s young balls snapped into sudden action this time spitting clear pre-cum from his young penis then went pumping dryly all of it going surprisingly out of his youthful mental control.

“Okay boy, the rest of the day is yours” his uncle grinned up at him licking his lip like he just had a good meal.

That night Jack’s uncle turned again, mean and domineering with Jack being taped arms behind him and forcibly sodomized deeply, nastily with his uncle eagerly making it all as awful as he could. Jack’s little cock started stiff but went soft and limp swinging around in front of him as Jack leaned back into the muscled chest of his uncle. Jack was taken on his knees at the edge of the bed, uncle Dan’s free hand went to feeling over his limp bobbing boy penis and testicular sack at the hight of the abuse the other arm tightly around Jack’s young torso keeping his lurching body from accidentally getting free from the pummeling adult cock. When his uncle rammed home working up into him fully with liquid spraying into his gut again Jack’s boy cock snapped iron stiff in his uncle’s rubbing hand and spitting clear liquid of his own out onto the bed the entirety of his young rectum gripping hard with each spit from his little stiff cock.

By the time the week was over Jack looked forward to the intense twice daily attention from his uncle and in the end of the week he was bathed, and with a sedative tingling rectum and young testicles was dressed for the trip home. A knock at the door, it was daddy and mommy.

“Did you enjoy your stay dear” his mommy ask.

Jack just shook his head ‘yes’ looking back at uncle Dan.

“He was a good boy all week” uncle Dan said “A real good boy, weren’t you Jack”

Jack nodded ‘Yes’ grinning broadly now keeping his mouth shut. He may be going back to getting his way at home but he secretly longed to stay here at uncle Dan’s home. He didn’t have to discover right from wrong on his own, uncle Dan did all that for him. And Jack kinda enjoyed being forced to submit to uncle Dan’s vile needs even bound when the mood struck uncle Dan.

“Good cause we may need to use you again, soon” Mommy said to uncle Dan “Would that be okay with you”

“Anytime” Dan said “Anytime you need”


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