Two preteen boys and a sweet little girl (bb,g)

Two preteen boys and a sweet little girl (bb,g)

The following is a fictional story. All characters and acts in this story are fiction.

Prologue: Shawn 11 and Cole 12 are best friends and neighbors, this story will follow the events of a special sleep over where they will learn new things about their bodies and 10 year old Kerri’s body as well as they seek revenge against Kerri (Shawns sister) from an incident a few weeks earlier.

Written by: CH Marshall

The evening air was heavy with the humid late June heat, as Shawn and Cole rode their bikes along the 2 lane country road towards Coles house.

The 2 boys had been friends for most of their life, even thou there was almost a 2 year age gap and 3 grades difference in school, there is not many options for friends when you live in the country. Looking at the 2 you would have never known an age gap even existed. Shawn had just turned 11 about a month ago, 5′ tall with crew cut blonde almost white hair. He was thin but muscular with an athletic build, just a few sparse beginnings of leg hair and only a couple arm pit hairs under his right arm.

Cole would be 13 in September. He was slender but stocky, straight brown hair several inches long, muscular but not as defined as Shawn. He was 5’1″ with sparse arm pit hair and less leg hair than Shawn.

The boys turned up Coles dirt drive heading towards the back door of the house, Shawn in the lead calling back “come on pokey I am gonna beat you.” Shawn had a very competitive nature.
“Well dang with all the dust you kicked up I can’t even breath back here”. Cole quips back.

Shawn slides his bike to a stop stepping onto the cement stoop he turns back to Cole raising both his arms in a strength pose flexing his muscles. His bare chest dripping sweat down to his 4 pack abs. “Told ya I am the greatest” he says with a grin.

“Yeah yeah… everyone wants to be you or screw you I know. Butt…. when they do all they will taste is dirt.” Cole says throwing a hand full of driveway sand at Shawn.
Shawn caughs a couple times and shakes the sand from his hair.
Laughing both boys go into the house.
“Howdy boys” Coles dad says from his recliner in the living room. “Not sure you fellas wanna camp out tonight they say it may storm.”
“Naw dad, Shawns folks wanna go out tonight so we are going to stay at his house. They want us to stay with Keri so she’s not alone. We just came to let you know and swim for a bit before we go back.” Cole tells his dad.
“That’s fine I’m going out for a bit to so if you need to come home I’ll leave the door unlocked. But I want you to take the tent down and put it away if your not gonna be out there tonight.” Cole’s father responded.
“Alright dad will do” Cole says as the boys head back out the door.

The boys disassemble the tent and pack it away after emptying the camping gear and clothes from it. Cole sticking a few things into an over night bag as they work.
They carry all of the things over to a shed in the back corner of the yard, Cole calls this shed his bike shop.
As they push the camping gear into plastic storage totes and put them in the ceiling rafters.
Shawn tells Cole how he is slightly jealous of him, cause even thou his mom ran off and Cole doesn’t see her his dad is awesome and always so nice. Cole smiles a little at Shawns jealousy.
As they climb down to the shed floor from the rafters Cole confesses he is a little jealous of Shawn too.
“I would trade lives with you in a second” he tells Shawn.
“Why cause my mom is around?” Shawn asks trying not to sound rude.
“Psh…. nothing to due with that. Remember when we spied on Hanna changing and you get to spy on Keri too. Plus look at you, all the girls want to screw you I bet. You have an older sister and a younger sister to hang with and spy on for jack material you got it made. It’s just me and dad here so if your away I am just alone.” Cole tells Shawn.
Shawn smerks wide, and pulls the shed door closed clicking the switch for the lights to come on.
“I got one better then spying he says…. Keri lets me rub my thing on hers some times.”
“No way” Cole gasps out his mouth opening in shock, his eyes glancing down to Shawns crotch which is hardening and pushing his silky sport shorts out.
Shawn begins to tell his tale soft and slow as he pushes his shorts down, his 4 inch circumcised boner popping out curving upward in a banana shape with soft thin blond patch of hair just at the base on the top.

