The night my brother crawled into my bed for the first time (incest,g,b)

The night my brother crawled into my bed for the first time (incest,g,b)

Mom and Dad were out for the night. My brother Tom was nearly 12 at the time and I was a precocious 8 year old.  We all got to bed pretty late Friday night, staying up playing board games then watching movies.  That’s probably how it all began…

Tom queued up the movie “Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields.  He sat on the end of the sofa and I sort of reclined with my legs stretched out toward Tom.  I was already in my PJ’s, cute light blue pair of shorts and matching cotton top.  For some reason I noticed my legs were tanned, smooth and deliciously thin as they extended from my bottoms.

My long blondish hair was pulled back, mostly over my right shoulder and lightly tousled.  I must say that it probably looked very sexy…and so did my pretty, dimpled face.  I’ve always had a clear, sort of golden hued complexion, which was getting the boys attention from the time I was in kindergarten! I have always enjoyed being a tease with the face and round little bottom to get away with it.  That and my knowing little glance I can flash from slightly drooping eyelids and a pouty look.

When I really want to get the boys going, I just have to give them the tiniest smile and a very subtle show of the tip of my tongue. Funny how quickly that gets ‘em spinning!  My body…well, you have to understand I am just 8 so no real womanly or even pubescent stuff yet… although my pre-pubescence was enough to get virtually every adult male in the neighborhood to go out of his way to say, “Hello, Sarah Jane” and drool. I enjoyed making them think of me that way, the way they would no doubt think of me when they were in bed with their wives.

It turned me on, the cool thing about the sexy movie “Blue Lagoon” about two shipwrecked preteens, beautiful and getting sexier and hornier by the day, is that the young stud blonde boy was an absolute ringer for my brother Tom.  Same face, same beautiful body. Boys are so obvious, so easy to manipulate, so lusting….yet sooo sexy.  Even my sweet brother Tom. I knew I could have his head spinning half-way through the movie and his excitement level so charged up by bedtime that he’d be unable to sleep a wink, instead he’ll be thinking about me and my pre-pubescent beauty and aroma just across the hallway.  I figured he’d be up (and I do mean up!) virtually the entire night!

Tom and I settled in to watching the movie and I could see my brother squirming a little and trying to get a glimpse up my PJ bottoms.  He just couldn’t help himself.  I accommodated Tom-Tom by lifting my knees a bit and ever so slightly spreading my knees apart.  I squirmed over onto my right hip but kept my left knee pointing up.  This gave Tom a straight shot at my little cunny, that brownish-pink slit which drives boys crazy.  I pretended to be totally engrossed in the movie and even dozing off a little so Tom would think I wasn’t noticing his ogling my little girl thing and my long, creamy legs.

Tom because I was pretty sure he’d take the bait and my plan would kick into action!  Tom blushed when I looked over at his face and slowly licked the back of my teeth with my mouth slightly opened.  His jaw slackened as he almost drooled in lust for his sexy little sister.  Time to step things up a notch I thought.  As I lay prostate on the sofa I pushed against Tom’s hip playfully with my feet, just enough to get him to respond which I was sure would result in his grabbing my calves and ankles which he indeed did, but it didn’t stop there.  Much to my surprise (I actually feigned a little shock and let out a little p-phuw of breath at his touch), he let his hand run up my calves behind my knees and onto my thighs.

He squeezed them for a few seconds with a devilish smile on his face as he noticed me slowly drooping my eyelids and letting my lips fall open.  He took this as an invitation (which it definitely was!) for him to continue to run his hands up my thighs.  He slid them under my PJ panty bottoms and firmly grabbed each of my hips, pulling me forward to him and lifting my little round bottom slightly off the sofa.

I figured I’d better slow him down some, otherwise he’d be all-out fucking me right then and there. I wiggled away from Tom’s grasp as girls know how and managed to stand up with my pussy not 4 inches from Tom’s nose.  He breathed in deeply as though he was trying to smell my aroma between my legs closing his eyes.  Down, Boy, not just yet I thought…not just yet. “Whatchya say we pack it in and head up to beddy-bye,” I uttered.

