Alex’ Soapy Anus (Mb,pedo)

Alex’ Soapy Anus (Mb,pedo)

Introduction: Uncle Kurt bathes his 5 year old little boy and he decides to fuck his preteen virgin ass.

Author: PeachKisser2004

While soaping up my five-year-old newphew’s ass during our bath together today I decided that I couldn’t take it any more. In the past I had casually fondled Alex between his little boy cheeks, I had even masturbated his tiny little boycock until it was stiff as a little pencil, his tiny testicles drawn up beneath him tightly. I had jerked myself off repeatedly while bathing or masturbating Alex, I had done pretty much everything a good uncle could do short of getting his penis up inside the little boy.

I stood up and stripped and climbed into the bath, my stiff erection bobbing around comically. Little blonde Alex just smiled up at my cock, which he had seen so many times before, but had never felt inside his young body… yet.

“Turn around Alex, Uncle Kurt is going to wash your bottom.”

“But you just washed it!” he protested.

“Gotta wash it again dude, turn around now,” I said firmly as I gazed at his naked body, smooth pale chubby flesh slicked with soapy water. As Alex turned away and knelt back down in the tub I soaped up my hands. The tub
had only a few inches of warm water in it so I reached under his ass and began re-soaping up all those special little sensitive places between his smooth round buttcheeks.

“That tickles!” he said as I began wriggling my finger around his tight sphincter muscle. I’d had my finger inside Alex’ ass many times before and he loved the feeling of me rimming around the outside of it. Whenever I had done this, Alex’ tiny boycock had strained with urgent stiffness and he would grunt and whine with the pleasurable sensations, so I had high hopes that he wouldn’t mind my cock shoved up there, even if it was at least three times as big around as my finger!!

When the little five-year-old boy’s rear was all soaped up again I lathered up my cock in the same way and moved in close behind him, kneeling with my knees on either side of his tiny rear end. I rested my cock against his soapy back and said “Lift up on your knees dude, Uncle Kurt’s going to do something different.” Obediently he raised his body and I grunted as his smooth back slicked along the underside of my stiff erection, which twitched and bobbed from the contact.

Gripping my stiff cock I angled it downwards and under his narrow ass. “Now sit back down, sit your bottom down,” I coached him. He pushed his bottom back down until he felt the blunt tip of my erect cock prod up against his soapy cock and balls, which stopped his descent. “I can’t!” he protested, reaching under and touching my cock. “Your penis is in the way…”

“No, no, don’t worry about my penis,” I reassured him. “Just come back more,” I said, grunting at the sensations of his ass slicking against my cock. I angled my cock up slightly more towards where I felt his soapy anal indentation and then told him to push down again.

“But your penis…” he protested.

“Don’t worry Alex, my thingy will get out of your way, I promise,” I said, grunting as the child’s soapy asscheeks grazed the swollen sides of my cockhead. God this was so dearly what I needed… to impale my little five-year-old nephew on my cock and shove the length of my cock all the way up into his tight bowels! My balls tingled deliciously as I contemplated what I was about to do.

Alex carefully and tentatively lowered himself down more. “Don’t worry, you’ll feel my penis move a little bit now,” I said, wiggling my cock and looking for the indentation around his anus. “Okay, push back,” I said, and the little boy began pushing. I groaned loudly as I felt his soapy little anus begin to loosen and settle around my cockhead.

“It feels funny!” he protested, stopping his motion.

“No, no, keep going down,” I urged him, willing my hips to stop moving. But he wasn’t comfortable with the unfamiliar intrusion into his body, so I had to grip his hips with one hand and guide him firmly down onto my soapy cock. “Ungh!” I grunted in surprise as the child’s anus stretched and accepted the tip of my cock up into his body.

“Oooh!” grunted Alex in surprise, his back arching involuntarily. “Just relax…” I said and kept drawing him further down onto my cock until most of it was up inside him.

“It feels funny!” he complained as I felt his bowels wrapping and churning around my cock. I waited a few seconds as Alex’ body adjusted the invasion of my thick cock and during that time the little boy sank a few inches further down onto my stiff cock. The sensations of my bloated cockhead sliding up into his greasy innards was heaven, and I heard Alex whimper as the entire length of my cock finally bottomed out inside him, his tiny bony bottom pressed against my pubes.

“Okay, now you move up and down, move your bottom,” I said. He tentatively began lifting and lowering his body up and down, sliding himself like a little fuck-doll along the stiff length of my cock. He supported himself on the tub sides and I let go of my cock and ran my hands along the sides of his torso as he moved up and down, feeling his tiny rib cage as my cock pistoned up inside the boy.

