Tiny Timmy (FFb,M,pedo,inc)

Tiny Timmy (FFb,M,pedo,inc)

Introduction: An 8yo boy is is left alone with his auntie, she has strange feelings for him and ends up fingering thinking about little Timmy. The woman also has lesbian sex with the little boy’s mum.

Author: Ivor Smallone

Chapter 1: Bett notices some strange sex feelings for her 8yo nephew. Tiny Timmy loves her auntie boobies. (Tiny Timmy Part 1)

Timmy was a typical eight and a half year old boy, but a bit advanced for his age in some ways. He had recently discovered that if he lay face down on his bed with his cock laying straight up, then jiggling about, he got a great feeling in his willie. He also found himself thinking about his Auntie Betts big tits.

Auntie Bette would ‘baby sit’ for him once a week when his parents went out. She was a big cuddly woman, who liked to tickle and tease him, she also often gave him big hugs and kisses.

It was Friday night again, off went his parents for their meal together and Timmy was left with his Auntie for the evening. Auntie was on the sofa already drinking a large glass of wine watching TV. After some time Timmy was getting bored with the game he’d been playing on the floor. He was finding looking up Aunties skirt and being able to just make out her knickers occasionally was just too distracting. He climbed onto the sofa and began to tickle her. She responded as usual tickling and teasing him back. After a while Auntie Betts got him in a tight hug and gave him a little kiss on the lips.

Timmy would normally struggle to get away at this point, but today he stopped struggling and kissed her back. Betts was a bit surprised but said nothing, they carried on playing for a while longer then stopped to rest.

Timmy realised his hand was under Betts arm resting on the edge of her tit. He kept it there feeling the warmth of her body, he wriggled around a little giving him the opportunity to give it a slight squeeze without Betts realising.

Auntie twisted and leant over to lift her wine glass, mashing her tits into Timmy as she did so. She enjoyed the feeling of the boy’s warm body on her lap. Betts drained her glass and asked Timmy to refill it for her. Timmy took the opportunity to rest his hand on Betts large breast as he steadied himself to pour. He slowly filled the glass almost to the brim, Betts felt his warm hand and wondered it he was growing up quicker than anyone realised. It felt nice having her tit squeezed a little so she pretended she didn’t notice. He finished filling the glass and handed it to her.

“You had better sit still Timmy Until I put the glass down.” she warned.

Timmy gently put his head on her shoulder and lay quietly as she sipped the wine. He had his hand under her arm again lightly feeling the side of her breast.

After drinking half the large glass she put it down, by now feeling quite happy from its effects. Timmy snuggled in to her a a bit lower his head now resting on her breast. A tiny bit of his cheek even touching the bare skin of her cleavage.

“You must be tired Timmy.” Betts remarked.

Timmy nodded his head sliding a bit further between her big mounds, his nose was now just touching her other breast on the other side of her large cleavage. He felt his willie tingling and trying to straighten in his pants. Betts put her head back on the sofa closed her eyes and started drifting off into a relaxed snooze.

Timmy noticed her regular slow breathing and realised she was sleeping, he gave a gentle squeeze of her breast under her arm, there was no reaction. He moved his hands to his shorts and straightened his small hard willie in his pants, it had been getting uncomfortable struggling to get straight. He brought his hand back and placed it more obviously on the side of Betts breast and gave a little squeeze, no reaction.

Timmy was becoming very excited, he gently moved his hand lightly all over her big breast carefully listening for any sign of her waking. Wow his first feel of a read tit, great he thought. He poked his tongue out, from where he was resting his head he could gently lick her cleavage. Wow, the is amazing thought Timmy, getting more excited and bolder he tried to feel her nipple with one hand while pushing his tongue between her two large mounds. Timmy found the nipple and it became harder under his touch.

Betts started coming around from her nap she was feeling particularly horny for some reason, as she came to she realise she could feel Timmy’s hand on her tit and felt something warm and pleasant between her cleavage, she laid quietly for a few minutes relaxed… What! Was that Timmy’s tongue between her cleavage? She jumped, fully awake in a second. Before she had time to think she shouted.

“Timmy what are you doing?” Timmy jumped back and turned red.

“I…I was just cuddling in a bit” he stammered.

Then feeling a bit braver and realising it was a hopeless response continued:

“I love your big titties auntie Betts.”

“Timmy!” Betts responded, “do not say words like that. You are much too young… What would your mum think if she heard you saying things like that!”.

“I’m sorry but its true”, replied Timmy “I would do ANYTHING if you would just show them bare titties to me. I’d never tell mum or nobody”.

“Timmy go and get ready for bed right now. I don’t know what has got into you boy… Go on, go right now!” the flustered Betts ordered. Timmy slinked off her lap. He realised he’d gone much too far.

“Pleeese don’t send me to bed, or tell mum. I’ll be good from now on… I promise” Timmy begged.

“Pleeese” he pleaded again.

“Go and get your pyjamas on now and clean you teeth. If you are quick, I may let you stay up a bit longer”. Betts replied relenting a little. Timmy rushed out of the door and up the stairs.

Betts picked up the glass and drained it. She looked at the bottle, there was only a small amount left which she poured into the glass. She felt a bit drunk and horny, she needed to get a grip, talk to the boy and send him to bed, this could not get out of hand, he was only a young kid.

Timmy came back a few minutes later in his pyjamas.

“Come over here and lets check your teeth” said Betts, being careful not to slur her words.

Tim stood in front of her. She lent forward to smell the toothpaste on his breath giving him a nice view of her cleavage.

” I’m very sorry Aunt Betts, I didn’t mean to be naughty… Perhaps I can sit on the floor and rub your feet. I know you like me to do that sometimes when they’re tired.” Betts thought for a second.

“Okay that would be nice. I won’t tell your mum, but I don’t want you saying naughty things like that again”.

“Thanks auntie” responded Timmy taking the chance to kiss his aunt once more. He instinctively pushed his tongue slightly between her lips as he did it so surprising her.

“Oh you taste all winey aunt” he said as he sat quickly at her feet.

Betts slipped her shoes off a bit dumb struck and Timmy started rubbing her feet. He rested one foot on his crossed legs as he concentrated on rubbing them one at a time. Betts relaxed as Timmy worked on her feet.

“That’s nice” she uttered.

After a while she noticed he was rubbing her calves as well. He had not done that before she thought, as she smiled to herself. She thought she would test if he was really getting interested in females. She slid her butt down the sofa a little, her skit riding up a bit giving him a view probably up to her knickers.

As she did so she watched him out of almost closed eyes. She saw his eyes open wide as he looked and he took in a sharp breath. Confirmed thought Betts, feeling quite turned on that a big woman like her could have such
an effect on a small boy.

Timmy changed the foot he was working on. He carefully put one foot down on his leg so that the toes were resting on the stiff little pecker in his pyjamas and started to work on the other foot. Betts realised after a few minutes that she could feel his stiff little pecker with her. The little blighter she thought, but left her foot where it was. Timmy was massaging Betts calf again, this time right up to her knee. As he did so she felt his little willie jump under her toes.

“Okay Timmy”, she said, as relaxed as she could. “Time for bed now, that was a very relaxing foot massage, thanks”.

“Okay Aunt” Timmy reluctantly replied getting up onto his feet.

Betts sat forward and held out her arms so he could give her a good night hug and kiss. He put his arms tightly around her neck and kissed her. Betts parted her lips slightly so that his tongue could find its way in for the second time. She allowed it in a little further in this time and let the kiss go on a little longer. She felt a bit breathless as she pulled him back from him. What’s going on she thought, being turned on by a little kid, she needed to get herself a new man, fast. Timmy gave her a big cheeky smile. She patted his bottom and said she would come up and tuck him in 10 minutes.

Betts slid her hand up under her skirt and rubbed the crutch of her knickers while she waited for him to settle into bed, she found that they were already soaking wet and that her outer lips more sensitive to her touch than normal. After five minutes she thought she would go up and tuck him in. She could then come down and give her fanny the attention it needed properly.

As she went unsteadily up the stairs, she could not resist undoing a couple more buttons of her blouse to see Timmy’s reaction. She quietly went to his bedroom door, she listened and could hear the bed creaking a little. Betts smiled to herself, went back down a few of the stairs and came back up, making a lot more noise this time. She knocked the door lightly and opened it standing in the doorway for a few seconds before Timmy looked over. She exaggerated the swing of her large breasts a little as she walked over to his bed and leaned over him. His eyes were firmly fixed on her cleavage, the most tit flesh he’d had ever seen in his young life since he’d stopped suckling his mother at one year old. Betts smiled and put her lips to his, this time pushing her tongue into his mouth a little. He put one arm up around her neck the other under her arm feeling the edge of her breast as much as he dared. After as while she reluctantly pulled away from his inexperienced kissing, pausing for a few seconds still bent over him giving him another great view of her hanging breasts and cleavage. His hand had slipped position a little and was now definitely on the side of her tit. He squeezed gently just as she moved away from him. This was getting out of control, she desperately wanted to jump into the bed with him. She gave him one last smile, said good night and managed to walk quickly from the room.

She got down stairs hot and flustered, what the hell was she thinking of, he’s only eight or nine. She saw that she had finished the wine, got a cold beer from the fridge, and turned the TV up a little to try and take her mind from her thoughts.

No good… After a few minutes her hand drifted back up her skirt to the crutch of her knickers, she could feel her still wet swollen fanny lips through the material. She pulled the material to the side and her fingers slipped between her wet sensitive lips, gently rubbing between her entrance and clit. She slid a single finger inside her tight fanny imagining it was Timmy’s small dick entering her. After a few more minutes she was really excited. Her thumb now went to her clit as well, slowly circling it. It seemed to be bigger than normal, she could also feel her fanny walls gripping her finger more tightly as well. Her other hand went to her breast, sliding easily under her blouse because she had undone some buttons earlier for Timmy. She began to cum… She came more intense than she had for a long time. She cried out a little as she came trying to keep the sound as low as possible, her hips were thrusting imagining Timmy’s small body on top of her.

