Daniel’s Birthday (bbb,F,pedo,erotica)

Daniel’s Birthday (bbb,F,pedo,erotica)

Introduction: A bunch of preteen boys celebrate the birthday of one of them at the house of a wealthy paedophile woman. Softcore child eroticism.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Amanda is single she is a very wealthy woman and lives in a big house of two floors with a small private garden in the backyard.

Her sister has a preteen boy, Daniel, and today it is his tenth birthday, she has organised a birthday party for him and six of his friends in her house, all boys aged 8 to 12, she is the only adult, her sister could not attend as she works weekends .

There are decorations all over the house and they listen to pop music and drink soft beverages until the the cake shows up, then sing happy birthday to 10yo Daniel and enjoy themselves for a while.

The kids go out to the backyard garden, its a really hot and sunny day.

“Why don’t you get some suntan? It’s such a nice day” – asks Amanda to the little boys

“We don’t have our swimming suits here antie” -says Daniel

“ Oh…how silly you are boys” – Amanda gets close to Daniel and pulls up his shirt uncovering his smooth flat chest, then takes off his nephew trousers pulling them all the way down, and then his underwear, she leaves 10yo Daniel naked with only his shoes and socks on, his little dickie and balls are bald, not a sign of any pubic hair. The rest of the boys look embarrassed as the woman stares at her naked preteen nephew with lust.

“Come on boys! This is a private garden nobody can see you” -s ays Amanda

The other six boys first doubt looking at each other then start to undress between giggles:

1- Fernand, the little one is only 8yo he has short brown hair, brown eyes, very soft chest, bald little penis, once undressed Fernand runs around the garden naked bouncing and dangling his tiny dick.

2- Jon is a cute 10yo brunette boy with dark eyes still clearly a preteen boy, with no dickie hair and very smooth skin, he is sitting down on the grass with his legs wide open showing off his penis to Amanda in a very obscene way without him being aware of it.

3-Andy, he is 12 and the oldest of the group, blonde with blue eyes, soft smooth flat chest, and some fuzzy penis hair, he doesn’t seem to care to show off nude in front of an adult woman and plays nude tickling with Daniel they both try to make each other laugh by tickling their naked prepubescent bodies, Amanda’s pussy is real wet looking at the boys playing.

4- Steve, of beautiful green eyes and brown short hair, he is only 9yo and his chest and penis are smooth too, he is walking over the grass on his four with his bald small balls visible from behind his ass.

5- Miguel is an latino looking 11yo boy, of olive coloured skin, dark eyes and black hair, he is lying down on the grass with his frontal private parts facing the Sun his eyes are closed, his hot body is all smooth, his penis is cut and bald, his chest soft.

6-David is 9yo, he is Miguel’s brother, also latino, of brown skin, short hair and black, eyes, dark and deep, he is sat down next to Jon with his legs spread out on the grass, his smooth cut penis is all exposed to Amanda.

The middle aged woman can hardly resist her lust with all those prepubescent boys exposed to her and starts to touch herself on top of her jeans, to much of the little boys amazement she then starts to undress herself, she shows her womanly curves to the little boys, her pussy is a bit wet already.

“Do you like me boys?”

“WOW!” – Andy the the 12yo gets a stiffy instantly, Amanda approaches him and fondles his penis.

“Don’t worry little boy, this is just normal when you see a girl’s pussy” – Amanda smiles at him as she rubs his fuzzy hair

“Can I touch your thingy?” – asks Fernand the 8yo boy

“Of course honey, go ahead” – Amanda turns around as the little boy caresses her pussy hair making her even more wet

“Mmm…What about you boys don’t you want to know what a woman’s pussy feels like?” – Amanda asks the other boys, and in just a few seconds the little boys all start to fondle her, Steve the 9yo puts a finger inside her ass moving it around, Andy the 12yo boy rubs her clitoris, Jon the 10yo touches her breasts, Amanda lies down spreading out her legs letting the little boys to masturbate, the more moist and excited she gets the more the little boys giggle and seem to enjoy it.

*** END ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.