Visiting The Swimming pool (Fbg,pedo,voy)

Visiting The Swimming pool (Fbg,pedo,voy)

Introduction: A woman narrates her day at the pool getting turned on looking at the little girls and little boys.

Author: Damn That Electric Fence

A nice, hot day at the pool with lots of little ones half dressed. Even some nice young teens with their bikinis. When they bend down you can see their little titties.

Makes me wet wishing I could touch each kid. There was a little girl about age 4 playing with her dad in the water. She would splash around and I could see her touching his cock.

He stood there and let her do it. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. Of course no one was but me. He got out of the pool and I could see he was hard.

He tried to hide it when he sat down and put a towel over his lap. I think he enjoyed watching the kids as much as I did. He was playing under his towel-mmmmm. I saw a girl walk by him and she dropped her towel and she bent over in front of him almost had her butt in his face. He was jerking off under the towel and I know he wanted some of her sweet little ass.

I was enjoying his actions as much as watching the kiddies. Some of the boys were playing pull-down-shorts.

Some nice little boycockies flashing. Oh the man was watching them too-his towel was doing a fast dance. I reached down and rubbed my clit; all this fun was driving me wild with pervert passion. I slipped into the bathroom/shower area and a nice sweet girl about age 2 ran naked past me and oh how sweet she was. Her nice little butt cheeks flapping in the wind.

As I was going to a private stall, there were 2 girls about age 7 playing in the shower area-no bathing suites on, I guess they were getting ready to leave. There were dancing and singing not realizing I was watching them.

Their little nipples jiggling and they were tagging each other’s butts. Oh what a wonderful sight they were. I slipped into a private stall and took off my shorts and undies. I needed to get off quick.

I sat down on the towel and spread my legs resting them on the walls. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes-thinking about all I had seen. I put the palms of my hand over my nipples and rubbed them gently-they were instantly hard and my pussy was twitching wildly.

I could here little girls giggling in the background and imagined one of them licking my clit-and I stuck 3 fingers into my pussy. Sliding my fingers in and out using my thumb to rub my clit. I jammed my fingers in deep over and over, faster and faster I’m going to cum, my mind cried. Ohh, ahh, yes, yes-mmmm. I came all over my fingers. I pull them out and sucked my own cum off.

After that intense orgasm I went back out to the pool area. The guy was still sitting with his towel over him. I think he was waiting for a very special event-I wonder what it was. I turned my attention to the kiddy pool, kids under age 3 played in there.

This one little girl had on a bathing suit that was a little big for her and every time she came out of the pool her bottoms slid down. I could see her little bald pee pee dripping with water wishing I could lick it off her. I turned my view back to the guy and saw he was getting ready to leave.

I watched to see if he took the little girl in with him to shower. Oh it must be my lucky day-he held her hand and lead her in. I followed them in hoping not to get caught. I peeked around the corner and he was totally undressed and letting his daughter see him.

The next thing he reached down and put his finger inside her suite and was playing with her pee pee-she let him and she liked it. I would say he has been playing with his daughter a long time. He put his cock to her lips and she opened her tiny mouth to receive his cock. He held the back of her head and moved his hips-he was fucking her little mouth. Oh I wish I could play too-I was so turned on I had cum dripping. They moved into a shower and I kept my eyes on them-Luckily no one came in and caught us.

He had her lay down and licked her little pussy. She was happy to do this for him I noticed-nice little girl she was. I was unprepared for what happened next, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He slide his cock into her pussy-he was slamming her good. Her little body taking him thrust after thrust.

I was fingering my pussy again getting close to orgasm as he was. He pulled out and shot his cum all over her body. I thought he would never stop cumming. He then helped her up and washed her body-taking his time touching her everywhere. Mmmmm I love the things you can find at the pool when your watching for the right things.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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