“A few weeks ago I slipped into Keri’s room late and was jerking off running my dick on her face when she woke up. Man she was cooked I mean real pissed off. Said she was telling mom and dad. I tried to pretend I was sleep walking but she was not having it. I went back to my room and didn’t sleep, all I could do is worry, I wanted to cry. So the next morning I did not go down stairs until dad left for work and mom left for town to the laundromat. I asked Keri if she had told and she said she had a better idea. I had to kiss her hooha and stick my tongue in her butt until she said stop and she would not tell.”
By now Shawn was stroking his penis quickly and falling short of breath.
Cole had also dropped his cotton swim shorts his 4 1/2 inch circumcised boner pointing straight out no curve at all he was stoking himself slowly, hanging on Shawns every word. Stopping every few seconds to play with the 9 or ten dark brown pubic hairs which had only come in on a small patch on his balls he had no hair at the base of his shaft yet though he had been shooting cum for a year.
” I stuck my tongue in her cootchey and her butt, I licked and rubbed forever before she said stop. But then she said I could rub mine on hers till I was done if I wanted. So she sat on the edge of the couch and I rubbed and stroked on her till I came all over her stomach. I filled her belly button and soaked her with the hardest cum I’ve ever had.”
Both boys are now breathing heavy and their cocks are twitching as the urge to cum grows stronger.
“She grabbed my head and pushed me down onto her stomach” Shawn continues but is interrupted by a bang on the shed door.
“Hey are you guys in their” a girls voice calls out just as the door swings open.
Shawn leans forward quickly to pull his shorts up but only manages to stumble and fall into a stack of bikes leaned against the wall.
“Shut the door” Shawn squeeks out in a high pitch yell as he quickly makes another more successful attempt at pulling his shorts up.
“What cha guys doing?” Kerri says with a giggle.
Panicked with his heart racing, still holding his now soft penis in his right hand Cole blurts out the only thing that comes to mind.
“Jacking off what’s it look like…. now close the damn door.”
Both boys manage to get their shorts up and stumble out into the sun light sweating heavier now then they have all day, breathing heavy and feeling a little weak and more then a little embarrassed.
“Mom said you guys were gonna swim for awhile so I thought I’d join” Kerri says smurking.
“So what you can just envite your self to other people’s houses and pools now” Shawn snaps back in a snarley voice.
“It’s fine… let’s go swim” Cole says in a soft shakey voice.
The trio spend the next few hours between the above ground pool and the trampoline with no mention from any of them as to what was walked in on.
Cole finds himself studying Kerri more intently than he ever has. Noticing her budding breasts under her red and white polka dot bikini top, her slender waist with clearly visible hip bones, how her bikini bottom clings between her legs showing a clear definition of the slit underneath. Other than her height she does not look like a girl who just turned 10 last week. She us about 4’4″ inches but her light blond chin length hair sweeps down her slender face across her high cheekbones and curls in as it reaches the start of her neck. Her budding breast clearly rounded unlike some of the older girls in Coles class and every bit as big. Her sway when she walks, and her muscled tan perfectly shaped legs go up to a beautifully heart shaped butt, plump and very well defined especially for a girl of 10 who cannot weigh more the 65 pounds tops.

As the evening air draws in and the sun closes in on the horizon the three ride their bikes towards Shawns house the half mile up the road and around the curve. Their drive was nearly a quarter mile long all up hill to the big 2 story Victorian style farm house.
Cole stayed at the back of the pack. Claiming it was for Kerri’s safety when she said he could pass her to catch Shawn, but the real reason turned into a big payoff as they started up the hill at Shawns house.
Kerri stood on her peddles pushing hard with her entire leg and butt muscles to make the climb.
Her red and while polka dot bikini bottoms being drawn into her butt crack farther with every struggling push. By the time they are halfway up the drive her entire bottom was wegged into her crack, her firm butt cheeks flexing in the open air with every stroke. The flesh drawing inward creating cute dimples in one side then the other of her bright white firm flesh. Her glowing ass burning an image in Coles mind that he will jack off to for the rest of his life.

When they finally get to the front steps of the big white farmhouse Cole stares for several more minutes watching as Kerri pulls the silkie red and white polka dot bikini bottoms from between her butt cheeks.

The rest of the night is fairly uneventful. Shawns parents had already left for their night on the town. Shawns mom having left a note as to what to eat and that they may not be back until after midnight or later, not to wait up.
Macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs for dinner, then they watch That 70s Show together, play Guess Who then Monopoly before going to bed as a storm slowly rolls in booms of thunder and flashes of lightning fill the house.