Betts began calming down, now feeling totally relaxed she fell into a pleasant sleep, her hand still resting on her bare snatch.

Betts was vaguely aware of the front door opening as it woke her from her sleep. She suddenly remembered where she was and where her hand was as her brother David came through the lounge door. She quickly pulled her hand out from under her skirt, but not quite quick enough to stop him seeing. His wife followed him in, like Betts, a little worse for the drink. She smiled at her sister in-law.

“Has Timmy been a good boy, did he get to bed at a reasonable time?” “Oh he was fine” Betts automatically replied, trying to compose herself.

David went off to the kitchen a little embarrassed at what he’d seen

Betts noticed her sister-in-laws Sue’s eyes were staring at her exposed cleavage.

“Has a friend around this evening?” Sue mischiefly asked.

“N… no…” stammered Betts, “Uh I just drank a little too much wine that’s all” she said, looking at the empty bottle, trying to distract Sue’s eyes away from her cleavage. She hoped the room did not smell of sex.

“Okay let’s get you home.” David said to Betts, as he emerged back from the kitchen a few minutes later.

As Betts got up, she was aware that she displayed a large amount of her tit flesh to both David and Sue, but it would have been even more embarrassing to do the buttons up in front of them first. Luckily it was David’s turn to remain sober and to drive her home this week.

As they left Sue sniffed the air, she wondered what had been going on this evening, she knew Betts didn’t have a current man. She thought her sister in-law had looked very sexy this evening. Ok fat, but still sexy. She had almost felt like having a feel those big tits herself. That was odd, she had never thought like that before.

Betts closed the front door behind her, as she walked beside David towards the car. She felt the cool night air on her fanny at it swirling up her skirt, as she had not had time to put her knickers straight. Her blouse was still undone quite a lot as well, she hadn’t had an opportunity to fix that either. As David turned to go to his side of the car, she quickly managed to get one of the buttons done up as he faced away form her. As they drove to her house David spoke.

“So what were you up to there sis” he casually asked.

“Well uh I was watching a bit of a horny program and fell asleep until you arrived.” she lied.

“It’s a shame sis, you’ve a great big beautiful body there. It’s a shame no one is appreciating it for you.”

“That’s life” Betts replied.

They turned into her street and stopped. David put an arm around his sister and gave a squeeze.

“You’ve got a great set of jugs there.” he said, he just couldn’t resist feeling the weight of one of them in his hand. Betts looked up at him and smiled.

“It’s been a strange day.” she said resting her head on his shoulder for a moment.

She wasn’t in a rush to go into her empty house.

“These are very nice titties indeed.” He said lightly running his fingers over the top of her exposed tit flesh.

“You seem very hot today babe, you better go in before your brother gets too horny for you.”

He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and she got out of the car, giving his a god view of wobbly tit flesh in the process. He watched her body until she was safely through the front door then drove off back home.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Bett and 8yo Timmy have some softcore sex foreplay, when Bett is taken back home by her sister-in-law they both have lesbian sex. (Tiny Timmy Part 2)

The following Friday Betts prepared for her weekly baby sitting visit. She decided to wear her favourite bra. A thin semi see-through one, it was front fastening and cut quite low. She did it up and looked in the mirror; oh, her breasts had grown some since she had last worn it. Quite a bit of her tit flesh overhung the cups. She decided to wear it anyway, putting on a thin white blouse over it, leaving an extra button undone, showing a bit more cleavage. Her nipples were just visible through the material. Perhaps this was a bit too much, Betts was just wondering if she should change it to another top when Sue arrived a little bit early to pick her up. Betts quickly fussed around the kitchen collecting bits and pieces to take with her, as Sue watched. She had agreed to teach Timmy how to make scones that evening, mainly to take her mind off you know what.
Sue watched her flitting around the kitchen her tits wobbling nicely and decided even when she was sober she quite fancied a play with Betts big tits.

“That’s a nice top you have on Betts.” She remarked.

“It wouldn’t look so good on my small breasts though” she continued.

Betts smiled and stood in front of her so she could see better.

“Oh it’s quite an old blouse, I thought I’d give it an airing for a change” Betts replied.

“Look how that bra lifts you in it. Very nice.” Sue responded, but thinking how tarty, but sexy she looked.

She lifted her hand and ran it slowly over the top of one of Betts tits. Betts gave a little nervous laugh.

“I don’t know, I’m getting a bit fat, especially for this kind of wear.”

“Nonsense” countered Sue, “bigger woman can be very sexy showing off their curves” Sue took the opportunity to touch Betts tits again running her hands down over both breasts to emphasis the curves she was talking about.

Betts was a bit surprised and stepped back

“Hmmm… I think I’d prefer a trim body like yours” she countered.

Sue helped Betts carry the stuff to the car and they drove back. Betts got a bit apprehensive as they arrived, hoping Timmy hadn’t said anything, or did anything embarrassing before David and Sue left for their meal. She needn’t have worried. Timmy was perfect, acting just like the little boy he was. He took her hand and dragged her off to see the Lego tower he had build, without even a glance at her breasts.

Betts was beginning to think she had dreamt what had happened the previous week. David and Sue went off for their meal. While Betts taught Timmy how to make some scones in the kitchen, he was now paying her a bit more attention to her, staring openly at her big wobbly tits some of the time.

They had a bit of fun playing around rolling the dough. Timmy made a little moustache out of a small piece of left over dough. He stuck it on his upper lip.

“Would you rather kiss a boy with a moustache” he joked.

“Oh I don’t know let me see.” responded Betts now more relaxed and having finished her first big glass of wine. She bend down to kiss him giving him a good view of plenty of flesh. They had a reasonably long kiss both of their tongues doing a little tentative exploring. So I never dreamt last weeks touchy feely stuff last week after all thought Betts.

She sat on a kitchen chair and started her second glass of wine while they waited for the scones to cook. Timmy openly stared at her cleavage and top for a while, the tingling was raging between his legs.

“I like your top Auntie Betts” Timmy remarked. Betts smiled

“Why thank you Timmy…”then added ” The material is very smooth.” she said running her fingers over the top of one of her breasts.

Timmy was not slow, he stepped closer and ran his small fingers across the same part of the material but more slowly.

“Mmmm yes.” He said, and continued to rub his hand lightly over the top of the blouse.

Betts said nothing, just watched his small hand on her. By the time Betts had finished her glass and poured the third the scones were cooked. They took them out to cool.

Betts broke one up into small pieces to cool quicker. After another minute or two she popped a piece into Timmy’s mouth for him to try.

“Mmmm… nice” he responded. He took a piece and put in Betts mouth.

“Yes not bad at all” she remarked. They continued to feed each other with the warm scone. Timmy accidently on purpose dropped a piece down Betts cleavage.

“Woops I’ll get it” he said, and his fingers went down into Betts cleavage in a flash.

“I think that’s enough” said Betts when his fingers had been down there for some time. Timmy smiled pulling out his fingers with the lost piece between them.

They put the rest of the scones in a tin and went through to the lounge. Betts went off to the bathroom, she undid a few more buttons of her blouse and the front fastener. She justified this to herself by thinking that the bra was a bit small and her breasts needed a bit more space.

She did one of the buttons back up and looked in the mirror. Her tits had spread out some and her cleavage widened. Even he had to admit it looked very sexy. She wobbled back across the lounge to the sofa putting on some soft music on the way. Timmy was sitting on the floor with his Lego tower, he watched her every step.

“Can I sit with you on the sofa with you Auntie, I’m a bit tired now?” asked Timmy

“Ok, can you just get the rest of my wine from the kitchen first?” Timmy obediently rushed to the kitchen and brought the bottle back, carefully pouring the last of the wine into Betts glass.

“Thank you Timmy” Betts said smiling as him. She put her head back and closed her eyes listening to the music.

Timmy snuggled in beside her, putting an arm over her tummy. After a few minutes he started rubbing his hand around her large belly, squeezing it a little occasionally. Betts just lay there with her eyes closed enjoying the music, wine and Timmy’s hand. Timmy’s hand moved to the top of her belly so the back of his hand was running along the bottom of Betts breasts. Betts did not respond so Timmy got braver. He turned his hand so he was now feeling the bottom of her breasts properly.

His little pecker was rock hard again, this time he loosened his shorts and slid his other hand down there. whoa it felt nice rubbing his willie at the same time as feeling Auntie Betts tits through the thin material, she laid back eyes closed looking asleep. Timmy got bolder; he was now rubbing Betts now hard nipples between his fingers through the material. He carefully undid another two buttons of Betts blouse and could see her whole cleavage His dick now felt incredible he started to pant noticeably as he rubbed hid dickhead with his fingers as he continued. He’d never felt anything quite like it, suddenly the pleasure peaked and he let out on involuntary grunt. He thought he wet himself a little as his fingers were wet, the pleasure he had felt had been unbeliveable, it started to quickly subside and his willie shrank a little. Timmy had stopped playing with Betts tits, he realised he’d had his first orgasm. Wow if that was sex, he wanted more.

Betts has been listening and feeling Timmys hands on her body getting hornier by the minute. She realised he had climaxed and thought well he must me quite mature to experience that… She opened her eyes, picked up her glass and drained it as if nothing had happened.

“Why don’t you put your head on my lap Timmy, you’ll be more comfortable.” Timmy laid down with his head on Betts lap. He could see quite a large amount of bare flesh and Betts large erect nipples through the thin material. Her blouse and bra now also quite open Timmy was dying to see even more of her big tits.

Timmy’s dick was already getting excited again. Betts looked down at Timmy, he looked so young, she could see his shorts had been loosened and a bulge there from his small dick. She smiled at him and stroked his smooth cheek. Timmy put his arms up around her neck and they started to kiss. There grown-ups kisses were becoming more natural. Betts put her hand onto his neck and rubbed it gently.

