Joey’s Awakening Nightmare (MMb,anal,oral,asphyxia)

Joey’s Awakening Nightmare (MMb,anal,oral,asphyxia)

Prologue: Five year old Joey found himself used to pay a debt, from one evil man to a even more evil man.

Author: Lone Dog

Joey tested the tape that held his wrist against the side of one leg just below his knee and couldn’t pull it free. He tried the other side pulling as hard as he could, nothing. He was scared, more than at any time in his short five year old life. The man whom had grabbed him was walking around the bed looking at him strangely. The man had stripped naked and Joey stared wide eyed as the man rubbed one of his hands over his stiff penis. Joey was naked also, the man almost tore his clothes from him before taping his hands to the sides his lower legs. The man picked up a small odd looking rod shaped )–( placing it between his leg just above his knees, his legs fitting into the curves. The man holding Joey strongly as he taped it into place keeping his legs spread by the little more than a foot long support pole connecting the ends. Joey’s heart pounded hard in his chest as unreleased fear filled adrenalin still surged through him.

“What are you going to do to me” Joey asked, his young five year old voice shrill and wavering.

“Quiet” was the only response from the man.

Joey lay on his side the man setting beside of him. He watch as the man staring at him still rubbing his stiff adult cock, the man’s eyes roaming over Joey’s nude young body as his had pumped the stiff adult organ. Joey could see the leaking slick pre-cum making the long penis slick in the man’s hand.

“Bet that throat of yours is real tight” the man moaned out his eyes looking Joey full into his young face. “You going to be a nice boy and let me sink my cock into that love hole”

Joey staring now at the thick male cock being pumped only a mere foot from his face shook his head ‘no’.

“Guess we’ll have to do it the hard way” Joey looked up, the man having an evil grin flashing over his face “Cause I think I could get off face fucking that cute face of your”

With one hand still pumping over his pre-cum wet adult cock the man reached over with the other touching Joey’s face. Joey tried to pull his head away but the large strong hand found his face feeling over it. The way Joey was restrained kept him from being able to jerk away. Fingers pinched into the sides of his jaws.

“Open your mouth boy” the man commanded “I want to see in”

Joey fought to keep his mouth closed thinking if he could hold out long enough maybe the man would give up and leave him along. The fingers pinched harder digging in he had no choice, none at all. Tears filled his eyes as he opened his mouth to the view of the man. His young mind spinning the world going surreal as Joey watched the man looking into his young open mouth the man’s hand pumping harder over his adult stiff cock, strings of thick pre-cum getting flung about.

“Oh, no boy” the man moaned out “Your not gonna get out of this”

The man rose up grabbing Joey’s bound body, placing him onto his knees his face and shoulders down into the bed. Joey’s arms went to each side of his young body wrist taped to his lower legs close to his knees his butt in the air as the rod held his knees well apart the cool air going over his spread buttocks. A hand went against his young groin, feeling over his young boy testicles and penis before pulling away turning him his head swinging over the edge of the bed. Joey didn’t have long hair but it wasn’t short either, but it was enough for the man to get a hand full. Pulling his head up smartly strands being pulled painfully from the top of his head. His eyes locking onto the mans cock only inched from his face now.

“Open up boy, lets get this going”

Joey stared blankly at the shiny pre-cum coated stiff organ unable to respond. The hand in his hair squeezed tighter more hair being pulled free his head was given a sharp shake, he opened his mouth, his only choice. The thick adult cock head entered into his mouth. The man moan out in pleasure the sound ringing through Joey’s head just knowing the man was enjoying the act.

“So hot… so wet” the man groaned, the tip move farther into his mouth Joey lifted the back of his tongue stopping it.

Joey couldn’t close his eyes, staring into the pubes of the man as he humped into his young mouth the thick tip pressing against the back of his upraised tongue till his tongue weakened, cramping from holding the probing tip at bay. The taste of the mans pre-cum filling his senses as the fleshy tip probed in farther forcing his upraised tongue down. He stared down the length of the stiff adult cock, the tip just now going to the back of his throat and fear well up at what the man really want from him. He tried to pull his head away, both the mans hands gripped his head tightly the mans loin coming toward him suddenly the cock head slipping down the restraining hole of his young throat.