Cole had been asleep for several hours when he is woken up by Shawn shaking him.
“Hey the storm is over, you should see how big and bright the moon is” Shawn wispers as Cole opens his eyes.
“Ugh why did you wake me up I was sleeping good” Cole moans softly as he stretches.
“My parents were being loud when they came in. Now I can’t sleep, my peter is throbbing and I wanna play around.” Shawn responds
This catches Cole’s attention and he stirs around trying to focus and wake.
“You know you don’t need me to jack off with you. Geez haven’t you ever done it by yourself.” Cole says jokingly.
“Wanna hear the story?” Shawn asks eagerly.
“Sure you can finish telling it… Trying to make me jealous, you basturd.” Cole says trying to sound serious.
Shawn laughs standing off the bed just enough to push his shorts down releasing his hard penis. He grabs it stroking gently as he sits back down.
“I was rubbing the head all around her face jacking, about to shoot when she opened her eyes.”
No no no… you already told that part, get back to where you were earlier. You’d just shot the biggest load of cum ever on her stomach filling her belly button. Cole interrupts.
“Uuggghhhhh” Shawn sighs disappointed that his friend don’t want to hear the whole thing again. He lets go of his penis, it bobbs a couple time then comes to rest flexing every few seconds on its own.
“Well ok then” Shawn begins
She grabs my head pushing me down onto her nipple, so I start sucking away at it and licking, She’s moaning and starts pushing me down more. I shoved a finger I to her puss and started flexing and pushing. She shoved my face right to her belly button, when I started licking my own cum off of her, She went crazy, moaning and thrashing around, her legs were shaking. It was nuts.
Cole now hanging on every word begins stroking himself thru his cutt off sweat pant shorts.
I kissed and licked my way down to her puss. It was so wet by the time my face got there, I pushed 2 fingers in with no problem and she was literly dripping, my hand was soaked. Just as I got to the top of her spot I licked across it and sucked at the skin on top, she got real stiff and stared cussing and yelling “oh god” I figured she was cumming, she got wetter but nothing shot out. I was hard again and stroking, I could feel another cum building. But she pushed my face away. So I figured I’d enjoy the view and have a cum. But she pissed right in my face, got my mouth and everything.
“What!” Cole exclaims letting go of his dick, forgetting all about the cum he had just felt building himself. Are you sure it was piss and not a squirt like in them movies we snuck from my dad’s closet?
“Yeah… It was a piss, smelled like it, tasted like it, and Kerri even said it was. She said that’s what I get.” Shawn says back.
What’d you do to get even? Cole asked
Nothing I was mad but…. I just let it go. Shawn responds.
Ewww… Did you like it? Cole says playfully shoving Shawn
No, I mean I don’t think so. I went soft immediately and lost my cum I had going…. maybe if I’d have known it was coming and not in my face and mouth, I might have, the hot wetness on like my chest or crotch or something might have been ok, but in my mouth and face, Not so much, it even got in my eyes and burned.
“Your so gross. I bet you busted your nut with a mouth full of pee.” Cole says laughing. “But seriously you need to get revenge for that. I mean come on you’ve only cummed on her belly a couple of times and spied on her changing, so pee in the face puts her a couple steps up. Does she even know about the other times?”
Nope just the night she caught me. But we have made out and I’ve jacked onto her crotch 5 or 6 times since. What if I try for revenge so she quits doing that with me? Shawn says.

You’ve got enough on her now I don’t think she would tell, and you can deny anything that involves her sleeping, say she started some of it. So about the worse that she can do is stop fooling around with ya. Cole says back.
“Lets both go piss in her face right now” Shawn says bouncing to his feet. His still hard cock bobbing back and fourth and up and down from the quick movement.
“Ehhh…. I’m down” Cole says sliding away from the wall and standing from the twin bed, his now soft penis still pulled from the waistband of his sweat pant cutoffs, the draw string looped around it.

The 2 boys quietly slip into the hallway and into the room on the left across from the stairway opening, softly closing the door behind them as they enter.