Timmy copied her and did the same back. Betts moved her mouth down onto Timmy’s neck and nibbled it, again Timmy followed her actions. Oh my god thought Betts, this is getting totally out of control. She stopped and lay back on the sofa but Timmy didn’t stop. He continued nibbling down her neck then onto her shoulder, gently pushing the blouse open further, he instinctively moved down onto the top of her breast. Bloody hell thought Betts that feels great, he’s a natural. But I have to stop him. Timmy was now confidently working his way towards her nipple with his mouth, now completely controlled by the feeling from his dick. The unclipped bra was moving out of the way on its own as he went.

“Okay Timmy you’d better stop that now.” she said quietly but firmly.

Timmy just carried on, the bra cup fell away leaving her erect nipple fully exposed. Timmy’s mouth was now only an inch away.

“Timmy stop now!” Betts ordered more forcibly, but still did nothing physically to stop him.

Timmy could see the exposed nipple and just couldn’t stop. He moved his mouth down and circled the nipple with his tongue. He felt his dick was going to go funny again without him even touching it this time. He took the nipple between his lips and gently sucked it. Oh god I didn’t stop him in time, thought Betts as a wave of pleasure flowed through her body.

After a minute or so, Betts recovered enough composure to start gently removing him from her breast.

“Come-on Timmy you must stop now. Only grown up adults can do this sort of thing.” Her nipple popped from his mouth.

“Oh I can’t stop now my willie is hurting too much.” Timmy begged.

Betts put her hand onto his shorts over the bulge. That was too much for Timmy and he came again grunting more loudly this time.

“Oh shit!”, he gasped a few seconds later. The first time he had sworn in front of his Auntie.

“Now Timmy there is no need for that language.” Said Betts trying to recover the situation, trying unsuccessfully to pretend nothing had happened.

A minute or two later Betts said:

“What just happened should not have Timmy, your old enough to realise that… Auntie gets a little bit drunk when she’s looking after you and sometimes things happen that should not. It’s best not to mention this to your mum or dad or in fact anyone. I could get into serious trouble if anyone found out. .I’m sorry, but I may have to stop looking after you on Fridays. I love you Timmy, but this is getting too difficult for me to deal with.”

“Oh auntie pleease don’t stop coming, I’ll do anything you ask. How we play together is just our little secret I will never tell anyone, not even my best friend. Please, please don’t stop coming this is the best thing, ever. I love your visits and I’ll run away from home if you stop.”

“I’ll have to think about it” replied Betts worrying about how it would end if Timmy really did run away.

Timmy sat up planting small kisses all over her face murmuring please, please, please, between every few kisses.

“We’ll have to see, I won’t stop for a week or two at least. Now go and get ready for bed.” Timmy gave a big hug and smile, he planted a quick kiss on her lips and then a quick kiss on each exposed breast, he got up and rushed up the stairs before Betts had time to say anything else.

Betts rested her hands on her exposed breasts for a minute feeling the hard nipples, thinking. What the hell am I going to do about this. She refastened the bra did up a few buttons and went to kiss Timmy good night. She leant over and gave him a kiss.

“Don’t worry Auntie Betts, I’ll never tell, or do anything to let our secret out.” She gave him an extra kiss and went back down stairs.

David and Sue were having a relaxing meal, knowing their son was in good
hands. Sue decided to tease David about her encounter with Betts earlier.

“I had a little touch of your sister’s tits earlier. They are big and juicy” she teased.

“What I don’t believe you, you wouldn’t do that.” He replied, then continued after a pause

“How did you manage that?”

“Oh a bit of woman know how, admiring her shape and dress sense” she laughed.

“Well I want to watch next time he joked.”

“What your own sister and wife, you perv” Sue joked back feeling quite excited.

“I bet I could feel her big bare tits if I wanted to tonight.” She continued.

“I’ll buy you a new sexy top if you succeed” joked David. Thinking his wife would not even attempt a stunt like that, even though he was beginning to fancy seeing her try.

“Your on… Lets go back a little early and see what she’s up to. I bet she’s drunk another whole bottle of our wine.”

“Okay” said David fairly drunk himself.

Betts had put the TV on to take her mind from between her legs, she found a slow raunchy French film on one channel and stated to watch that, this obviously didn’t help. She heard the front door open and looked over to the clock, they were back earlier than usual. She hoped nothing was wrong, then got up to greet them. David was first through the door, his turn to look a bit drunk this week Betts noticed. He put his arms around her and gave her a wet kiss.

Bit unusual thought Betts. Then Sue did similar, giving her a hug and kiss as well. Betts felt embarrassed:

“Anything wrong?” she asked.

“Not at all” said Sue still with her arm around Betts.

“We thought we would come back a little earlier and have a drink with our favourite sitter before she left for a change.”

“Oh I’ve just finished the bottle again, sorry” Bets responded.

“No problem we’ll open another” said David going into the kitchen.

“I still like the top” said Sue, looking down as Betts cleavage and rubbing
her hand over Betts top again.

“And the contents.” she giggled.

David came out of the kitchen with the cork screw, just in time to see his wife’s hand coming away from Betts tit. Betts face looked a little red, Oh bugger he thought, just missed something interesting, what the hell has got into my wife today, she seems to be acting out of character.

Sue got Betts to sit in the middle of the sofa, then sat to her right. David sat the other side and poured the wine into each of their glasses.

“To us.” they toasted.

“We were just talking about you over dinner” giggled Sue. “Saying how sexy your breasts are these days.”

David had the decency to feel a bit embarrassed, even in his drunk state. His wife Sue thought nothing of it, she was normally direct and to the point. Betts gave a little embarrassed giggle.

“There just a fat pair of tits.” she said. Then joked “Feel ’em”. To her surprise they both did.

David gave the one closest to him a squeeze and moved his had away quite quickly.

“Nice” he said.

Sue took the one closest to her, also gave it a squeeze, then rubbed her hand slowly around it, finally stroking her fingers across Betts bare cleavage.

“No not nice, very nice.” she declared. Betts went a quite red it was the last thing she was expecting. Her nipples had gone hard from the attention as well, making her even more embarrassed.

“David said he’d buy me a new sexy top if I rubbed my hands over your bare titties. I bet your game for it aren’t you Betts. Time your brother let some of the moths from his wallet.” said Sue directly

“U..um… I don’t think so, um uh.. I’m not quite that drunk” stammered Betts.

“Nonsense, you’re just being coy. This is only my second glass this evening and I’m game.” replied Sue.

Before Betts had time to reply Sue took Betts shoulders in her hands and started turning her back towards her.

“Lift her legs up onto your lap David” she instructed her husband. Before Bets could really comprehend what was happening she was lying across the sofa.

Her legs on her brothers lap, her upper body lying across his wife’s.

“Have a little more Wine Betts, you look a little tense” said Sue. As she did so she held Betts head and poured some wine from her glass into Betts mouth. Betts gulped it down in a state of confusion.

David was very embarrassed but also getting very excited.

“That’s Better” said Sue. She undid a couple of Betts buttons and run her fingers over the overflowing tit flesh.

“Oh good a front fastener” Said Sue, “why don’t you release it for us Betts, I’m sure David is keen to see the goodies beneath as well” As Betts looked to her brother for support she felt his cock stiffen under her leg.

Fuck it, she wasn’t going to get any help from her drunk brother either, what the hell is going on here. She now felt anger and a little frightened and thought she would humiliate them as well.

She would show the pair her bloody tits. She undid the catch and pulled the 2 cups right back.

“There you are you flat chested lezzy, are you happy now!” She screeched with anger and humiliation looking up at Sue.

Sue did the unexpected, she slapped Betts across her bare tit now very angry herself.

“Take that back you fat frigid cow…” She shouted back. “Okay girls that’s enough both of you” shouted David jumping up from the sofa thinking he should do something to get the situation back under control.

He stood over them, both women could see the bulge in his pants.

“Calm down now” he ordered not knowing how to handle the situation. Surprisingly Sue began to cry.

“Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t want to upset
anyone, just have a bit of fun.”

Betts then tried to help defused the situation too.

“I’m sorry too”

said Betts. Sue and Betts kissed, lips to lips. Causing David’s dick to jump back to attention just as is was starting to shrink. He couldn’t help himself, he knelt down in front of them to get a better view and put a hand on each of their legs to ‘comfort’ them.

“That’s better” he said quietly.

The kiss lasted longer than Betts thought it should.

“Thanks Betts” Sue said as they moved apart slightly.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.” Sue said.

Gently putting her hand on the red tit she had smacked and rubbing it slightly enjoying the feeling and the heat from it.

“Its no problem said Betts. Really no problem. Perhaps you had better drop me home now if you don’t mind.”

Sue has to reluctantly move her hand away as Betts slowly got up from the sofa, David and Sue both watching her big tits wobbling as she did. She then refastened the bra and did a few of her tops buttons up.

“Sorry” said David sheepishly to Betts, as Sue went to the bathroom in preparation for driving Betts home.

“No harm done” replied Betts giving her brother a short hug. “Just a few drunk’s getting a bit out of hand.”

“Hope we haven’t caused a family rift” said Betts as they drove to her place.

“Things will be fine” stated Sue firmly, as she thought. No one calls me a flat chested lesbian. Who the fuck does she think she is…

Sue stopped the car and got out with Betts.

“I need to come in with you” she said quite coldly.

They went into Betts lounge. As Betts turned around to see what Sue wanted. Sue shoved her violently. Betts stumbled back and fell to the floor luckily not landing too heavily. She was winded and could not speak.

“You never talk to me like that again you fucking bitch! Do you understand!” shouted Sue.

Betts could not get her breath to speak, so she nodded her head.

“It’s time we got a few things straight” Sue continued shouting, dropping her knees on Betts stomach with her full weight just as Betts had managed to draw in her first breath. The air completely expelled from Betts lungs again with a loud hiss.

There was now fear in Betts eyes, what the hell is going on here she thought. Sue straddled Betts stomach and again dropped her weight down onto her. Betts was getting a little light headed, she hadn’t managed to get a proper breath for well over a minute now and was mystified and frightened by Sues unexpected actions. Sue continued.

“If I want to play with your fucking fat tits. I’ll play with your fucking fat tits. And you will do as you are told, you will not embarrass me in front of my husband again!”

