Uncle Jimmy (b,g,M,inc,pedo)

Uncle Jimmy (b,g,M,inc,pedo)

Introduction: Uncle Jimmy has to babysit his preteen niece and nephew for a few months and places new rules to the kids.

Author: Norm DePloom

“Hi Jimmy,” the vaguely familiar woman with two young children said when Jimmy opened his door. “This is your niece and nephew,” the woman continued. This announcement was met with the same blank stare that had ordained Jimmy’s face since he opened the door. “Your sister’s kids,” the woman’s voice trailed off as Jimmy opened the door and stepped out of their way. Jimmy had never met his sister’s spawn and could not think of any reason why he would want to now. The mention of Jimmy’s sister did resolve the mystery of why this woman looked vaguely familiar, she was the lover his sister had taken shortly after (or was it before) she divorced her husband.

“And?” Jimmy asked as he closed the door and looked at the three unwelcome guests.

“Debbie’s health is bad,” the woman explained, “she can’t take care of her kids any longer, and I can’t take care of her and the children both.” The woman looked at Jimmy expectantly, then continued when she got no response. “She doesn’t want her children to fall into the hands of the Child Protection Services. She wants you to raise them.”

“You’re sure Debbie said she wanted me to take her kids?” That she did not want her children to be controlled by the CPS was not surprising, since she was a rabid Libertarian anti-government type, but, considering their history he couldn’t really believe that his sister had requested for him to raise them. A few minutes later Jimmy found himself alone with two children.

“What’s your name?” He asked the boy.

“Billy,” the boy responded, “I’m twelve,” he added a moment later when the silence became uncomfortable for him, “this is my sister, Bobbie, she’s ten.” Jimmy had a hard time concentrating on what the boy was saying. He had just decided to put a porno on the DVD and ‘rub one out’ when the doorbell had rung, and now, with no warning, he was suddenly a parent.

“Can you make sandwiches?” Jimmy asked his new charges.

“Yes,” the boy answered, showing a bit of confusion at the nonsequiter.

“Good, you two go make a ham and cheese sandwich for me, I like mustard on my sandwiches.”

“Come on,” Billy said to his sister as he stood up.

“You can make sandwiches for yourselves too,” Jimmy said as his niece and nephew left the room.

That evening Jimmy put a mat on the floor of his in-home office and allowed his niece and nephew to sleep in there. He was relieved to find out that the two kids had been raised with an almost obsessive distrust of the ‘government’, and that they had been home schooled by their mother and her lover, so there would be no school records trying to catch up with them. For a week, Jimmy left the kids sleeping on the floor, kicking them out each morning to watch TV in the front room while he did his work. He half expecting a visit from some governmental busybody, but none arrived.

“OK,” he said after lunch the next Monday, “I’ve given you both a week to get used to living here.” The two children looked at their uncle with serious, somber expressions as they listened. “Now you’re going to have to get used to living by my rules.” Jimmy paused to let that sink in before he continued. “You both belong to me now, and you have to do whatever I want.”

“First rule, no clothes inside the house.” As he talked, Jimmy stripped off his T-shirt and shorts and stood in front of his niece and nephew naked. “Come on,” he said, “off with your clothes.” Billy stood up and stripped his shirt, shorts and underwear off then sat back down. Jimmy and Billy both looked at Bobbie. Bobbie appeared to be on the verge of tears as she took off her clothes; trying, as best she could, to keep herself covered while she did.

“Second rule,” Jimmy continued as soon as both of the children were naked, “no more sleeping on a mat on the floor, from now on you will both sleep in my bed with me.”

“Rule number three, I’ll watch what I want to on my home theater system.” Jimmy walked over to the couch and sat down between the children. Picking up the remote control, Jimmy started the DVD player. The large screen was filled with the picture of a naked woman enthusiastically pumping her mouth up and down the shaft of a very large, very hard, cock. The room was filled with wet, sloppy, slurping sounds mingled with male and female moans of pleasure. Billy’s twelve-year-old cock hardened almost immediately as he watched the action with wide eyes. Jimmy’s cock grew a bit slower, but became much larger as he put his arms around the two children.