I took my time in the bathroom getting ready for bed.  I carefully washed my underarms and my bunghole with a washcloth lathered with lavender French-milled soap.  Then my feet, between each toe and up to the ankles.  Lastly, before gently rinsing my face with soapy water and brushing out my long blondish locks, I lovingly ran the washcloth up my inner thighs and over my little girl tummy and finally caressing my virgin crack and cunny lips.  I carefully washed the inside of my cunny lips to make sure my aroma was delicate and sweet-smelling.  As I was finished brushing out my long hair, Tom rapped on the door, “Are you going to be out of there before the sun comes u…,” as I suddenly opened the door to his gaping stare.

“Sure, Tommy, it’s all yours.  Make sure you wash yourself all squeaky clean, big brother!  All squeaky clean!”  With that I pushed my round little bottom against his and wiggled it into him.  I absolutely knew this would turn him on and set his lust level through the top!  Because it felt really good for me too.  I got a definite electric charge from pressing against his firm butt.  I smiled a sparkling good night Tommy smile as I quickly sauntered down the hallway to my bedroom.  As I turned into my room I could see Tom standing almost frozen outside the bathroom door in utter disbelief that his adorable little sister just pressed her ass into him in the sexiest physical encounter he’d ever had.  Then I was certain how horny I’d gotten big brother. I quickly hopped into bed and lay on my tummy.

About an hour or so later I was awakened out of my light sleep by the sound of my bedroom door creaking open.  I pretended to still be asleep.  The moonlight cast just enough light into my room that I could see traces of Tom’s pretty face and the fantastic shape of his slender body.  I could see he wasn’t wearing a shirt.  After a brief moment I lightly rolled partially to my right side so Tom could see the shape of my body, my long bare right leg, my arm draped over my right hip.

Tom sat gently on my bed and placed his left hand on my hip as I faced him.  He slowly ran his fingertips up my arm, pausing at my bicep as he extended his thumb under my nightie shirt and for the first time in my lie, caressed my nipple with his thumb.  I almost passed out with excitement and pushed my lower body closer to his.  He leaned in toward me and ever so gently kissed my face, first my cheek, then my jaw then my mouth.  Slowly, gently, deliciousl!  His saliva tasted delicious!  I wanted him to caress me and to dominate me and to make me his woman. Tom was taking charge of me, not in a roughneck way, but a strong lover way.

He pulled my nighty shirt off and mouthed my nipples, ever so lightly nibbling and deeply licking them with his tongue.  It was heavenly!  I managed to slip my right hand under his shorts and for the first time I touched his member, his cock, his rock hard enormous beautiful fucking cock!  I squeezed and stroked it as he lifted my bottom above the mattress and pulled down my panties to my ankles.  I pulled at his shorts and in a flash they were off and his enormous beautiful cock stood there straight out to my mouth.

I licked his manhood and sucked him feverishly, taking an especially slow and firm suck as I reached the head, the tip of his cock. He shuddered and erupted an enormous load of jism right into my mouth and onto my lips and face.  I swallowed his delicious man-love juice and licked his cock and his balls as I caressed and stroked him and heard him say, “Ooooh, Janey, oooooh Janey, oooooh Janey.  I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you, sweet Janey, sweet sister, sweet lover.”

“Cum for me sweet boy,” I begged lustfully, “Cum inside my juiced up twat, Honey.  Shoot your load up me, Baby.  Oh, Baby, keep squirting.  Keep cumming in me, Baby.  I love you, Baby, my sweet Honey Boy.  Ohhh, yes, fuck me, Baby.  Fuck me and fuck me and cum in me, Baby.  Mmmmm,” I purred as my new Lover, slurped my saliva and sprawled his limp body over mine.  “I love you Thomas.”

“Oh, Sarah Janey, my sweet Lover, I never imagined how unbelievable you would make me feel.  My first orgasm with you.  You can’t imagine how incredibly wonderful you made me feel. I’m going to make you feel like you’ve never imagined you could, Janey. I’m going to stroke my cock into your vagina and I’m going to rip through your hymen and take your virginity and I’m going to fill your pussy up with my cum and thrust into you and rub against you clit and fuck your G-spot and kiss and lick your mouth and breath in your aroma and fuck you and fuck you until you can’t cum any more. And you will be washed in exotic, erotic, sexual, sex-filled lust and love and orgasm, my Janey.  My sister, my Lover!”