Joey was held in shock of how it felt, the mans loin lunged at him again the mat of coarse pubic hair mashing against his young face, his nose sinking deep into the mans loin. One of the mans hand went to the back of his head holding him tightly in place, the other hand going to his bulging throat feeling over the implanted thickness going deep toward his stomach. The adult cock flex stiffly, Joey’s stomach lurched as he went into full panic, tugging jerking to get free. But he found himself stuck in the strong grip of the man his young head held opened mouth and gagging against the mans loin getting nowhere. The man suddenly released him the cock pulling free his head sagging over the bed, thick spittle stringing down onto the floor, his mouth remaining open wide lock for a long moment in a silent gag his throat aching where the thick adult cock stretched it leaving his throat mussels unable to swallow for a long bit.

“That was fucking wonderful” the man cried out.

Fingers gripped into his hair again pulling his head back up. Through Joey’s waters up eyes he saw the man pumping his cock again, aiming it toward his mouth again.

“N-n-no..” Joey sputtered out his voice hoarse even to his own ears.

The grip tightened harshly. Joey groaned as the tip of the adult cock went through his reluctant lips, he was hardly able to put up any fight as it passed over his slimy wet tongue, through the wet blur of his eyes he saw the loin of the man lung toward his face. The thick cock charged down his throat his whole body welling up. Another lunge and his face was buried deep into the mat of coarse hair. Strong adult hands gripped each side of his head the mans loin started humping the strong hands keeping Joey’s head held tightly in place. He went into wide eyed shock as the hairy loin pulled away slightly then came back at his face, his world becoming that coarse hairy mat for a few moments. Joey’s stomach lurched then lurch full tilt in a vain straining effort to empty itself being only partially successful getting something passed the thick moving thickness in his young throat. The cock pulled free leaving him to almost teeter head first off the side of the bed.

He was only slightly aware of being turned around by the mans strong hands pulled back sliding on his knees over the bed, head and shoulder deep into the mattress. A hand came up under his spread legs feeling over his young boy organ for a short moment before he felt a blunt pressure go against his exposed anus. He was still in shock but the pressure against his anus pulled his focus back sharply into what was about to happen. His bottom rose up away from the pressure as far as he could, the blunt pressure following till his bottom was at the limit of what his bonds allowed.

“Time to get sodomized boy” Joey could hear the heightened lust in the mans voice “Scream, cry, if you have to, nobody’s going to stop this”

Joey’s young mind raced his eyes moving rapidly about like a trapped animal. The pressure mounting against his anus till it popped opened, going suddenly around the blunt thick head. Joey’s whole body went shakingly taunt from the sharp pain of the force entry, the mans strong hands going to each side of his young hips fingers hooking in around his hip bone pulling, guiding him toward and onto the fierce thickness.

“A-A-a-a-E-eee!!!” Joey did cry out “Stop… Stop it hurts, it hurts way too much!!”

But the man had no intent on stopping and stepped in closer digging in with his cock with vile purpose till Joey overly stretched rectum became filled, the hard knot of the mans cock head pressing smartly at the end of Joey’s freshly stretched rectal tube his young trembling rectal wall held taunt tightly hugging around the mans thick cock shaft. The man slipped a hand around feeling over Joey’s organ again, kneading Joey’s young testicles hard enough to make him feel nauseous.

“Are you ready for the rest of my cock boy” The man gripped into Joey’s hair again pulling his head up smartly.

Joey could feel the thick blunt cock tip probing, worming harshly at the end of his rectum, he was speechless. Not know what to say, nothing was going to stop this man he just knew it. The grip tightened in his hair turning his head enough for the man to look down over his back onto his young face. Joey really didn’t want to be watched like this, not knowing that the man was getting pleasure in what he was going through. The blunt tip press hard and Joey lurched as it did slip even deeper feeling even more wrong than before. The man behind him groaned the cock flexing stiffer still. Joey gasped out sharply the new feeling hard to come to terms with.

“Thats it boy, thats it, I got you now” the mans voice lust filled, on edge.

Joey flushed bright red as the thick tip went in even deeper, his young intestine trembling with a building urge like he might need to go to the bathroom very soon. Joey glanced back at the man seeing his contorted pleasure racked face.

“A-h-ooogg..” Joey goaned as the cock sunk in even farther the coarse hair of the mans loin going against his upturned buttocks.

Joey flushed hotly feeling the mans large adult balls against his own flesh between his young legs. The urge like needing to go the bathroom growing stronger starting to overpowering everything else in his young mind. The embedded adult cock swelling, flexing even stiffer. Hands of the man went roaming over his naked flesh feeling everywhere before slipping back to his slinger boy hips, fingers hooking in again around his hip bones. Joey’s intestine audibly rumbled in protest the sound loud, the man moaned out the sound lust filled, the adult cock flexing stiffer still staying that way.