The large bright full moon lights the room so bright the night light on the wall blinks on only as the boys pass casting their shadow onto the sensor.

Kerri is sprawled across the twin bed with her head barely on the edge closest to them. Her cotton white knee length short sleeve night gown is pulled up to her thighs by her spread legs.
A light warm breeze blowing in the open window flutters the lacey white curtains, the closets on either side of the window creating a wind tunnel straight towards the bed, Kerri’s nightgown fluttering slightly with each gust.
Cole watches as Shawn walks over to his sister, lightly tracing her face with his index finger he parts her lips slowly, sliding his finger into her mouth several times slowly.

Shawns naked body looks extra hot in the glowing moon light. Coles cock swells and hardens as he stares at his friend pushing his fingers into the girls mouth parting it.
Shawns hard on is pulsing and flexing as he takes 2 fingers pushing Kerri’s upper and lower lips apart opening her mouth widely.
He turns his front to her grabbing his penis and pushing against the bend he puts the soft pink head of his dick into her mouth and releases a long quiet sigh as he tries to relax his body.
Several seconds quietly tick by.
The silence is broken by Shawn.
“I ain’t gotta pee… What should I do.”
I don’t hafta pee either, let’s just cum in her mouth. Cole responds.
Shawn pulls the head of his penis from between her lips and tries to lightly turn her so her head hangs fully off the bed, his attempt is successful and Kerris’ head slumps slowly off the bed so her neck is bent and the top of her head is pointing towards the floor.
Shawn kneels down and begins kissing Kerri and licking her lips before shoving his tongue into her mouth.
Cole slips quietly around the bed to the other side. He grabs the bottom hem of her nightgown bunching it up and pushing it up her body, it gets caught on her round butt and only goes to just above her belly button. Cole stands admiring the view, she has prominent tan lines her theighs and stomach a far darker contrast to her gleaming white hips and vagina. She has about 3 black hairs and 10 or so short blonde hairs on the puffy mounds of skin surrounding her soft pastel pink slit, but no hair on the top. Cole reaches in between her legs spreading her small mounds and puffy pastel pink lips exposing that small dark circle of a hole. He runs his fingers along her slit. It is slightly moist but not wet by any means. He pulls his finger back, up to his face for a sniff. The smell is soft and sweet with a hint of chlorine from the pool earlier.
He raises his eyes to Shawn who is now standing and pushing his hard dick into Kerris mouth.
Shawn reaches down and grabs her nightgown from either side and pulls, using his penis in her mouth as a steadying point.
Her gown slips past her butt and hips to just above her budding breasts exposing her dime sized light pink nipples.
Shawn grabs her left nipple between 2 fingers softly rolling and pinching it. Her nipple hardening drawing the skin tite making her already small nipple even smaller.
Shawn leans down kissing her nipples, right then left, pulling his dick from her mouth as he does so. He kisses and licks his way to her face.
Cole slips across the bed next to Kerri, lightly kissing one of her nipples as he eases onto the floor next to Shawn.
As Shawn gets to her mouth and begins making out with her again Cole leans down sucking Shawns dick into his mouth. Swallowing several times to pull it as deep as he can.
Shawn kisses his way back to her nipples with Cole sucking hard on his dick, he lightly bites a nipple then leans back. Grabing Kerri by her cheeks he spits into her mouth then pushes his tongue into it to spread the spit around.
As Shawn stands Cole rises to his knees not breaking suction on Shawns penis.
When Coles cheek brushes against Kerris’ Cole releases Shawns penis and guides it into Kerri’s mouth. Licking his way up Shawns body he pauses briefly to softly bite Shawns nipple before proceeding up and making out with him.
Shawn squeezes Kerri’s lips around his penis trying to form suction while pumping in and out of her mouth.
Shawn begins to moan quickly and sets a hand on Coles shoulder. Coles lowers to his knees at Shawns touch, pulling Shawns penis from Kerri’s mouth and placing it in his own, sucking in deeply while swallowing.