His words and intensity were making my head spin and my body fill with passion and lust and desire.  I wanted him inside me!  I grasped his cock and was thrilled that he had already returned to full erection hardness.  He lifted my legs and splayed them against his as he pushed his erect member into my pussy lips and slowly into my love canal.  He paused for a second as he pushed against my still unbroken hymen.  I knew he would pierce it with his strong shaft and fill me with a sharp pain that would dissipate in a few moments then our truly glorious, luscious, filthy wet love-making could start.  Rutting and fucking like the lovers we would become.  I wanted him desperately and suddenly my hymen was broken, my blood lubricated his cock and he shoved even more deeply.  I gyrated my hips in wild passion. I could feel his cock pressing against my clit.I could feel his hands grabbing my as cheeks and pulling me closer to him as his fingers penetrated my bunghole. We were rhythm fucking, my cunt slurping his cock with love juices.

I could feel him all the way up inside me.  Thrusting in me, throbbing.  His mouth devoured me.  I felt my hair standing on edge and an intense tightness grabbing every part of me, my core, my back, my legs, my feet, a tremendous muscle flex…building, building as I tasted his saliva and breathed him in, staring into his face, his erotically sexy face.  My twat, my clit, my pussy.  All my feeling was intensified gloriously into that one spot!

Then uhhhhhnnnnggghh….uhhhhhnnnnnggghhhh…uhhhhnnnnggghhh and suddenly my body felt the complete, ecstatic, magnificent release of my own orgasm, my first orgasm.  “I love you Thomas.  Oh, I love my man, my sweet Baby, my sweet delicious Lover, Tommy Baby.  Oh keep fucking me.  Keep fucking my twat, Baby.  Fuck meeee.  Uhhhnnngg,” I grunted at my first unimaginably wonderful orgasm.  I delighted in this feeling and basked in the continued sensation of Tommy fucking my cunt.  My juices ran all over the place and as I looked up into Tommy’s face I could see his second orgasm was about to explode inside me….uhhhnnnngggghhh…unnnnnggghhh….”Oh God Janey I’m coming in you, I’m cumming in your beautiful cunt.  Uhhhnnngggg, Janey, I love you.”  And then my lover Tommy erupted again, deep inside me!

Tom straddled atop me, his weight pressing against my warmth.  I could smell his semen and his saliva and he cold smell my emerging womanhood aroma wafting up from my cum soaked crack, from my loins.  We kissed long and deeply and passionately, breathing in every nuance of each other’s sexuality.  We licked each other’s faces and lips and blew soft air into each other’s ears as our tongues flickered and caressed.  We drifted off to heavenly sleep, our hearts softly pounding.  We stared into each other’s eyes and softly blew our breath into each other’s nostrils.  It was magical.

We awoke just after daybreak, the sun streaming in, exposing our naked bodies to each other.  I instinctively reached down to Thomas’ manhood, his rock hard member and fondled it firmly in my hands.  With my free hand I reached out to his balls and stroked them lovingly with my fingernails.  Tom was paralyzed with delight.  I spit onto my hand and then onto his cock and jerked his member to full orgasmic height.

He moaned as I kissed his penis tip and stroked his cock between my thumb and index finger, scratching his ball sack and blowing into his ear, telling him, “I want you to cum on my tummy, Baby.  I want you to squirt your semen on my pussy and my tummy.  Cum for me, Baby. Let me have your pleasure between my legs.  With that I kept stroking and fondling and licking and suddenly found that Tom had switched positions and had his face and mouth right between my legs.  The feeling of his tongue on my clit sent me over the edge.  As I erupted into orgasm, I cold feel Tom’s cock engorge and throb and a stream of his love cum splooshed into my open mouth then onto my greedy face, drenching me.  Tom kissed me as I slurped his cum into my mouth and in my long blond hair where I would keep it all day.  We crashed for another hour or so till Tom finally managed to climb to his feet, kiss my cum-covered face and slowly leave my bed to go to his room….probably to jerk off at least once more.  I know I did!


Notes: Story based in fiction, submitted by reader: Lara

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