As she spoke she took hold of the sites of Betts blouse and violently pulled. The buttons could be heard bouncing from the walls. She then grabbed the bra and pulled hard again. The fastener gave way and Betts breasts were exposed once more.

“You understand fatty!” shouted Sue spray coming out of her mouth as she shouted and landing in Betts face and over her chest.

Sue surprisingly gently rubbed her fingers over the now bare breasts

“You are a fat tart, and I will feel these tits…” Said Sue in a calmer voice, ” I will touch and feel them whenever I want.” She suddenly changed her voice again and shouted.

“What are you! You’re a fat tart!” Sue pushed her long finger nails into Betts tit flesh as she shouted.

Sue leant forward her face just 6 inches above Betts.

“Tell ,me what you are!” Sue demanded

“A.. a fat tart” Betts managed to get out.

“That’s better bitch” hissed Sue.

“Say it again!”

“I’m a fat tart.” replied Betts a bit more clearly but meekly shaking with shock and fear.

Sue smiled, feeling Betts tits very gently again now, she slowly leaned forward and lightly put her mouth over Betts. Betts parted her lips slightly as she thought she should as Sue kissed her.

Sue started to kiss her more passionately and explore her mouth with her tongue. Betts calmed some, her mind still racing. She knew Sue was a confident demanding woman, but didn’t realise she could turn like this.

Perhaps things could get even worse, a shiver ran down Betts back. She decided if she stayed quite passive things should be okay. After all, it was her shouting at Sue that had trigged the initial problem.

Betts relaxed a little and was surprised to find she was enjoying the feeling of Sue’s dominating kisses and what her hands were doing on her tits. She slowly started exploring back a little with her tongue. She was a bit shocked to realise she was now wishing that Sue would start to pay some attention to between her tingly legs as well. Sue sat back again.

“See… I can be very nice if you just go with the flow.” she said massaging Betts big tits more, looking intently at the big mounds.

Sue then tenderly rubbed Betts cheek and climbed off her. She moved around to a position above Betts head, still lightly stroking Betts face as if trying to keep her in a calm trance. Sue spoke very quietly looking down at Betts.

“Now Betts dear, you are now going to lick my fanny darling”. She put a knee each side of Betts head and lifted her short skirt out of the way.

Sue had no knickers on, Betts looked up amazed and saw Sue’s completely hair free fanny above her. Sue put her hand behind and lifted Betts tits up against her bare butt.

“It’s a little bit strange the first time” Sue continued quietly, “But you will enjoy it, I will tell you exactly what to do.”

There was a pause, Betts could smell the strong odour of Sue’s sex above her, it was not unpleasant. Sue had one of Betts nipples between each finger and thumb and started to apply pressure. Betts was looking very uneasy feeling trapped.

“I think the words you are looking for are, Yes Miss” Sue said in a slightly louder voice increasing the pressure on the nipples.

Betts could see no choice, she thought she had better do as she was told.

“Y.. Yes Miss” she meekly replied. Sue moved Betts head so her lips were on her thigh.

“I want you to rub your closed lips lightly along my thigh now” Sue quietly demanded, Betts did as requested

“Good girl” Sue soothed.

“Now run your hands up the back of my thighs, move slowly then higher until they are going right over my butt.” Again Betts started to comply, Sue then started massaging the sides Betts tits, I’ve got full control now thought Sue, but unfortunately I’m running out of time.

Sue started bending her legs, moving her fanny closer to Betts mouth. She could feel Betts warm breath on her wet snatch.

“Start licking my fanny lips now” a very horny Sue murmured. Betts gave an experimental light lick of Sue’s wet fanny lips, it felt very strange to be doing this, but surprisingly pleasant.

The smell and sight of Sue’s fanny was turning her on, she decided to do the best job she could, get it over with. She circled her tongue lightly around Sue’s outer lips. Then run it along the slit. She heard Sue take in a sharp intake of breath. It had felt like she could feel the outline of Sue’s clit underneath, even though her tongue hadn’t penetrated her outer lips yet. Betts explored a bit more with her tongue especially around the clit area still not fully parting her lips. Betts looked up to see Sue looking down at her with a look of extreme pleasure on her face. Betts slowly pushed her tongue through onto Sue’s clit it felt huge on her tongue, and Betts also felt a strong wave of pleasure between her own legs. Sue moaned and pulled back, it was too much.

“Not so fast there girl,” she breathed to Betts.

“Lick my fanny hole first.” Bets did as instructed and moved her tongue further back. She slid it deeper between Sue’s lips and found her target. She rubbed her tongue around the entrance putting a hand on each of Sue’s thighs to part them a little more for better access.

“Oh yess.” Murmured Sue, starting to roll her hips to help with the tongues action.

“Push it in as far as you can” Sue panted.

Bett pushed her tongue in as far as she could and then forward to the G spot area. Sue went wild, frantically rubbing her sex up and down Betts face. After a few minutes her tired tongue slipped out due to Sue’s thrashing about, so Betts licked back up towards Sue’s clit. Wow her clit was big almost like a small willie Bett thought.

“Oh god yes…yes…yes!” Sue screeched as she violently came. Bette could feel her whole fanny area squeezing and pulsing as she came. A small squirt a juice hit Betts in the face. Sue stopped moving and Betts stopped licking.

“God you’re a good fanny licker” Gasped Sue between breaths. “I can see you being my sex toy for quite some time to come.” she continued. Oh shit thought Betts with mixed feelings its not over. Betts face was covered in the juices from Sues fanny, Betts subconsciously licked around her lips licking up the juice that she could enjoying the taste.

Sue got up from over Betts face and turned around, put her hands on Betts knees and pulled them apart. Oh god it’s my turn thought Betts with both excitement and trepidation, but Sue simply knelt between her legs, then laid out over Betts large body. Like a man in the missionary position. She laid with her full weight on Betts and nibbled Betts neck a little.

Pushing herself up onto her elbows after a while, she gave Betts her first willing slow hot lesbian kiss. Betts automatically wrapped her legs around Sue, pushing her sex into her. She was now absolutely desperate for some sexual relief. Sue stopped the kiss and looked down at her. The expression on her face changed.

“Okay Betts, this is what happened tonight, I came in and we had a coffee. We talked about what happened earlier and you realised you had made a mistake reacting the way you did. We kissed lightly and settled our differences. You will be delighted for David to pick you up at the normal time for next weeks baby sitting.” Sue then quickly got up, pulled her skirt back down from around her waste and straightened her hair. She walked to the door, turned and said.

“Oh and next week you will behave just as I tell you.”

Betts was still lying on the floor looking at the door that Sue had just left through. Who the fuck does she think she is thought Betts, but already knowing deep inside that she would go along with Sue’s demands. Betts then pulled up her skirt, pulled her knickers to the side and brought herself to a strong climax in record time. What the hell is happening to my life, she thought as she dragged her sore tired body off to the shower and bed.

End of Part 2

Chapter 3: Antie shows her big boobs to the little boy, she is then blackmailed into lesbian sex by the mum. (Tiny Timmy Part 3)

Betts slept heavily, she woke in the morning to find her back has seized up. It must have been the fall when Sue pushed her over, thought Betts.

After a while she found she could move her back a little, but the muscular pain was just too great to get out of her bed. She tried for half an hour but it was no good, she couldn’t get out of bed, she was stuck.

Oh great she thought, there was nothing for it but to phone her brother David for some help. She picked up her bedside phone and rang him.

Betts was relieved when he answered and not Sue. David immediately started telling her that Sue had told him what had happened and he was pleased they had made up and was not upset or anything.

“That’s not why I’m phoning bro, I seem to have hurt my back and I’m having trouble getting out of bed. Its not serious but I’m afraid I need some help to get up, it should free up once I get it moving a bit.”

“Oh dear you didn’t fall over drunk” David replied with a little laugh.

“Something like that.” Betts replied.

“Hang on a minute Betts.”

Betts could hear a conversation in the background but couldn’t hear the details. “Hi Betts, I was just taking Timmy to football practice. Sue said she’d call in to help, She’s going to bring some ‘Deep Heat’ to rub into your back as well, that should help sort it out “Oh shit thought” Betts.

“Okay if she can come over as soon as possible, I don’t like being trapped. Don’t forget to give her the spare key as I can’t let her in”.

Betts heard Sue opening the front door 15 minutes later, Betts felt an unpleasant dread in the bottom of her stomach. Sue breezed into her bedroom without bothering to knock.

“So you couldn’t wait to see me.” she smirked.

“So what’s the problem” she continued.

“It’s my lower back” replied Betts, “Please, please be very careful it’s very tender”.

Sue helped Betts roll onto her front. Then pulled up her nightdress exposing all her lower body.

“My you have got a big arse” Said Sue insultingly.

“I’m surprised with all that padding you still hurt your back when you fell.” Betts thought bitch, but let it go, she was in no position to argue. And she felt very embarrassed that Sue could see her big exposed butt

Sue started rubbing the cream into Betts lower back, she kept going for a full 10 minutes without saying a word, gradually increasing the pressure as the muscles reduced their tension. Betts was surprised, she was doing a great job.

One of Sue’s hands then wandered down onto Betts butt cheek, Betts tightened up a little “Just relax.” said Sue calmly.

Betts tried relaxing a little, but not much, she could now just feel Sue’s warm breath on her butt. Suddenly Betts felt a terrible pain in her left butt cheek and screamed out. Sue had sunk her teeth right into her flesh, her teeth going right through her skin into the fat and muscle beneath.

Betts felt a surge of anger which was almost immediately replaced with fear and dread. Why would Sue hurt her like that so unprovoked. Tears welled up in her eyes the pain was quite immense. Sue released the pressure from her jaw then moved back a little to examine the damage. Just right she thought, the teeth had gone in quite deep, just the right pressure. Blood was running from the teeth marks in Betts butt. Sue licked it up quickly.

“I’m very sorry Betts, I didn’t mean to bite that hard” she lied, then licked up the blood once more, pushing her tongue into the two crescent shaped wounds. Betts screamed again.

“Woops sorry Betts, just trying to soothe the pain.” Sue responded.