“Feel my hard cock,” Jimmy said to his niece a few minutes later as he took her hand and placed it on the thick shaft. Jimmy held Bobbie by the wrist to keep her from pulling away and moved her hand up and down. Bobbie eventually became fascinated by the feel of her Uncle’s hard warm shaft, and kept moving her hand up and down even after he had released his grip on her arm.

“Now you feel my cock,” Jimmy said to his nephew. Billy hesitated only a second before he wrapped his fingers around his Uncle’s large, hard shaft. Jimmy reached over and stroked his nephew’s smaller, but equally hard, cock, and his balls.

“Watch this,” he said to the two children. All three of them watched as the cock on the TV screen jerked and spewed thick gobs of cum onto the naked woman’s upturned face.

“Now,” Jimmy said, as the woman smeared the man’s cum over her face then licked it from her fingers, “you two are going to take turns stroking my cock and whichever one of you is stroking my cock when I cum will get a prize.” The element of competition and sibling rivalry overcame Bobbie’s shyness and reluctance and she waited eagerly for her turn and stroked her Uncle’s cock with as much enthusiasm as her brother. Each child stroked Jimmy’s hard cock ten times before relinquishing the firm shaft to the other. Jimmy put his arms around the kids and held their naked bodies against his while he watched the couple on the screen changing positions every couple of minutes as the man slammed his hard dick in and out of the woman’s wet pussy.

Bobbie’s eyes were wide, and her mouth hung open as her uncle’s hard cock throbbed in her hand and erupted. She could feel each pulse of his cum against her palm as it moved up the underside of his shaft and was expelled from the slit crowning his cockhead. Jimmy moaned and held the two naked children as his orgasm peaked and subsided. Removing his left arm from around his nephew, Jimmy moved his right hand up to the back of his niece’s head then, scooping up a dollop of the thick white discharge with two fingers, he rubbed it over Bobbie’s lips and nose. Reversing his position, he scooped up more of his cum and smeared it on his nephew’s mouth and nose.

“Both of you,” Jimmy said, “need to get used to the taste and smell of cum. You’re going to be eating a lot of it.” Bobbie fought back at first, then gave up and allowed the slick substance to be spread over her face. She watched with fascination as her uncle’s cock changed from a hard rod of flesh sticking straight up into the air into a fat, limp sausage lying against his thigh. She tentatively licked her uncle’s cum from her lips and decided it wasn’t too bad; it wouldn’t make her gag or anything. When Bobbie looked over at her older brother, she almost laughed at the sight of him with a gob of Uncle Jimmy’s stuff drooling down towards his chin.

“You’re both going to learn to suck cocks,” Jimmy explained as he put his arms around them once more, “and you’re both going to learn to love getting fucked in every hole you have. That,” uncle Jimmy said as he looked back and forth from his naked cum-smeared nephew to his equally naked and also cum-smeared niece, “is the final rule of the house.” The three of them watched for a few minutes as the woman on the screen was penetrated by two men at the same time. The two naked children noticed their naked uncle’s cock begin to stir and grow again.

“Billy, come over here and kneel in front of your sister.” Billy got up from the couch and, with his hard twelve-year-old cock sticking straight out in front of him, walked over to where his naked sister was sitting beside their uncle.

“Bobbie,” Jimmy instructed as Billy knelt in front of her, “spread your legs and let your brother see your pussy.” Bobbie hesitated; it just felt so nasty to expose herself like that. Jimmy reached down and gently urged his niece’s naked thighs apart.

“Do you remember how the man on the television used his tongue to lick the woman’s pussy?” Billy nodded his head to indicate that he remembered the scene. “I want you to lick your sister’s cunt,” Jimmy explained, “and when she’s nice and wet, really juicy and sloppy with cunt lubricant, I want you to fuck her.” The two children looked at their uncle with incredulous expressions. Neither one of them could believe that their uncle was telling them to fuck.