Shawn thrusts deeply into Coles mouth as he leans forward shoving 2 fingers into Kerris’ warm moist slit,
Within seconds her slit transforms from moist to wet as he rubs his fingers up and down it.
“Oh god” Shawn utters, pulling his hips back clenching his lower body muscles as he tries to stop his cum.
His first shot is into Coles mouth, his second blast hitting Kerri in the face, running into her hair and dripping on the floor. By the third pump he had his cock just inside of Kerri’s mouth. Grabbing his penis at the base with 2 fingers stroking out shoots 4 and 5. Then continues pumping his cock into Kerri’s sleeping mouth a few seconds longer.
As he pulls his throbbing cock from her mouth one final glob of cum swells from the tip dripping to the floor.
Shawn drops to his knees sticking his tongue into his sisters warm silky cum filled mouth, pushing his own cum around in her mouth with his tongue as he makes out with her.
Shawn pulls back from her mouth and Cole takes his place mixing Shawns cum from his mouth and tongue with the cum in Kerri’s mouth. As he pulls away he and Shawn begin making out as they rise to their feet, Shawn pushes Coles sweat shorts down, the string still around Coles hard dick pulling it down, springing back up as the white string slips off the tip, Shawn grabs the bouncing cock with his left hand guiding it into Kerri’s sleeping mouth.
Cole pumps in and out slowly as Shawn squeezes arround her lips with his left hand to make a tight suction on Coles dick. While he slowly runs his right hand down Coles back, grabbing Coles left butt cheek and spreading it, giving a squeeze. He presses his index finger into Coles tight hot ass hole.
Cole jumps, startled by the penetration from Shawns finger. His feet slip is the glops of cum he is standing in. He attempts to regain his balance by spreading his feet apart, his shorts still around his ankles only allow his feet to move a small bit before the fabric pulls back making things worse.
Cole falls forward putting his arms out he catches himself on the bed but his hard dick hits the back or Kerri’s throat.
She instantly begins gagging and coughing and thrashing around. Biting down onto the penis in her mouth right at it’s base.
Cole pulls back.
Kerri shreaks and cries out. Coughing out flem and cum still gagging.
Cole not knowing what to do pushes back hard into her throat muffling her screams and cries.
Kerri arches her back lifting her ass and legs trying to kick whoever is choking her, in the face. Biting down again attempting to slow the object in her mouth from choking her.
She swings her arms wildly pinching and punching anything close.
Shawn jumps into action, literly. Bounding onto the bed he pushes his sister’s legs back down flat but spread onto the bed, hooking his ankles onto her arms and pinning them to the bed as well.
Cole pulls back again. Trying to figure out what to do.
Kerri draws a deep breath, coughing out more flem spit and cum, screaming loudly.
Cole pushes back forward, not as hard this time just enough to muffle the yell.
Cole feels her teeth digging into his shaft and it hurts, but the vibration of her crying and yelling thru his loins almost makes it worth it.
Shawn lifts his ass and drops his head down pushing his face into her crotch licking and sucking at the pink folds of flesh.
Cole looking down to her chin, watches as Kerris’ bite on his shaft slowly softens.
It took what seemed like a life time for her bite to fade completely, but it was under 2 minutes in reality.
As the bite fully released from his hard shaft, Cole pulled back to where just the head still sat inside her lips.
Looking down in the bright moon light he could see 3 sets of teeth imprints on his crotch. The first and the deepest was on the base itself there were at least 4 deep teeth marks on the top, while there was no blood he could see the beginnings of a blood blister on the left between 2 of the imprints. Just ahead of that on the shaft itself right at the base was 2 more tooth impressions darkening with bruises already. A little ahead of that at about an inch from the base, on the shaft on, was another set of tooth imprints, this being the most recent, not as deep and no bruising or blood blisters but still painful.