Sue dipped her hand in the carrier bag along side her, removing some stick-on ‘stitches’ and a medium sized adhesive bandage. She carefully stuck the ‘stick-on’ stitches across the wound, but did not quite close the gaps first. She wanted to make sure it left a good scar in the shape of her mouth. She licked up the now smaller trickle of blood again then fixed the bandage in place. Betts was sobbing into her pillow trying not to let Sue see.

“You should be able to get out of bed now Betts, your back is a lot better now. Sorry about my little accident, don’t remove the bandage for 24 hours.” She then picked up her carrier bag and left without another word.

Sue drove home feeling a little guilty, she thought back to her first lesbian sex experience. Her aunt had taught her the art of lesbian sex, starting at the age of 11, for the most part she had enjoyed the experience, becoming a regular lover of her aunt until she left home at 18 to go to college. Her aunt was devastated at the thought of her leaving the area and had bitten into her arse cheek to mark her as her property before she left. Sue had not had a lesbian lover since, well apart from what had recently just started.

In no time at all it was Friday again and David drove over to Betts to collect her for the weekly sitting, he felt a little nervous. Betts had almost recovered from the previous weekend’s ordeal. Her back muscles were now virtually back to normal. She still had two curved scabs on her butt, they got a bit itchy at times but she felt that the injury was healing up nicely, the bruising around the area had virtually disappeared. She was looking forward to seeing Timmy again, she felt a little less guilty about that now, but was dreading seeing Sue again.

David came in and gave his sister a little hug and light kiss on the lips.

“Hope your better now sis.”

“Oh I’m fine” Betts replied, she grabbed her jacket and they were off. Arriving at David’s and Sue’s, they went into the lounge while Sue was upstairs just finishing getting ready.

Timmy looked up from his computer game said “Hi auntie Betts” with a smile, then carried on with his game.

He certainly knows how to act casual thought Betts. Sue came into the room wearing a new top which showed some of her small cleavage off. Betts had never seen her wear anything like that before.

She smiled warmly at Betts and went across to her, gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“We shouldn’t be too late Betts.”

“Oh I don’t mind looking after Timmy. Take your time, he’s no trouble and I do get to drink your wine” Betts replied.

David and Sue went off for their meal. The moment Timmy heard them close the front door. He stopped playing his game and rushed over to Betts, putting his arms around her neck and kissing her.

“I missed you” he whispered in her ear.

“I missed you too” she replied hugging him back. They flopped down on the sofa kissing and cuddling. Timmy’s hand was soon feeling Betts breasts through her clothing, she made no attempt to stop him. In fact she laid back on the sofa and relaxed picking up her wine glass and sipping it as Timmy rubbed his face over her chest. Timmy snuggled up on her shoulder, nibbling her neck a little, his hands wandering over both her breasts. Betts could feel her nipples harden then Timmy struggling with her blouse buttons. She just lay there with her eyes closed enjoying.

Timmy was getting very excited again, he rubbed his hand gently over Betts breasts above the bra cups. He then sat forward so he could boldly use both hands to undo the front catch on her bra. Betts could feel exactly what he was up to and loved it. Her tits were soon free and she heard Timmy gasp at the sight. He patently explored them one in each hand ending up with a hard nipple between each index finger and thumb. Betts opened her eyes looked down at him and smiled.

“You certainly like auntie Betts’ titties don’t you Timmy.”

“Oh yes, I love them auntie”.

Betts smiled, “Why don’t you lay on my lap, Timmy you will be more comfortable that way”. Timmy laid down on Betts lap face up as Betts sat up a little. She then fed a nipple into his enthusiastic mouth. She watched him suckling with a smile on her face. She felt some guilt at letting the boy do this to her, but hey he loved it and she liked it as well. Betts noticed Timmy hand go to his shorts to straighten his dick. She transferred him to the other breast and said “Are those shorts a little tight for you Timmy. Shall I loosen them for you.” He nodded his head vigorously in approval, his hand going to Betts other breast.

Betts put her hand over the bulge in his shorts and felt his small willie through the material. Timmy started humping with his hips, he dropped the breast from his mouth as he gulped for air, he came after just four thrusts of his hips. Betts sat forward and kissed him

“My you are an excited boy” she said as she undid the buttons of his shorts.

“Lift you bottom a second Timmy.” as he did she pulled down his shorts and pants exposing his still ridged hairless little dick.

“That’s a nice dick you have there Timmy. Can I touch it?”

“Oh yes please auntie Betts” replied Timmy.

Betts moved Timmy so he was half sitting up between her breasts so he could easily see what she was doing. She gently put her fingers around his dick and lifted it slightly. Timmy nearly lost control again, even though he had only cum a minute or two ago.

“Oh that feels great” he managed to say between gasps.

Betts gently put it back down she didn’t want his to cum again too quickly. She slowly ran her finger along one side of is dick and then the other, not quite touching the sheathed head.

Timmy was struggling to keep control. She let his dick rest for a few minutes by giving him a long passionate kiss.

“Oh please touch it again Auntie” he begged as the kiss finished.

She moved her hand back down and gently felt his small ball sack, she could just make out the two balls within, again Timmy was right on the edge of cumming.

“Oh please auntie he begged.” Not sure what he wanted but he couldn’t stand the intensity much longer.

Betts gently lifted his small dick once more. this time lightly gripping the head and started to slide the foreskin back. This was more than Timmy could stand he screeched and lent forward trying to grab her hand to stop her. As his body came forward he came again.

“Ohhhhhh aaaah” he screeched and a small amount of clear cum appeared on his cock head.

“Oh well done Timmy” Betts said, as she moved to lick the small amount of cum from his dickhead.

Hmmm tastes nice she thought. Betts sat back up and looked at the panting smiling boy totally spent.

“You looked like you enjoyed that Timmy”

Timmy put his arms around her and squeezed as hard as he could, reminding Betts about her still slightly sore back.

“You are the best auntie ever”, he replied with tears in his eyes.

“You’re not so bad yourself kid” she joked back.

“Better get ready for bed now, you won’t forget it’s our special secret will you.”

Betts went up to his room 20 minutes later to make sure he was tucked up in bed. She hadn’t bothered to do up her bra or blouse yet. As she stood in the door way into his room he pulled down his bed covers giggling. His pyjamas bottoms were around his knees and his little dick was standing up again. She smiled and walked slowly across the room, Timmy loved watching her exposed bouncing tits as she approached him.

She bent over and kissed his tum just above his willie causing it to jump. She the heard a big gasp as she gently took it in her mouth, closing her lips on it lightly. She slid her mouth slowly down over his small jumping cock, her tits just rubbing his belly as she went down. She continued to move down on him even when the tip of his dick just touched the back of her mouth. she continued until her mouth could close around his balls as well, the head of his dick just hitting the back of her throat. Timmy was thrashing about he could hardly stand the pleasure. Betts slid her hands under his small buttocks and tried to hold him steady as he continued thrashing.

She could feel his dick spasming in her mouth. Suddenly he emitted a loud “aaahhhhh!”.

His hips thrusting into Betts mouth. A few seconds later he was still, apart from his ragged panting. Betts withdrew her mouth rolling his small amount of cum around it and moved up to his smiling face and kissed him.

“I think you’ve had more than enough excitement for one night Timmy. Good night”.

Then left him with a big grin on his face, this is all very well, thought Betts, but when will someone deal with my increasingly desperate fanny. As she went down the stairs she did up her bra and blouse over her wobbling tits.

David and Sue arrived home just half an hour later, even earlier again thought Betts. Sue came through the door first looking very happy . She gave Betts a hug and pressed her lips to Betts.

Betts surprised herself parting her lips a little and let in the demanding tongue. David stood close by watching, he was finding these encounters so bloody exciting, even though he thought watching his wife and sister kiss was so wrong. He moved behind his sister putting his arms around her large body and pulled her back a little.

“Your turn to open the wine Sue” he said. Sue broke off the kiss and moved away as she did so Betts tits flopped down onto the back of David’s hands. Oh wow he thought feeling the weight of the large tits settling, he couldn’t bring himself to move his hands away. He drew his sister back towards him, in his lust he couldn’t help it. He could now feel her large bum against his expanding dick.

“You okay sis” he said quietly into her ear.

“We’re not becoming too much for you are we.” he continued. She turned her head and kissed him on the cheek.

“Don’t worry” is all she said. Even through he new he shouldn’t he couldn’t help it, he pushed his crutch into her soft bum and held it there for a moment. Betts felt his hard dick pushing onto her butt, she said nothing but felt nervous. Sue came out of the kitchen with a wine bottle and glasses. She looked at them and smiled. David reluctantly broke away from his sister, Sue saw the bulge in his trousers as he did so and smiled to herself.

“You two come and sit down.” She said directing Betts to the middle seat of the sofa, the same as last week.

“Let’s hope we get on a bit better this week” Sue said, putting an arm around Betts shoulders and letting her hand dangle down lightly onto her breast. Sue then gently stroked Betts cleavage causing her to jump a little. The three of them chatted, David found the situating tantalising but a little frustrating. He could see Sue’s hand occasionally touching Betts cleavage but only from his peripheral vision, it would have been too obvious to look directly at Sue’s hand.

Betts felt uncomfortable but a bit excited, she could feel the sexual tension in the air and her brother trying to look at Sue’s hand touching her cleavage. Without really thinking Betts swivelled around, laid her head on Sue’s lap and put her legs across David. Her shorter than normal skirt riding up quite a way as she did so which gave David a good view of her meaty thighs. Betts closed her eyes trying to shut out her embarrassment and tried to relax wondering what would happen next.

Sue stroked Betts face gently, “You do have a lovely curvy body, just like my Aunt Mavis” she continued without thinking.

Sue’s fingers continued slowly down her face and neck, then along her cleavage where Sues other hand was now resting. Sue began undoing Betts buttons. David watched with growing excitement a hand resting on Betts calf. Sue had undone most of the buttons and gently pulled the blouse open. Betts had felt Sue undoing her buttons and pulling her blouse open. She kept her eyes closed, tried to remain calm and keep her breathing steady. How did she get into this situation, her brothers wife was undressing her in front of him and touching her tits.