“I believe,” Jimmy explained, to his naked niece and nephew, “that brothers should always be the first to fuck their sisters.” The children shook their heads in total disbelief. “Just like I was first to fuck your mother.” The sister and brother obviously doubted their uncle’s veracity.

“Honest to god,” Jimmy continued as he pushed Billy’s face down onto Bobbie’s hairless pussy, “when your mother was twelve, she was one of the horniest, most insatiable sluts this world has ever seen.” Billy licked the smooth folds of his sister’s ten-year-old pussy while he tried to imagine his mother being a ‘horny, insatiable slut’. Bobbie gasped when her brother’s tongue brushed up and down over her clitoris. In response, Billy licked up and down over the little nub of flesh again.

“I used to fuck your mom three or four times a day,” Jimmy said as he gently twisted and pulled on his naked niece’s hardening nipples, “and she still went out looking for other guys to slam their cocks into her.” Billy looked up at his uncle with a silly grin on his face.

“Just slip your hard dick into her, and you’ll be her first fuck.” Jimmy held onto his nephew’s hard cock and helped direct it into his niece’s slippery hairless cunt. “Push it all the way in,” Jimmy instructed as he held Bobbie’s legs apart, “when you’re done, I’m going to fuck her while you watch.” Bobbie looked down between her knees and watched as her older brothers hard cock slipped into her. Bobbie had discovered masturbation early, and had been fingering herself every night since she was five years old, but this was entirely different. As her brother fucked in and out of her cunt, Bobbie watched her uncle’s cock growing hard again and wondered how he would ever get that into her pussy. Without being told, Bobbie reached down and grasped her uncle’s hard shaft. While his ten-year-old niece stroked his hard cock, Jimmy ran his hands up and down his nephew’s naked back and butt while he watched the twelve-year-old’s hard dick fucking in and out of his sister’s cunt.

Moving his hand from Billy’s firm naked butt Jimmy slipped his fingers between his niece and nephew’s bodies and stroked the ten-year-old’s stretched pussy lips and the twelve-year-old’s invading cock. Bobbie’s naked young body shivered and undulated with an orgasm as her uncle’s fingertips rubbed back and forth over her hard, swollen clitoris. She moaned, and wrapped her legs around her older brother’s waist, clinching her thigh muscles in time with his fuck strokes to pull him further into her cunt. Jimmy pulled his hand out from between the kids and, spreading his nephew’s butt cheeks, gently slipped the tip of his lubricated finger into the twelve-year-old boy’s ass.

“Both of you,” Jimmy said to his fucking niece and nephew while he worked his finger deeper into the boy’s anus, “have only one purpose in this house. That purpose is to make me cum as often as possible.” Billy and Bobbie moaned in unison as their orgasming bodies ground against each other. Jimmy pushed his finger completely into the boy’s ass while Billy’s body strained to push another millimeter of boy-cock into his sister’s little-girl pussy.

“I want both of you to kneel side-by-side in front of me,” Jimmy said after the orgasming brother and sister relaxed and allowed their young naked bodies to separate. The two children knelt side-by-side facing their naked uncle’s large hard cock.

“You,” Jimmy said to his naked ten-year-old niece as he stroked himself just inches from her face, “have three holes that can be fucked by my cock; your mouth, your cunt, and your ass.”

“You,” he continued, talking to his naked twelve-year-old nephew, “have two holes that my cock can fuck; your mouth and your ass.” The brother and sister stared at their uncle’s thick, hard shaft while he lectured them.

“Just like with the hand job, you two are going to take turns sucking on my cock and the one who gets my cum in their mouth will be the winner.” Jimmy held his stiff dick out towards his kneeling nephew. Billy hesitated, then took the large organ as far into his mouth as he could. His lips extended no further than halfway down the hard shaft. Jimmy moved his head back and forward, his tongue moving along the underside of his uncle’s large cockhead.