For the first time since falling forward, Cole raises his eyes to the view in front of him as Kerri relaxes and her screams and cries fade completely to soft moans.
The first thing Cole sees is her white round budding breasts, more than a training bra but not quite an A cup yet, light pink dime size nipples that nearly blend with the white flesh mounds they sit atop.
He can see the bottom of Shawns chin as he feasts upon the flower that is before him between the girls theighs.
Raising farther he sees the very tip of Shawns soft penis barely poking out from the bottom of his balls. Then the balls themselves silky smooth a glorious white almost pink skin, leading up to a muscular ass that is nearly in Coles face. He can see the muscles in Shawns ass cheeks flexing with every small movement. Then he notices the perfect pink wrinkled skin that forms Shawns anus. It looks like a button that you just want to kiss and never stop.
Around the time Cole is admiring the pink button anus in front of his face, Kerri begins to suck at the head of his penis which is still in her mouth.

A lustfull sensation takes over Cole’s body, causing him to forget the painful bites on his dick. He begins pumping in and out of her mouth and without even hesitation, he leans in and pushes his tongue inside of Shawns ass.
Shawn moans out but leans forward, releasing Kerri’s hands.
Cole grabs Shawns hips pulling him back.
Shawn leans forward again but only for a second before pushing his ass against Cole’s face.
Cole pushes deep into Kerri’s throat cause her to gag and flex. But she does not resist or bite now. Only swallows and sucks harder. Cole moves his hands onto Shawns ass cheeks spreading them as wide as he can, pushing his tongue deep into his ass. Cole feels fingers move between his chin and Shawns balls, then one pushes into Shawns hole beneath Cole’s tongue.
Shawn yelps out but does not try to escape.
A second finger forces into the hole pushing Cole’s tongue out.
Cole licks around the hole and across the fingers, listening to Shawn moan out, unsure if it’s pleasure or pain.
Cole draws his face back pushing deeply with his hips as he takes in the view.
Kerri is pushing and twisting her fingers ramming them in and out, the tip of Shawns penis no longer visible.
Reaching up Cole softly cups and lifts Shawns balls, revealing that he is once again rock hard.
Kerri lifts her free and and begins stroking Shawns cock.
Cole feels his legs tremble and become weak. He clenched his own ass muscles trying to make his cum wait a little longer. But to no avail, he pulled back just as he shot his first load of cum. Right in the middle of Kerri’s mouth. He then pushes deep into her throat pumping 3 more big sprays of cum. Then one small flex and drip of cum before his cock starts to tingle and soften.
Cole attempts to pull back, but Kerri refuses to release her suction, as Cole goes limp.
As Kerri continues to suck on Coles limp dick, it still feels great but is the tickle is becoming unbearable.
Cole watches intently as Kerri ramms her fingers into Shawns ass while pumping his cock and refusing to quit sucking on Coles.
Kerri forces a third finger into Shawns ass, he yelps out and jams a 2 fingers into her ass.
Kerri wimpers and moans out in pleasure and pain giving Cole a chance to pull his limp dick from her mouth.
He drops to his knees pushing his tongue into her mouth replacing his penis. They forcefully kiss, rubbing their cum coated tongues together, as Shawns moans grow louder and his breathing heavy.

Cole looks up seeing Shawns ass muscles flexing as Kerri strokes his cock and plows his ass with 3 fingers. Cole raises up grabbing Shawns balls bouncing them lightly, then running his hand up and down them before leaning his face up between Kerri’s arm and Shawns leg he starts lick Shawns balls.
Shawn moans loudly and his balls tighten.
Cole reaches in to rub the tip of Shawns cock as Kerri strokes. His hand reaches the tip, Shawn is already pumping out his second blast of cum for the second time tonight. Coating Coles fingers with the hot silky wetness, 2 more blasts follow, into the palm of Coles hand this time, then one more dribbling onto Kerri’s stomach.
Cole hard again already, the tickle and tingle sensation now gone.
He pulls his face back as Shawn tries to get up.
“Nooo” Kerri moans out squeezing Shawns head with her legs.
Cole starts jacking off using Shawns cum as lube. Sending sprinkles of cum all of Kerri’s face and the floor.
He pull his hand off his cock, shoving his slippery cum soaked dick into Kerri’s mouth.
Raising his hand he rubs Shawns cum onto Shawns ass and Kerri’s fingers, pushing one of his own fingers into Shawns ass with the 3 that are already there.
Shawn yelps out again and tries to stand but Kerri wraps her leg around his neck holding him tightly in her crotch.
Cole pumps deeply into Kerri’s mouth a few times before pulling back again. Pulling his finger from Shawns ass to jack off with that hand again. His cock now dripping with cum and spit he shoves it back into Karri’s mouth.
Cole pumps his cock into her mouth, he pulls her fingers from Shawns ass.