Sue’s hands move across Betts tits and started to squeeze and fondle them through the bra material. Betts felt her nipples go hard even though she tried to stop them. She felt Sue lean forward, then her lips gently rubbing the exposed areas of her breasts. Betts tried to suppress a little gasp. She could feel her nipples pushing harder against the fabric of her bra and reluctantly admitted to herself that the attention was making her excited. Sue’s hands came back onto her breasts and she gently took a hard nipple between her fingers and thumb through the fabric, as her tongue pushing into Betts cleavage. Betts felt David’s hand tighten on her calf and knew he was intently watching everything.

Sue slid her fingers to the centre bra clasp and expertly released it. Slowly pulling back the two cups to reveal her large tits and large erect nipples. She head David’s intake of breath as he looked on. Then his hand move from her calf onto her thigh just above her knee. Bette felt her cleavage part she was sure her face began to turn red, her breasts took up a more natural position as Sue’s hands slowly released them. Betts could feel Sue gently blowing on her swollen nipples teasing them, she was sure her chest was stating to glow red now as well. Sue’s tongue then circled one of Betts nipples. Her lips slowly
took the teat between them as Betts felt a wave of pleasure run through her, and couldn’t help a gasp escaping her lips. Betts sexually excited state suddenly turned to fear and tension, she jumped as she felt Sue’s teeth gently biting her nipple. Sue removed her mouth for a moment.

“Just relax and enjoy Betts” she said softly and went back down on the nipple nibbling gently with her teeth.

Betts opened her eyes slightly now feeling tense, she saw her brother watching his wife intently, her mouth on Betts breast. One hand was on his crutch rhythmically squeezing it, the other kneading Betts thigh. David then noticed Betts had opened her eyes; he looked away guiltily, moving his hand from his crutch, but keeping the other on Betts leg. Still looking away embarrassed, he slowly slid his hand up Betts leg a little, he just couldn’t resist feeling her thigh for a few seconds partly to try and reassure her before removing his hand.

Clearing his throat he said “I think I’d better get the coffees made.”

He slid out from under Betts legs and went off to the kitchen. As soon as he had gone Sue undid a few buttons of her own top and pulled one of her breasts out Betts notice the small nipple was fully erect. Sue took Betts head and pulled it towards her tit, pushing her nipple to her mouth.

“Suck it baby” she commanded in a low emotional voice. Betts gently took the nipple into her mouth and tried to emulate what Sue had been doing to hers. “She heard Sue sigh with pleasure and whisper an “oh yes baby”.

After another minute Sue reluctantly pulled Betts from her tit and tucked it away again. She kissed Betts passionately as she pulled the bra back across Betts tits and refastened it. Betts helped her do up a few of the bottom buttons of her blouse. Betts sat back upright just as David returned with the coffees. The mood had completely changed they drank their coffees in quiet tension all knowing things had gone much too far, but all wishing they had gone further.

Sue phoned Betts unexpectedly Sunday morning. “Hi darling” she said. “I’ll be over to see you my baby at six this evening. I know you will have showered and not be wearing a bra over those lovely titties of yours when I arrive” she continued. Sue rung off before Betts had the chance to reply.

The cheeky bitch thought Betts, she felt both apprehensiveness and excitement at the thought of the visit. Betts had nothing much to do that Sunday, she ended up spending the rest of day in preparation. She gave the flat a clean, had a long bath and then applied some makeup. She made her eyes a bit tartly with dark makeup and applied a bright red waterproof lipstick. She tried on a number of outfits, settling for the shortest skirt she had and a see-through top with no bra. She did think about wearing a bra mainly to defy Sue’s instructions but quickly changed her mind, better not to risk upsetting her.

Initially she put on a tiny pair of knickers and a suspender belt with dark stockings. When she looked in the mirror she looked exactly like an overweight tart. She removed the stockings and suspenders and then the knickers as well.

Sue arrived 20 minutes late, Betts had been sitting waiting for half an hour and was beginning to think she would not turn up. Sue Breezed in, not knocking or ringing the door but using the key David had given her for the emergency a week or so ago. Betts stood up from her seat, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Sue stood 10 feet from her and slowly looked her up and down. She thought great, she’s made an effort. Lucky as I’ll need all the cooperation I can get from her later she thought. Sue stepped forward with a smile on her face and held open her arms. Bets then did the same.

“You look great” Said Sue, “very sexy indeed.” She gave Betts a hug and small kiss. Mmmm she smells great as well thought Sue.

“Sit down Betts I’ve brought a special drink for us to try, its a bit strong but I think you’ll like it.” Sue went into the kitchen and made up two vodka and tonics She had a small amount of vodka in hers, but Bets drink was almost all vodka. She quickly stirred in the 4 sleeping tablets she had crushed earlier. Sue had allowed only 40 minutes to get Betts drunk and extra relaxed before she had to go and pick up her partner in crime. She was a bit concerned she world have to leave Betts on her own for quite a while, while collecting her accomplice.

Sue had planned a never to forget evening, she had been to see a seedy tattooist in the week. He had agreed to do a special tattoo on Betts butt. Even if she was unwilling to comply. The price was to be a blow job from Sue. Sue had not attempted anything like this before. She was risking her whole family life and more on this, but she thought the risk worth while. Derek was going to tattoo a pair of red lips around the bite scar on Betts butt. With Sue’s name in the middle, cementing Sue’s ownership of Betts, or so Sue imagined.

Sue sat next to Betts, encouraging her to finish the drink then getting her another. Sue fondled Betts breasts through the thin material and they kissed and chatted. After half an hour Betts was feeling very dunk and tired.

“I’m sorry Betts but I have to go out for half an hour, but I’ll be back as soon as I can. Why don’t you lay on the bed while I’m gone, your looking a bit tired. “Sue said. “I’ll have a special treat for you when I get back” she continued smiling and kissing Betts again. Sue Helped Betts to the bedroom before she left. Great, I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere Sue thought.

Sue drove as fast as she could to the other side of town to pick up Derek. He was at the bar in the run down pub where he said he would be. Sue could feel all the locals looking at her body as she crossed the bar to get him. She felt totally out of place in this bar, she took his arm without saying a word and pulled him towards the exit.

“Hang on a second” he said. He picked up his bag with one hand, then reached for his beer with the other. Sue pulled his hand away from the beer. “You’ve been pulled you lucky bastard.” joked the barman, as the locals watched, Sue guided him from the bar.

She drove back to Betts flat as fast as she could. “So you know exactly what’s to be done and how you’ll be paid” Sue said “And don’t screw it up!” she emphasised. “I want you to quietly follow me in and setup you kit as quietly as you can. Okay?”

Sue parked 100m past Betts flat and they walked quietly back. They moved quietly into the bedroom, Betts was sleeping on her side on the duvet still wearing the same clothes. The skirt had ridden up showing her bare thighs and the edge of her butt. Sue bent a little and could see she had no knickers on . Good she thought. Derek setup his kit at the foot of the bed while she bent over Betts and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

Betts did not even stir, Sue put her had on her shoulder and gently shook her “It’s me honey, I’m back.” Betts half woke up and smiled a little. “Can you lie on your tum for me a moment” Sue said quietly. Sue helped her move into position. “Good girl” she whispered into her ear. Betts could feel Sue lifting her skirt up over her butt, she automatically lifted her hips slightly to help, dimly realising she was having trouble waking. She felt Sue’s fingers on her butt feeling her bite mark but even this did not wake her fully. What’s the matter with me Betts dimly thought.

Derek thought wow, I’ve got the best job in the world, here’s a nice round arse to tattoo and a blow job for pudding for my troubles. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation waiting for Sue’s signal to start. His dick was already tenting his jeans, he quietly unzipped his fly in anticipation. Sue put her arm firmly around Betts.

“Betts darling, I’ve got us a present. It may hurt a little at first, but the less you struggle the better. Now try and relax honey” Betts was trying to understand what Sue was talking about, still not properly awake. She felt Sue grip her tighter as she signalled to Derek. Suddenly Betts felt a sharp pain on her butt near her butt scar. She jumped and tried to move but Sue held her tightly. She could feel another hand on her butt and heard a buzzing noise. What the hells happening she thought, now awake and feeling fear in the pit of her stomach. She shook her head trying to clear it. She still felt very drunk and could not work out what was happening. The pain at her butt cheek was now steady but not excessive. She struggled to get free and felt someone sit down on her legs trapping her. The pain had stopped for a second or two but now restarted.

“Don’t struggle honey” Sue said in a firmer voice this time. Betts just could not work out what was happening to her. Sue was stroking her cheek gently. After a few more minutes Sue released her tight grip now and was rubbing her hand up and down Betts back.

The pain in her butt continued, now and again causing a sharper pain as it seemed to hit a nerve. Sue’s hand strayed down onto Betts other butt cheek massaging it gently. Oh my god thought Derek, how can I concentrate on my work when there a hand with long painted nails feeling a butt cheek next to the one I’m working on. Betts not sure whether she was in a nightmare or reality, then she heard a mans voice.

“Finished the tricky stuff, now just the filling in to do.”

“There” said Sue quietly into Betts ear. “It will soon be over” Then in a sterner tone.

“Now stay relaxed and don’t move.” Sue moved down the bed a little, still gently massaging Betts butt. She looked over at the work Derek was doing and was pleased with what she could see. She noticed Derek’s eyes flicking between his work and her hand rubbing Betts butt. She moved her hand towards Betts arse crack then slowly drew her nail along close to her crack parting it slightly as she went. Derek watched approvingly. Sue then went back to massaging Betts bum, she didn’t want to disturb Betts.

Sue’s took a deep breath, the sooner this is over the better she thought. she glanced up at Derek then put her other hand in through Derek’s open fly. She rubbed her nail along the stiff meat she found there then managed to pull it through the gap. She thought it was an average sized dick from her limited experience, but very hard. Derek’s breathing had now changed, he was certainly very excited.