“That’s my good little cocksucking nephew,” Jimmy said out loud while he silently thanked his sister for raising two such submissive, compliant children. After his lips had moved up and down his uncle’s shaft ten times, Jimmy released the hard cock and allowed his younger sister to take it into her waiting mouth. Jimmy’s dick was already getting hard again while he watched his uncle’s thick, hard cock moving in and out of his sister’s face. Out of curiosity, Billy reached out and cupped his uncle’s large balls. Billy was fascinated by the way his uncle’s cock jerked in his sister’s mouth when he gently squeezed the warm, firm testicles inside his uncle’s scrotum. He retained his grip on Jimmy’s genitals while he took over sucking on his uncle’s cock again. The feel of his uncle’s dick jerking in his own mouth was even more interesting than the sight of it jerking in Bobbie’s.

“Both of you,” Jimmy lectured as the two children traded off sucking on his dick, “are going to have to learn to take my hard cock all the way into your mouth and throat without gagging.” Bobbie took over from her brother and pushed her face onto her uncle’s shaft until his cockhead pushed against the back of her throat.

“Nice try,” Jimmy said as his niece gagged on his long, hard dick, “the first one to successfully deep throat my hard cock will get to have the other one as a slave for a whole day.” Neither one of them managed to take their uncle’s dick down their throats at that time, but Jimmy enjoyed their gagging efforts until he dumped his cum deep in the back of his nephew’s throat.

After his niece and nephew’s little suck-fest, Jimmy retired to his home office to get some work done while Billy and Bobbie watched another one of his pornos and played with each other’s bodies. After finishing his work, Jimmy put a frozen pizza in the oven. In Jimmy’s house, that is what passed for home cooking. All three of them ate pizza, naked sitting on the couch with Jimmy between the two kids, while another porno played on the DVD.

“Bobbie,” uncle Jimmy said after the pizza was devoured, “go run a nice warm bath and come back and let me now when it’s ready.”

“We’re both going to enjoy getting our cocks into that tight hole,” Jimmy said as he and Billy watched Bobbie’s firm pre-adolescent ass as she walked from the room. As he spoke, Uncle Jimmy let his hand rest in his nephew’s lap where he grasped the young boy’s cock and gently stroked its hard shaft. Without releasing the boy from his hand, Jimmy slipped off the couch and, getting on his knees in front of his nephew, took the hard young cock in his mouth.

“There is nothing,” Uncle Jimmy told Billy, momentarily releasing the boy’s cock from his mouth, “that I will ask you to do that I’m not more than happy to do also.” Billy moaned as his uncle’s tongue swirled over his sensitive cockhead. When Billy’s cock jerked in his uncle’s mouth, Jimmy lifted his head and found his naked young niece standing beside them, quietly watching her uncle suck her brother’s dick.

“Come on,” Jimmy said to Bobbie, as he got off his knees, “we’re going to take a bath. Billy, you stay here and watch TV, when I’m done bathing your sister I’ll give you one.” Jimmy took his niece’s hand and walked with her into the bathroom. Still holding the naked young girl’s hand, Jimmy stepped up to the toilet and, grasping his half-soft cock with the other hand, released a stream of pee into the bowel. Bobbie watched with unhidden interest as her uncle finished and shook the last drops from the slit.

“Do you have to pee before we bathe?” Bobbie hesitated, she had not gone to the bathroom in front of another person since before she could remember. Still holding her uncle’s hand, Bobbie sat on the toilet.

“Spread your legs,” Jimmy ordered as he squatted in front of her and put his hands on the inside of the young girl’s knees then gently pushed them apart. Bobbie blushed, but at the same time felt deliciously naughty as her uncle watched the stream leaving her body. When the warm flow tapered to an end Jimmy pulled some toilet paper from the roll and, reaching between his niece’s thighs gently patted her dry.