The mans stance changed becoming more aggressive, the thick cock pulled back then surge in before Joey could react. Joey’s entire bowel suddenly welled up with more sensations than he contain forcing his bowel into a sensation rack strain he couldn’t hope to hold back leaving him bucking in the grips of his restraints to the movements of the over eager man now sodomizing him full tilt as Joey’s tightly stretched rectal tube would allow. Vile gross sounds filled Joey’s young ears along with the lust filled groans coming from the overly eager man with hands clamped tightly on to his young hips behind him.

“Now that the way it done!” the man yelled out a hand reaching down pulling Joey head up again by his hair so that his red flushed head faced forward, teeth lock in shocked grimacing.

Joey bowel was fully racked with sensations, the foremost was the feeling he was non-stop pooping something from his bowel. His head was then slowly turned so the man could better see Joey’s feeling of absolute debasing degradation. Joey wanted only to hide from this debasing embarrassment and he flushed even more brightly, the adult loin slam tightly against his buttocks the thick cock swelling. He even felt the mans heavy ball sack raise as a gush of hot liquid gushed into his young sensation rack intestine. Panic of it swept over him as he realized it was the mans sperm the same stuff that babies were made from, the cock swelled thicker still and another spray flooded into him, his eyes going wide his young mind in panicked shock feeling each flooding gush as plain as day.

Still holding his head up the man pulled his still stiff adult cock from his rectum, warm liquid running down one leg. The man came around showing off his adult cock as if proud of what he’d just done to Joey. The thick stiffness showed plainly it vile use, the adult cock head had a thick smear of brown poop, white dripping sperm and Joey’s thick throat spittle. Joey had been picked on by bullies his own age before but never had an adult inflicted so much abuse on him and he still was unable to understand why. He sagged down almost sobbing in with each breath he took, his throat ached and his rectum felt on edge as he struggled to squeeze his stretched leaking anal mussels closed. And when he finely managed to will his abuse mussels to react he wished he hadn’t. A bowel gripping cramp took him like he had never felt before, he gasp loudly going tense all over for a long moment as the man staring at him hand started pumping over the fouled adult cock in earnest a last spurt of sperm spitting out at Joey hitting his wide eyed forehead.

The entire thing was too much for Joey to take in and he started crying the man coming in close setting down a hand caressing going through Joey’s fine hair.

“Never been fucked before have you boy” the man breathed out “Sure glad it was me for your first”

The man picked up a cellphone his fingers nimbly going over the glowing surface. Joey could see him texting someone, the reply came back quickly. A fetish grin showing on his face.

“Got a friend who doesn’t mind sloppy seconds” he paused for a moment eying Joey oddly “He’s a little rougher than I am… likes autoerotic asphyxiation and I owe him one”

Joey still dazed and not knowing what the man was rambling on about remained quiet as the man cleaned himself up and pulled on some shorts. He turned his attention to to Joey wiping him clean and removed the tape he was bound with. Just as the last of the tape was removed came a loud knock at the door.

“That’s Keven, he’s going to love seeing you”

Joey’s numb arm was grabbed and pulled with the man. Joey bwas half drug to the door with the man. The door swung open another man stood there gawking down at Joey. He quickly came in his eyes going over Joey, Joey could see a evil gleam in the eyes of this new man and a chill ran through him under his intense gaze.

“I take it you’ve fucked him already” He said to the man whom just rape Joey.

“Yep I did, but I knew you’d like this one and gave you a call… Figure this would make us even”

The new man licked his lips his mind lost in thought as he gazed down onto Joey whom still stood on weak trembling legs still fully nude.

“Good thing you got a small dick” he jived the the man still gripping Joey’s arm. “Hate to think you’ve stretched him out too much.

Joey looked down under the lustful gaze of the new man. The man was build more bulker, much stronger looking somewhat like a biker gang member with tattoos showing on his arms. The man whom just raped him seemed submissive to the bigger man as if afraid of him. Joey’s small arm was handed off into the massive hands of this new strange and scary man.