“Concentrate on finishing your job” Sue quietly commanded. She could see that finishing him off while he worked would not be a good idea. She tried to hold his throbbing cock steady as he finished Betts butt. He finished the work and grabbed her head to pull it to his aching penis.

She ducked her head out and stopped him “Wait”.

She carefully examined his work. “This bit and this bit are not quite finished” she said “I’m not paying ’till it’s done” Derek reluctantly went back to his work fixing the small defects. Fucking fussy bitch he thought.

Derek felt up Betts arse as Sue inspected the work once more. She noticed his finger just about to push in between Betts butt crack and she slapped his hand away. He never noticed the flash of anger pass over her face. “Keep you hands off!” she hissed. Derek didn’t take too much notice he was dying to empty his load down Sue’s throat. Betts realised the pain and buzzing had stopped, she slowly turned around to see what was happening. There was a strange scruffy man kneeling on her bed, Sue had his cock in her hand . As she watched Sue leaned forward then the man pushed her head down onto his cock. Betts watch as her head bobbed up and down on the man’s cock,she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He brother’s wife had just taken a scruffy mans dick in her mouth in front of her, while she lay on the bed butt naked, this was just too much for Betts to comprehend.

The man threw his head back quietly grunting. After a few minutes Sue’s hand went up to the man’s balls. He started thrashing about pushing his hips back and forth and pushing Sue’s head hard down into his crutch further. Sue could feel he was about to cum she tried to pull her head back a little, but he pushed her head down harder. She was not putting up with this, so she dug her nails into his balls sack. He immediately let go of her head shouting and she slid her head back so just the head of his cock was in her mouth as he came. She collected the cum in her mouth as he came, gently rubbing his balls to make sure she had it all. She’d noticed that Betts had been watching.

Sue dropped the softening prick from her mouth and slid up to Betts end of the bed. She gently took Betts face in her hands and covered her mouth with her own. They both opened their mouths’ the warm cum running from one to the other. Sue kissed Betts passionately, her plan had worked. Her tongue spreading the cum all around the insides of her mouth. Sue’s hand went to Betts braless breast and rubbed the nipple through the thin blouse material. Derek watched in amazement as he put his tools way. His dick was growing in his jeans gain. Fuck-it he thought, they owe me. I’m going to fuck that fat tarts arse before I leave as well. He put his tool bag down moved forward and put his hand back on the big round butt. Sue felt Betts react and turned her head.

She jumped up and shouted “Get your greasy hand off her butt.”

“Fuck you dyke.” Derek shouted back. “I’m going to have some of this fat arse before I go. You owe me!” This was a mistake, Sue was not a large woman but was toned and fit.

Amongst other things she did two self defence classes every week and had a low anger threshold. Almost before he had finished shouting Sue’s foot was between his legs in a quick accurate kick. Almost before the pain could register a fist had joined in hitting him hard in the stomach. As Derek slumped down totally winded and in great pain his finger nail caught on Sue’s breast scratching it a little as he fell.

As Derek crouched on the edge of the bed trying to get his breath Sue hammered her fists into his kidney area few times, then kicked him off the corner of the bed and he slumped onto the floor. Fuck thought Derek, this woman’s trying to kill me, he felt in great pain and could hardly breathe. Sue gave one more hefty kick into the small of Derek’s back and stopped, panting heavily.

“If I ever see you around here again I’ll fucking kill you” she spat. Derek slowly got to his feet, he couldn’t stand up straight, he felt like he’d been hit by a train.

“Get out!” shouted Sue. “What about my lift back?” he replied quietly. “You can fucking walk.” said Sue pushing him out of the flat.

Sue went back into the bedroom, Betts was sat on the bed with her head in her hands.

“My poor baby” said Sue gently. She put her arm around Betts for a moment and kissed her forehead.

“I am sorry I have to go now baby, have some water, it will make you feel a bit better.” She kissed Betts once more and left.

Betts was late for work next morning, very unusual for her, her head was still aching. She still hadn’t worked out what exactly had happened last night. She thought back through the evening three things were most prominent in her mind. She was shocked by the thought of her brother’s wife sucking another mans dick; what the hell had that guy been doing to her butt and why did she feel so proud of Sue beating that guy up to protect her.

When Betts got home she used a small mirror to look at her butt, to her surprise she saw what looked like red lips around her bite scar with what looked like some smaller letters in the middle. She wondered if it was a tattoo she jumped in the shower and gave it a good scrub. Yes it was still there, that could explain quit a bit.

End Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Antie decides to let little Timmy see her pussy. Then she has some lesbian sex with the mum. (Tiny Timmy Part 4)

Another Friday arrived, Sue came to pick her up, she came in and they kissed and hugged enthusiastically for 5 minutes.

“Betts I must get over and see you in the week. I’ll come on Wednesday instead of my fitness class.”

“As long as you have no more nasty surprises” replied Betts.

“No I just want to make you happy” replied Sue.

When they arrived back at D&S’s house. Timmy was playing a computer game as usual until the second David and Sue left.

“Timmy you haven’t told anyone our little secret have you?”

“Of course not Auntie Betts”, Timmy replied.

“That’s good, because I want to show you a woman’s fanny today.”

Betts wasn’t wearing any knickers. She laid out on the sofa with her head on the arm.

“I want you to feel my legs Timmy. Good boy, that’s it, start at the knee and work your way slowly higher.”

Timmy did as instructed with excited enthusiasm, Betts could already see the little bulge in his shorts. Betts spread her legs a little and watched as Timmy rubbed his small hands along the insides of her large thighs. She pulled her skirt up more to give him better access.

“Your doing great Timmy,” she encouraged “Take your time.”

Timmy loved rubbing Betts thighs, there was also a nice faint smell and heat he could detect his hands slowly drifted higher. He looked up at the light bush between her legs and felt even more excited. Betts undid her blouse and rubbed her hands over her large breasts as she watched him. Her now hard nipples pushing up the material of her bra.

“That’s great Timmy” she quietly gasped, “Come up here for a moment and give you Auntie a big kiss.”

Timmy moved up and started kissing her. As they kissed Betts undid his shorts and pulled both his shorts and pants down. His little willie was poking straight up, Bets thought it had grown bigger in just a week.

She was careful not to touch it she didn’t want him to cum yet. Timmy stood up as he struggled to release Betts bra catch. Betts left him struggling feeling up his small tight butt cheeks with her hands as he struggled. He eventually managed to release the catch and get full access to his auntie’s big tits. He kneaded them with his small hands and sucked and nibbled the hard nipples. Betts felt so excited her hand went down to her snatch and she gasped as she slid a finger into her hot sopping cunt.

She bought it back up held it under Timmy’s nose for a second then put it in his mouth.

“I want you to play with my cunnie now Timmy” she breathed “I’ll show you how.”

Timmy stepped back a little as Betts lifted her butt and removed her skirt. She lay there with her legs together for a moment, as Timmy took in the sight of his first bush. He slowly moved his hand forward and brushed his fingers through the light curly hair. As he did so Betts noticed his rock hard dick twitch. Timmy rubbed around the area a little.

“Ill show you a bit more now Timmy.” Betts opened her legs a little revealing her puffy outer lips.

She rubbed her finger along each of them as Timmy watched.

“These are my outer lips Timmy, they’re wet and thicker than normal because there are very excited at you seeing them for the first time. You can feel them if you want…”

Timmy didn’t waste any time, he ran his finger along them and along the slit between them causing Betts to gasp. Oh god thought Betts, I need him to learn fast. She took his small hand and pushed his fingers between her hot fanny lips. She slid his hand up and down gasping as his fingers rubbed over her clit. She moved her hand over her entrance and pushed, two of his small fingers entered her.

“Oh god Timmy!” She panted. “Push those fingers in and out of Auntie now.”

Timmy did as instructed feeling very excited. Betts hips were pushing onto Timmy hand and her fingers were frigging her clit. Timmy experimented a little, moving his fingers about.
“Oh yes!” Betts got out between hard breaths.

“Oh god yes!” She screeched a few minutes later as she squashed Timmy’s hand tightly between her big thighs as she came. Betts lay there panting Timmy’s hand still squashed between her legs.

“My willie hurts Auntie Betts.” Timmy quietly said.

“Oh you poor dear.” Betts replied now recovered a little. She released his hand, lifted him up and laid him on top of her body. She could feel his little willie pushing up against her belly. Timmy immediately started thrusting with his hips. Betts took his little butt cheeks in her hands and helped him rub his little wiener over her stomach for a few minutes until he came with a loud grunt.

“Does that feel a bit better now Timmy?”

“Oh yes! much better Auntie Betts” He thought for a minute then continued.

“Did we just have sex?”

“Well sort of Timmy, but not full sex. Are you ready to learn a bit more?”

“Oh Yes, yes, yes, auntie.” Timmy replied. Betts could already feel his willie stirring again.

“Come up here and slide that willie of yours between aunties big titties.”

Timmy did as instructed. Betts held her tits together as Timmy’s little dick humped between them.

“Slow down and take your time Timmy. After you have cum one more time Auntie wants you to put dick between her legs and have real sex. Tell me when your nearly ready, auntie wants you to put that willie in her mouth just before you cum this time.”

“Uh.. I think I’m ready now.” Stammered Timmy. Timmy knelt forward and Betts gave his dick a slow lick from his balls to its head.

Timmy almost came as she did this. She then slowly took his dick between her lips then rolled her tongue around its head. That was too much for Timmy, he came for a second time, he put his hands on the back of Betts head and thrust his hips forwards as he did so. Timmy never really softened much afterwards. Still with his dick in her mouth Betts slowly pulled back his foreskin and with a little gentle help from her tongue his foreskin was gently forced back until fully exposing his little dick head for the first time. When Betts removed his semi hard dick from her mouth Timmy was surprised to see the little mushroom head, the foreskin seemed to have disappeared.

“Ok Timmy time to have a bit more of an explore. I want you to kiss my lips down here, ok?” Timmy nodded his head. He moved down so his head was between Betts legs.

“Okay Timmy lick your aunts lips now, then slowly push your tongue between them.”

Timmy started to lap at Betts snatch. Betts put one of her legs over the back of the sofa and lay back, guiding Timmy’s head a little with one hand.