Jimmy stepped into the warm water and sat, leaning back against the sloped end of the tub, then held Bobbie’s hand while she stepped in. Jimmy pulled his niece down and sat her between his legs facing the same way he was.

“Lean back against me,” he instructed as he grasped both of her shoulders and pulled her back against his chest. Jimmy picked up the soap and, with his arms around Bobbie, lathered his hands, then put the soap back on its shelf. “I’m going to bathe you every night,” Jimmy informed his niece, as he rubbed his slippery, soap covered hands over her flat chest, “and, when you grow breasts,” he continued as his soapy thumbs and fingers teased her nipples to full erection, “I’ll wash them for you every night.” Bobbie could feel her uncle’s cock growing hard against her back. She leaned back against it and wondered if it was going to hurt the first time he put it inside her.

“Lift your leg.” Jimmy instructed as he slathered more soap onto his hands and returned the bar to its shelf once again. Bobbie lifted her left leg and rested her heel on the side of the tub. Jimmy continued to wash Bobbie’s chest, neck, and tummy with his right hand while he moved his soapy left hand over his niece’s extended leg. Every move either of them made caused Jimmy’s hard cock to rub against his ten-year-old niece’s back.

After washing both of her legs, Jimmy had his niece get up on her knees facing him. He seemed to take an extra-long time soaping his hands, building the anticipation for both of them. Bobbie watched the bar of soap slowly turning in her uncle’s hands right above the head of his hard cock sticking out of the water. When he was, finally, satisfied with the amount of soap on his hands Jimmy put the bar back then slowly washed Bobbie’s lower tummy and upper thighs, areas that had been in the water when she was seated. Bobbie put her hands on her uncle’s shoulders for support and watched as his right hand moved between her legs from the front while his left hand slid over her firm young butt and slipped between her legs from behind. Her body stiffened and shivered as her uncle’s slippery fingers moved over her pussy and clitoris.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Bobbie moaned as she moved her hips, thrusting her cunt against her uncle’s soapy fingers.

“You’re a hot little slut, just like your mother.” It was an observation, not a question. “Your mother really loved getting fucked when she was your age. When your grandparents weren’t home I used to invite my friends over and we’d all take turns fucking your mother over and over.” Bobbie moaned, and thrust her cunt even harder against her uncle’s fingers as she tried to imagine her mother as a young girl fucking a room full of her uncle’s friends. Her moan turned into a disappointed whimper when Jimmy pulled his hands out from between her legs and splashed water on her to rinse off the soap.

“No matter how many of my friends I brought over,” Jimmy continued as he toweled the water off his young niece’s naked body, “no matter how many times we fucked your mother, she always wanted more. All my friends would go home with sore, limp, over-fucked dicks and your mother would be lying in the middle of the floor with her legs spread, fucking herself with her fingers, begging for another hard cock.” Jimmy took his young, naked niece by the hand and, with his hard cock bouncing gently in front of him, walked her into the bedroom.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Jimmy announced as he lay down on the bed next to Bobbie and explored her firm naked ten-year-old body with his hands. “It might hurt,” he continued, as he gently moved a strand of wet hair off his niece’s forehead, “and if it does, the only way to stop it from hurting is to fuck you over and over until your body gets used to it.” Bobbie looked up at her uncle with a serious expression as he explained this to her. “And, since I’m a loving uncle, I’ll just have to make sure you get fucked several times a day.” Jimmy’s hand moved down over Bobbie’s chest and tummy, then curled between her legs to caress her hairless slit. While his fingers once again explored his niece’s pussy, Jimmy leaned down and, placing his lips on hers, pushed his tongue into her mouth. Bobbie wrapped her arms around her uncle’s neck and returned the kiss while she spread her legs further apart to accommodate his exploring fingers. She could feel herself getting wet as her uncle gently stroked her very sensitive clitoris. Breaking off the kiss, and pulling his hand from between her legs, Jimmy reached over to the bedside table and picked up a tube of lubricant then rolled over onto his back.