“I’ll be wanting pictures… no.. video this time” Joey was being pulled toward the room he just was in “Grab me a beer too”

Anxiety surged in Joey as he was ushered back into the room staggering to keep up, his shaking legs not wanting to move. The scary man half lifted him by the one arm placing Joey by the bed standing against the edge of the mattress. The shirt of the man came off mussel rippling with his movements. Joey couldn’t help but stare never having seen up close someone so strongly built. The man grinned down at him sending a shiver through Joey. The man pulled his pants down his adult cock coming free. Joey back up the edge of the bed stopping him, the mans adult cock was much longer than the man whom just fucked him in the ass, the memory still vividly fresh in his young mind. He looked up into the face of the wickedly smirking man and shook his young head ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘no’…

“This’ll be a memory you’ll take to your grave boy”

Joey had a surge of panicked rush of adrenalin and took off running toward the door of the room, the image of the massive adult cock froze foremost in his mind, he had to escape, just had to. The man grabbed at him, missing. Joey charged toward the door sensing the man behind him following, the other man stepped into the opening just a Joey got there full speed, it was like hitting a wall with Joey bouncing off and into the strong hands of the bigger scary man now just behind him.

“Need the duct-tape, can’t have this” the strong man commanded “He’s shaking like a leaf, this is going to be fucking great”

Joey was guided back into the to room a beer given to the strong man by the other one. Joey jump at the sound of the beer being opened and saw the door being closed. He was shaking, couldn’t stop shaking, he looked again at the now nude man. The adult cock wasn’t fully stiff but still looked scary big, and his rectum still ached his bowel felt on edge still sensitive. He tried to swallow his throat mussels struggle to perform the taste of the other mans pre-cum still strong in his memory. Both men upturned the beer bottles.

The smaller man handed the tape off. Joey was grabbed turned by the strong tattooed man, his arms pulled and folded behind him the wide gray tape spun tightly around his forearms pinning them together.

“You still got some of that good weed”

“You read my mind dude” the smaller man opening a drawer pulling out a small pipe.

A flame flared up and the strong smell of high grade marijuana filled the air, both men taking a few good hits on it. Joey could only stand there his tummy against the bed afraid to move. Joey’s eyes and head move rapidly about watching every move made by the men the unused adrenalin in his young five year old body needing an outlet. He could sense the change in the men as the beer and pot took hold.

“Well I’m more than ready” the muscled man said reaching over to a small table beside the bed picking up a small jar labeled ‘Petroleum Jelly’ opening it up.

“I’m going to get us another beer” the other replied.

Joey’s eyes went to the mans long adult cock seeing it lifting into the air growing stiffer as the man dipping his fingers into the small jar digging out a thick glob of the stuff inside it. The mans eyes kept moving back and forth between Joey and the thickening, stiffening adult cock he was smearing the thick lube over. The door opened to the room the other man coming back with the beer. He reclosed the door letting the strong muscled man finish smearing the slick thick stuff from the small jar over his now stiffly upward arching long penis. Joey had turned facing the threat before him his young wide eyes unable to turn away, he was sure it was going to kill him… he was sure… his young body shaking even more.

The smaller man handed the cold beer over the shoulder of the man whom grabbed it twisting the top off and taking a long draw off it. He looked over to his pants reaching over picking them up and pulling with one hand the belt from it. The beer turned up again with him finishing it off. He sat the beer bottle onto the floor his eye never leaving Joey’s nude youthful body. Joey’s legs trembled ready to give out, the other man picked up a video camera a bright red light coming on as his fingers worked the buttons the red light glaring down at him.

The muscled tattooed man ran the leather belt end through the metal ring at the end slipping it over Joey’s head snugging it down loosely. Then in a frightening rush took full control of Joey, turning him facing the bed, one of his strong hands going into the slack of the leather belt at the back of Joey’s neck pulling him up, guiding Joey up over the side the strap digging in to his throat choking him. His legs were pulled off the floor his belly over the side of the bed, already the slick blunt tip of the man’s stiff cock was feeling through the crack of his ass, finding and pressing harshly against his sore anus.

“You ready to catch this” the muscled man stated, a growing excitement in his voice.

“Don’t worry, I got it” Joey heard as the adult hand in the belt loop tightened choking him more.

The image of the seemingly over sized stiff adult penis still was locked in Joey’s minds eye as the blunt pressure surged suddenly the man behind him lunging cruelly, with no thought to Joey’s feelings at all. His sore anus opened giving into the thick stiff rod surging forcefully into his rectum that clenched up much to late to impeded the overwhelming thickness that had his rectal wall stretched painfully tight around the still eagerly working adult rod. He cried out but the hand in the leather belt tightened choking off the sound before it got to far, his head pounded as the blood flow became restricted to his young head.