“Good boy Timmy your doing well. Feel that lump there Timmy, that called a clit, you need to go very gently there… That’s good baby, that’s good, your doing great.” Timmy was now doing a great job on Betts clit, she could feel the excitement building again.

“Oh yes Timmy your a natural. That’s it, take auntie Betts clit between your lips… Oh god yes!” Betts was now panting.

“Ok Timmy you better ease up on that button. Push a finger in and out of my fanny. Oh yes, good boy.”

After a few more minutes of Timmy doing his stuff Betts was on the edge of cuming.

“Ok Timmy slide up here, its time for you to have real sex now. I want you to put your willie in my hole down there Timmy. Don’t move it about too much first, or you will cum before you get in. You can experiment like that later. For now I want to feel your willie inside me. You ok with that Timmy?”

“Oh yes auntie Betts” Timmy replied enthusiastically.

“Good. I’ll put it in for you the first time” Betts replied. Betts gently took Timmy’s dick and held it’s head to her fanny.

“Ok Timmy push it slowly into me now honey.” Timmy took a big breath and slowly pushed his willie into his aunt Betts. Wow this feels fantastic thought Timmy as he slid into the velvet like sheath.

“Oh yes Timmy” cried Betts feeling the full 3.5 inches rod in her hole.

“You’re doing great” she panted. Timmy pulled back a little and pushed in again. Oh wow he thought. He slid it back again until he felt the head just popping out, then pushed it right back in, a bit quicker this time.

He could feel that incredible tingling in his dick again and started quickly pushing it in and out. He realised he was making grunting noises on each stroke. Six more strokes… he could feel Betts fanny squeezing he dick trying to pull it in further. He let out a cry as he shot a small amount of clear cum into Betts fanny. Betts heard and felt him cum which pushed her over the edge for her second cum of the evening.

“Oh well done Timmy” she panted after a few minutes recovery then pushed her tongue to the back of his throat as they kissed. “You are now officially a man even though you’re not quite nine yet. But don’t forget that it’s
our secret.” Timmy looked at her with a very satisfied smile on his face “I love you auntie Betts” he replied.

After laying on his aunt for another 10 minutes Betts lifted him off, he went off to bed still smiling. Betts struggled back into her clothing, now automatically only doing up the bottom 3 buttons of her blouse.

She realise she had hardly touched her wine and drank down a couple of glasses quite quickly. If the other two were early again this week, they would be back in 20 minutes. She checked on Timmy who was asleep, probably emotionally exhausted she thought. she kissed him lightly on the lips then carefully lifted up his pyjama bottoms and had a quick look at his dick. It only looked an inch long, the first time she had seen she thought. He seemed to be developing rapidly now.

When David and Sue got back Betts was asleep on the sofa. David and Sue had a little giggle when they saw her. Sue came over and gently touched her bare cleavage without waking her. She indicated that David should do the same, He then also rubbed his fingers across the bare flesh. She kissed him to show approval, then rummaged around in her bag, as she indicated to David that he should get some more wine. She woke Betts gently with a kiss.

“We’re back honey, I’m just going to put this on you she whispered.” Before Betts could respond Sue fitted the black eye mask over her eyes. Suddenly the room seemed very dark to Betts.

“Just relax and sleep” murmured Sue as she kissed her and ran her fingers down over her cleavage again. David had watched the kiss and tender touch as he returned with the wine. He was then surprised when he noticed the mask over Brtts eyes. He then saw his wife give Betts breast a reassuring squeeze then bend down and kiss her cleavage lightly. David’s dick was hard again he loved watching his wife do unspeakable things to his sister. Sue indicated that David should kneel on the floor next to her. He knelt down and poured 2 glasses of wine. Sue fondled Betts large breasts as he did so. Sue then kissed David before moving both of her hands to Betts breasts and releasing the bra catch.

David felt more excited and more relaxed. As Betts had the eye mask on he knew she couldn’t suddenly look at him and embarrass him. Betts could feel Sue’s hands on her bare breasts, her breasts seemed more sensitive to the touch with the mask on, and her hearing more acute. She could sense David was alongside his wife watching everything even though she could not see him. Betts felt very excited and a little nervous.

Sue continued to gently massage Betts bare breasts as David watched, her nipples were now hard and Sue moved forward and took one in her mouth, then the other. David thought wow. he put his hand on his wife’s thigh and slid up under her skirt. He was surprised when he realised she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Sue indicated he should come next to her and feel one of Betts tits. He gently took the breast in his hand and squeezed it lightly. Betts gave a little jump as she realise it was her brother’s hand on her tit. She was even more surprised a minute later when she felt his mouth over her nipple.

Sue undid David’s flies as he took Bets breast in his mouth and pulled out his erect 7 inch cock. She gently guided David away from Betts breasts and his hand up under her own skirt onto her butt. Sue was now kneeling with her mouth sucking Betts tit as David knelt behind his wife and pushed his hard dick into her tight fanny. As he slowly fucked his wife Davis watched as her mouth and hands moved down his sister’s body. She was now pulling her skirt up to reveal her bare fanny. Another one without knickers thought David feeling very excited, he was almost ready to cum. To his disappointment Sue stopped him in mid thrust and slid away from his now desperate hard dick.

That was the first time his wife had let him near her fanny for weeks now, the disappointment didn’t last long. He watched in excitement as she straddled Betts chest and lowered her open fanny onto an erect nipple. She then lifted one of Betts legs and placed it over the back of the sofa giving David a great view of Betts wet open fanny. Sue indicated that David should kneel between his sister’s legs. He hesitated, his dick cried out do it! his head cried out this is going way way too far. Sue took hold of his dick and pulled him into position.

David was fighting in his head, he can’t do this, this is his sister for gods sake. But his body did not resist his wife positioning his cock at Betts entrance. Betts felt the head of David’s cock at her entrance she tried to jump back but was trapped by Sue’s weight and her legs clamping her in position. David just could not help himself he pushed forward a little, his cock head slowly entering his sister’s fanny. He kept going, he heard his sister shouting No! No! as he felt his balls bottom against her arse. He was all the way in, It felt fantastic.

As if in a dream he pulled back and pushed forward again feeling Betts fanny squeezing hard possibly trying to stop him but it just felt even better. As he slowly pumped into his sister, his wife leant toward him she kissed him

“That’s right honey fuck your beautiful big sister. Fuck her slow fuck her good darling.” she whispered in his ear as he rhythmically pushed in and out of his fat sister.

Betts beat her fists on Sue’s back “No, no, no” she repeated more quietly now as she felt her brothers rock hard dick pump into her unprotected body. Oh god she thought, this is probably the most fertile time in my cycle.

“That’s great honey” Sue encouraged, into her husbands ear, god he was struggling to stop, himself cumming , it felt fantastic.

“Fill your sister with your hot fertile cum” Sue continued. Oh shit, David realised, he was not just fucking his sister, but had a good chance of getting her pregnant as well. Sue was rubbing her fanny up and down Bets erect nipple on the verge of cuming herself, she continued.

“Come on darling fill your sister with your hot fertile cream,” she gently put her hand behind him and cupped his balls.

“Oh these feel so full, this is why I haven’t let you fuck me for weeks sweetie… Fill her cunt now my love.” David couldn’t stand it, he’d never felt such pleasure in his life.

He let out huge groan and pumped his large load of cum as deep as he could into his sister. His sister had not had a proper dick in her fanny for years it felt great and she came heavily as she felt her brother filling her, the dark mask over her eyes seemed to intensify the feeling between her legs making it even more special. This also pushed Sue over the edge and she bit into her husbands shoulder as she came as well.

As they came down from their orgasms’ Sue was still massaging David’s balls, trying to make sure Betts received every last drop of cum. David’s dick softened and he pulled out, he rushed straight off to his bedroom, he felt ashamed at what he had just done, but it was the best orgasm he had had for years, possibly his best one ever.

Sue kept Betts laying on the sofa for a while, hugging and kissing her, she wanted to keep as much cum as possible in Betts for as long as she could. “You did great honey” she whispered in Betts ear. That was great watching David fill you with his hot cum. We will make sure he makes a new baby for us.” Sue kissed her sister in-law passionately, her hand went between Betts legs and felt the large amount of cum leaking from her. She rubbed the thick goo slowly around Bette hard clit.

“Does that feel good honey” She purred into Betts ear. She continued to work on Betts clit as she released one of her small breasts with her other hand and fed the erect nipple to Betts lips.

“Suck on this darling” she cooed into Betts ear.

Betts took her first female breast into her mouth and explored the hard nipple with her tongue. She thought of her own baby suckling on her large tits as she sucked a large part of Sue’s breast into her mouth.

“That’s good honey.” Sue encouraged. The speed of Sues fingers on Betts clit had increased and Betts could feel the excitement rise again and started thrusting her hips at Sue’s hand.

Sue slid down Betts body then started gently licking her swollen clit. She watched the cum still leaking from Betts cunt. she pulled Betts cheeks apart a bit and watched the cum run down onto then over her puckered arse hole.

Betts could hardly stand Sue’s tongue on her clit any longer. She groaned and thrashed her hips around pushing Sue’s head down to increase the contact.

“Oh God” she moaned loudly, “not again”.

She then felt Sue’s finger rubbing around her wet puckered back hole. This was too much and she started to cum hard again. As she did Sue pushed the tip of her finger into Betts arse. She could feel Betts muscles pulsing hers around her finger tip she came and see her fanny working trying to draw in a dick that was not there. Sue pushed her tongue deep into Betts fanny as her climax continued for a few more seconds. She taste a mixture of her husbands cum and Betts juices as the fanny walls sucked her tongue even deeper. Sue slid back up and put her tongue in Betts panting mouth so she could taste it.

“Wow you’ve certainly had a session tonight babes” Sue said quietly, Betts, lay quietly panting just resting her body, she felt totally utterly relaxed. I should be mad with rage thought Betts. If only you new it all, thought Betts, looking at Sue a virgin under age son and its farther/ her brother in the same evening.

End of Part 4

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.