“I want you to rub this onto my cock,” he explained holding the tube out toward his niece. Bobbie sat up, took the tube, and, after squirting some onto the palm of her hand rubbed the slick, clear liquid over her uncle’s large hard cock. The shaft of warm flesh twitched in her hand as she spread the lubricant.

“Now,” Jimmy instructed, once his cock was sufficiently slippery, “put one knee on each side of my body.” Bobbie straddled her uncle as he had instructed.

“Lower yourself down onto my cock.” Jimmy placed a hand on each of his niece’s hips to guide her down onto the hard shaft. “Reach down between your legs, grasp the shaft of my cock, and direct it into your cunt.” Bobbie followed each instruction as it came from her uncle, and felt the head of his hard cock spreading her hairless pussy lips apart as she slowly lowered her body. She felt herself stretching further and further as the rod of hard flesh penetrated her body. She felt the cock going deeper and deeper into her cunt as her uncle pulled her down. She moaned, not with pain, but with a combination of discomfort and pleasure as the hard flesh moved further into her. Then, just when she thought she couldn’t possibly take another millimeter of hard cock inside her young body, Bobbie felt her uncle’s kinky pubic hair press against her stretched pussy and knew that she had succeeded; it was all inside her. She felt like it extended halfway up to her chest as she sat astride her uncle’s body. Jimmy smiled at his niece and, pushing his thumb between their bodies, moved it back and forth over her hard young clitoris. After only a few strokes of his thumb, Bobbie leaned forward and moved her hips fucking herself on her uncle’s hard cock.

“Yes,” Jimmy said as his niece’s tight ten-year-old pussy grasped his hard dick, “you are a slut, just like your mother.” Bobbie moaned, and ground her cunt on her uncle’s dick; she could feel her clitoris rubbing on his pubic hair. Jimmy grasped his niece’s young butt with both hands, kneading the firm flesh while he controlled the speed of Bobbie’s movement.

“Ohhhh, oh, ohhhh,” Bobbie growled as her uncle’s cock moved deep inside her body and the tip of his finger pushed into her anal sphincter. Jimmy sat up and, with one arm wrapped tightly around his niece’s waist, and the other stimulating her ass, moved the ten-year-old’s body up and down on his hard shaft. Bobbie wrapped her legs as far around her uncle’s waist as they would reach and her arms around his neck, then held on tightly while he fucked his cock up into her stretched-open little-girl pussy.

“I haven’t been in a cunt this tight in years,” Uncle Jimmy told his niece, beginning to breathe hard from the exertion, “I can’t wait to feel how tight your ass is going to be on my dick.”

“Oh god,” Bobbie screamed. Every muscle in her body seemed to tighten and relax in unison as a wave of orgasmic pleasure surged through her.

“I love the way your tight little cunt clamps down on my cock when you cum,” Jimmy said, as he held the orgasming young girl tightly impaled on his pulsing shaft. Jimmy thrust his finger fully into the young girl’s snug ass while he pumped cum into her hot, wet cunt. As their bodies relaxed, Jimmy pulled his finger from his niece’s ass, lifted her naked body off his softening cock, then laid her down on the bed next to him.

“That didn’t hurt, did it?” Jimmy asked as he held the naked young girl in his arms. Bobbie shook her head, indicating that her first fuck with her uncle had not caused pain. “Good,” Jimmy said as his hands moved over her smooth, warm skin, “in a while, after your brother and I have had time to thoroughly enjoy your body, I’m going to start inviting my friends over so they can fuck you.” Jimmy kissed his niece on the forehead, “then you can be just like your mother, fucking all of my friends when they come over.”

Jimmy held and caressed his niece until soft, gentle snores came from her nose, then he climbed off the bed, covered her naked, just-fucked ten-year-old body with a blanket and went out into the living room where his nephew was waiting for his turn.

*** END ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.