Grabbing Shawns hips and putting his thumbs on each butt cheek pulling apart, sliding his cock from Kerri’s mouth, Cole pushes the tip of his cock into Shawns ass.
Shawn moans out and tries to scoot away, but Cole pulls back on his hips stretching his body out as he slides back.
Shawns lips still locked onto Kerri’s wet slit, her folds of skin stretch back exposing her clit directly to Shawns tongue for the first time as Shawns pulled.
Kerri lets out a loud moan and her legs tighten before shaking uncontrollably.
Shawn sucks and nibbles the newly found hard bud if flesh.
Cole feels Shawns anus clenching down on the head of his cock as he slowly pushes in, feeling a pop sensation as Shawns hole slides from the head of his dick onto his shaft, he continues to push forward while firmly holding Shawn in place by his hips. Until his dick is nearly all the way in to the base.
Cole rests with his cock deep in Shawns ass for a few seconds before pulling back again until he’s feels Shawns anus clenching back onto the rim at the head of his dick and repeating the motions pushing in again several times.
As Cole feels Shawns clenching at the head of his cock again he changes directions pushing in faster this time.
Shawn pushes back as well this time. Quickly sliding down the cum lubed shaft to the base, his ass cheeks slapping lightly against Cole’s stomach.
Both boys moan out.
Cole pulls Shawns hips hard moving him back closer, pushing his cock in the last little bit, looking down as Shawns clenching anus rubs against his hairless skin at the base of his cock, he pushes harder reaching under Shawn to grab his cock which is hardening for the third time.
Kerri in the throws of the hardest longest orgasm she has ever had grabs Shawns dick from Coles hand and guides it into her slippery cum soaked lips. Sucking him in deep.
Cole pulls back fast, his dick slipping from Shawns ass. He shove it back in slowly for the pop feeling he gets as it slips from the head to the shaft. The rush the feeling gave him causes him to start slamming deep into Shawn quickly.
The forward motion shoves Shawns dick to the back of Kerri’s throat, her once subsiding orgasm peaks again as she gags and her stomach rolls from the gagging and choking.
Shawn begins a third cum, this one dry and almost as painful as it is pleasurable. He moans and trembles calling out “oh god… fuck me hard”, as he pushes 2 fingers deep in kerri’s ass and 2 in her pussy.
Cole pulls Shawns hips as hard as he can. Pushing with all his strength standing on his tippy toes, he feels Kerri jam fingers into his ass quickly going from one to two to three.
“Unnnnhhhhh” Cole cries out as he feels a burst of cum shoot from his flexing dick deep into Shawns ass. He shoves Shawn forward while pulling his back in a thrusting motion. His dick slipping from Shawns ass again he shoots a second burst of cum onto the now gaping open pink button, dripping down onto Shawns balls.
Cole shoves forward again pulling Shawn back, his dick slamming back into Shawns ass, shooting a third burst about halfway in.
Cole continues to pump as he shoots 4 more globs of cum into Shawns ass. Watching his cum thiken and foam on his shaft and around Shawns butthole as his orgasm starts to fade, he continues to pump until his cock softens and starts to bend instead of pushing in.
As Cole pushes Shawn away onto Kerri, his cock slides from his ass, dripping a huge glob onto Kerri’s face.
Kerri pulls her fingers from Coles ass, as she does his soft dick flexes shooting another small glob of cum onto the floor.
Shawn rolls off Kerri towards the foot of the bed onto his back his soft dick flexing and trembling, almost seems to be dancing.
Kerri don’t say a word to either one of them. She scoots back onto the bed turning her body, revealing a huge puddle wet spot from where her bottom was on the bed.
Cole uses his shorts to wipe the mess from the floor and his groin. Offering them to Shawn as they walk back to Shawns room.
Shawn wipes himself off front and back handing them to Cole before flopping onto his bed naked. Mumbling swear words and “oh my gods” like he was still cumming.

Cole stuffs the shorts in a side pouch of his bag grabbing a pair of boxers he glances up at Shawn on the bed. From this angle he can see not only is Shawns cocks still twitching and dancing, but his asshole is still clenching as well.

Cole chuckles a little as he slides his boxers on, wincing as the waistband rubs across his sore throbbing cock. He then crawls over Shawn and lays against the wall.
Both boys were sleeping within seconds.


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