The camera came around shinning into his face as the hand gripping the belt eased off but pulled him up enough his chest left the bed supported only by the belt around his neck. Joey gasped in air, the thick cock in his rectum dug deeper still filling Joey’s rectum, the intensity of the shocking sensation of his rectum being stretched so much leaving him wide eyed held in frozen shock with the camera just inches from his face the red light glaring.

“Going to fuck his tight rectum first before finishing in his gut”

“Okay…. going to choke him out at the end” Joey heard

“Fucking Yea..” the mans stance changing behind Joey “Love the look on their faces, give me a great unload just seeing that”

The hand went tight again, almost too tight to breath and he was held elevated almost a foot off the bed, arms still bound tightly behind him, his leg sticking out to each side of the strong controlling man. Fear swept over Joey an all consuming fear, the thick stiff cock tugged back his huggingly tight rectum wanting to follow the adult cock back.

“Ug-g-g” Joey grunted, the sound escaping his lips, his body sagging as if a rug had been pull from under him.

The blunt adult tool was on the move working back into place with harsh lunges. The mans grip pulling him up farther Joey small organ clearing the side of th bed. The man’s other hand coming around grasping Joey’s tight hairless ball sack feeling over it as the man’s loin started humping cruelly, having to force his thick rod through the hugging young rectal passage. Joey grunted to each lung, to each tug unable to get a grasp on the mans untimed movements. The hand pulled away from his young organ as he was laid back down into the bed the momentum of the adult cock escalating his young rectum going sensation racked, waves of body wrenching sensations taking full control of him.

“Oh yea.. Oh yea.. just look at him, you getting this” the tattooed man cried out.

“I’m getting it.. I’m getting it all”

“He ready now.. I’m going in deep, don’t miss a thing”

Joey heard it all but was too sensation racked to care, at least till the thick pummeling cock hammered in, the blunt adult cock head landing hard against the end of his sensitive trembling rectum pulled only slightly back before hammering in hard again. This time opening a deeper path that this man wasn’t going to give up, the blunt tip lunging again Joey squealing out for him to stop, the grip on the belt around his neck going tighter still choking off the high pitched plea.

“Got em” Joey heard “Give me a bit to get fully in, I won’t last long so don’t miss a thing”

This man’s cock was much different that the other man’s, it was horribly thick its girth keeping Joey’s full attention, even the tightening belt around his neck was secondary to it. The cock pressed, the thickness moving deep fully slipping into his quivering large intestine, it too having to come to terms with the overwhelming girth of this man thickness. Joey’s legs kicked about stiffly on each side of the man, he was raised cruelly up again by the belt as the loin of the man went firmly up into the cleft of his young buttocks. Joey’s body had given up the fight, his mind though raced feeling everything as the man now controlled Joey like a living life size boy doll. The man moaned out behind Joey, the lusty sound filling his ears loudly.

“Oh fuck… this won’t take long at all” the man’s excitement tangible.

Joey was almost upright his young loin pinned against the bed, held up almost upright by the leather belt in the man’s hand around his neck. He sagged limply in the controlling grip of the man his young mind still fully alert though feeling everything. The overly long adult cock pulled back reluctantly sliding through his young intestine not quite leaving his gut before being pushed back through the tight shuddering tube. Joey gasp in as the cock pulled back again.

The tattooed man took control of Joey’s limp body, his loin now moving up into the cleft of his young buttocks in a ever increasing tempo till Joey’s intestine came alive, his young gut going from barely controlled sensation racked to urgent uncontrolled surge to defecate the thick continually moving rod from his young bowel. The sudden urge swept over him violently without forewarning and to his horror was real in every descusting way. The adult man pummeling his cock through his young intestine had to be fully aware as vile gross sounds of Joey’s deep intestinal stool and adult moving cock could not be mistaken for anything but for what it was. The long adult cock seem to swell, getting stiffer still as the mans movement grew into a frenzy. Joey panicked filled felt like he was pooping and couldn’t will it to stop, the belt around his neck grew even snugger as the man’s hand tightened on it, the blood started pounding loudly in his head, his air cut off.

The pummeling cock went up into his urgently straining bowel swelling, the belt tightened more. Joey felt the intense blast of sperm leave the man’s cock spraying deep into his young activity straining gut. The cock sprayed man seed again, but the world was fading till all he could see was the glaring red light of the video camera in his face. That too faded.

“Got it”

“Got it”

Joey heard the voices sounding disembodied, a dream….. a nightmare.


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