Leaning forward I reached around both sides of Alex and felt his chest, then slid my hands down his smooth young stomach towards his crotch. When my hands reached his cock I found much to my delight that he had become completely erect! Although it was slightly awkward I gripped the thin rigid boycock With one hand and jerked it up and down, and I was immediately rewarded with powerful clenching in Alex’ anal sphincter, clamping around my stiff invading adult cock.

My other hand found Alex’ tiny pigeon-egg testicles and I carefully massaged them, still jerking his rigid little cock with my other hand. Alex whined and grunted and there was more delicious clenching around my cockshaft as it pistoned in and out of the boy.

Presently Alex stopped and turned around to me, his face all red from the effort and the sensations of accommodating a full-sized adult cock up inside his tiny five-year-old bowels. “Keep going sweetie,” I gasped, giving his cock a few more jerks before letting go so I could take hold of his hips and force him to move again.

“But…” suddenly he gasped and closed his eyes as a wave of sensation washed over him.

“Are you okay sweetie?” I said, feeling his rectum clamping again and again around the base of my cock. He nodded and grunted again, his face even redder now. “It just feels … funny,” he said, his face wincing.

“You go as slow as you want, just keep moving, move your bottom up and down.” I coached him. Alex nodded and squinted and bit his lip and concentrated on his motions. I kept my hands resting on his narrow soapy bottom and looked down at the point of our union.

Each time Alex lifted up I could see the angry red root of my adult cock, veins bulging out. When he lowered himself back down, my cock sank entirely into his childish bowels and I felt the boy’s bottom bang against
my pubic bone.

Every so often Alex would pause to catch his breath and as he breathed I felt his bowels churning wetly around my cockshaft, warm moist internal boy flesh wrapped deliciously around my invading cockshaft.

Leaning forward again I ran my hands down between Alex’ soapy legs and felt his rigid little boycock again, bringing another round of intense clenching to his sphincter. I let that go and felt the taut little sac and the precious eggs it contained, kneaded the smooth hairless skin of his five-year-old scrotum. Returning to his stiff cock I started sliding my soapy fingers along the tiny boner, feeling the cockhead swell and bulge obscenely, feeling Alex grunt and wheeze, his narrow hips humping helplessly, accepting deeper and deeper thrusts of my cock while trying to fuck his own cock through my fingertips. I spent a few seconds jerking Alex off, feeling his anus clamp reflexively around my cock.

Reaching further down and under Alex’ tiny soapy genitals, I felt my own cock where it sank into his body. My heavy testicles swayed back and forth, bumping my fingertips. I felt the tight muscular ring of Alex’ anus as it clenched and worked to accommodate my invading cock.

That was it. I pulled my hand back and squeezed Alex’ soapy scrotum firmly with one hand, feeling the two little nuggets within, then began humping my hips up and down ferociously, grunting as I approached my climax. Alex let out a low squeal of surprise as I took over the motion he had previously controlled.

And that control was exactly what I needed. As I held the tiny child like a soapy little fuck-rag I quickened my pace, sliding his tiny body up and down rapidly now as he knelt before me in the tub, utterly impaled on my stiff thrusting cockshaft. “Ow, ow, ow!” He said suddenly as my cock bulged inside him, the blood rushing in as my balls drew up close.

“Owwwwwww!” he howled, turning his reddened face around angrily and struggling against my assault. I gripped his narrow hips firmly and began meeting his body coming down with my hips rotating upwards, punching the blunt end of my stiff cock deeper into his young body, fucking his ass like a man possessed. I threw one arm around his chest and lifted the tiny boy up to my own chest, and with my other hand I kept squeezing and massaging his exposed and totally unprotected testicles. “Ow! It HURTS Uncle Kurt!” he complained as I savagely humped my cock in and out of his asshole, firmly gripped and squeezed his immature gonads in my soapy hands.

“Sorry, almost there…” I gasped. “Augh!!” he howled, letting out a long scream of agony as I fucked his ass wildly.

Feeling Alex’ anus clench around my thrusting cock finally finished it off and I clamped my arms roughly around him and squeezed tightly as my balls emptied themselves wetly into his tortured bowels. I imagined the length of my pink glistening cock shoved all the way up inside his tender anus, the young boy’s sensitive little lower intestines milking the sperm from my lucky balls. I imagined my sperm gushing into his anus, mixing with his poop, mixing with his other bodily fluids and filling his tiny body up with thick fertile uncle sperm.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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