The Family Loves The Life Style (MFbg,pedo,inc)

The Family Loves The Life Style (MFbg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A horny history of family sex where the preteen boy fucks his preteen sister and the parents fuck them both too, dad the little girl and mum her little boy.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Mary was watching her thirteen year old son, Seth, wrestling with her ten year old daughter.

“God” She thought “I love fucking him. His cock is sure growing. It’s almost as big as his fathers is already and his father has one of the biggest cocks I’ve fucked so far.”

Yes, Mary had fucked several cocks and her son’s one of the youngest. Yes one of the youngest. She had also fucked another thirteen year old, a couple of fourteen year olds and three or four fifteen year olds.

Of course she had also fucked several men. She knew that cocks varied and that the men using them varied in their knowledge of how to use them.

“Hell,” she thought, “Why shouldn’t I enjoy the different size cocks, most men enjoy different cunts and pussies. Scott himself loves those different cunts. He had loved it when he drove his cock up into their own ten year old daughter, why shouldn’t I enjoy our own son’s”, and she did.

She had watched and even help Scott fuck their own little girl, Angel, that night. She had licked and sucked little Angels virgin cunt until she was hot wet and almost to orgasm. She had then watched Scot lick and suck her tiny hairless cunt sucking her swollen sensitive clit, sending her into her first orgasm. She had then held his big stiff cock against Angels tight virgin opening as he slipped it up inside of her, just as gentle as he could.

She had cried out when his big cock slipped up into her small body, then she had given out with a short scream when he tore through her hymen taking her virginity.

She had held his big cock the entire time that he fucked his little Angel, sending her from her pain into her first orgasm from having a big stiff cock plunging in and out of her.

It had really been exciting holding his big cock as he drove it in and out of her and fucking her from her pain into the pleasure of her first orgasm and sent her into waves of orgasm as he spewed his hot fertile sperm right up into her womb.

After that, little Angel loved her daddy’s big cock plunging in and out of him and had him fuck her anytime she could get him to do. it.

Mary had taken many pictures of Scott fucking his little girls tight hot wet cunt and of her sucking his big cock as deep as she could get it into her mouth. The a few days later he had shown her just how exciting it was when he plunged his big cock up into her tight little virgin ass filling her bowels with his big cock, then filling and coating them with his large load of hot fertile sperm.

So far Angel loved every kind of sex her father and mother had given her, including letting her brother fuck her after he had lost his virginity to his mother. Mary and sucked her son’s large cock all of the way down her
throat and let him fill her mouth with his hot young fertile sperm. She had shown him and Angel her mouth full of sperm then had swallowed it all.

She had then sucked him hard again and had let him fuck her tight cunt and had him fuck her in her own bowels which she also loved, and let him fill them with his hot sperm.

After many times of Angel being fucked by her father and she fucking their son, they video taped Angel sucking her brothers cock while he licked and sucked her tight young cunt, then of him driving his stiff cock up into her young cunt, fucking her and cumming in her as he drove her over the edge of her orgasm. He had also fucked her tight ass filling her bowels with his hot sperm also sending her into ‘an intense orgasm.

Both of their children loved sex with their parents and with each other.

As Mary thought about her son and watching him squeezing his sisters developing tits as they wrestled around in the back yard, near their swimming pool, naked, as they usually were.

She enjoyed watching them play like that but knew that they would wind up with Angel taking her brothers cock up into her cunt.

Mary stood there watching them rubbing her stomach where she knew her son’s baby was growing. She had not told any of them she was pregnant yet, wanting to surprise them. She was waiting to get the results back from the doctor about Angel. She was ten but had started her period when she was eight.

Mary was sure that Angel was now pregnant with her fathers baby, just like she was pregnant with their son’s baby.

Both Mary and Scott knew that she was going to try to get both she and Angel pregnant at the same time. Mary was in seventh heaven being pregnant with Seth’s baby.

Then she knew she had to tell her children to start getting ready for that night. They were going to go visit another family for the first time. That family was also a mother, father, son and daughter.

They had never met the other family yet Their names were, Sam the father, Connie the mother, Bill, their thirteen year old son and Tiana, their nine year old daughter.

The events of the evening would be she and Connie fucking each others husbands and son’s and their husbands also fucking each others daughters. This would be the first time that they had swapped actually families with another family like theirs.

Of course now that both she and Angel were pregnant and she was confident that Angel was, they would also be fucking other men and boys.

Yes, Mary had already enjoyed fucking other men and boys and Scott enjoyed fucking other women, and young girls, Angel had never fucked anyone but her daddy and her brother and he had never fucked anyone but his mother and his little sister.

Mary also knew that Scott had never fucked a nine year old before either, so it would quite a learning experience for her family.

Finally Mary still rubbing her stomach, with her own son’s baby in it, went out and told them to quit their fucking around that they would get all the fucking they wanted that night when they all met with that other family.

Scott looked at his family as they got into the car to go meet the other family they would be swapping with. He was proud of his little family. Proud of the way his son fucked his mother and sister and proud of his daughter for the way she sucked and fucked him and her brother. He knew that the other father and son was going to love fucking Mary and Angel. He also wondered what it was going to feel like slipping his cock up into the body of the little nine year old. He was sure that her little cunt was going to be tight.

Having seen nude photo’s of the girl and her mother, Scott was anxious to fuck both of them.

It would also be exciting fucking them without protection and the danger of the wives getting pregnant from the other man. He did not know yet that Mary was already pregnant with Seth’s baby and that Angel was most likely pregnant with his own baby.

The thought of Mary and Angel being knocked up by another man or his son was exciting. Of course thing about knocking up the other man’s wife and daughter, especially since she was only nine and already having her periods, was really exciting.

They met the other family at a nice place, Scott and Mary were not disappointed in Sam and Connie and their son, Bill and daughter Tiana. Looking at Sam and Bill, Mary could feel her own cunt getting wet and hot. Looking at Scott, she knew he was ready to fuck Connie and Tiana already. Of course she was ready to fuck too and could feel the wetness of her own cunt.

She could also see that Angel was ready to fuck the father and the son both. She could tell by that look she always got in her eyes.

And of course the way Seth was staring at the woman and their daughter he looked like he was about ready to fuck them right there in front of everyone.

Of course seeing the look on the face of their son she thought how alike the two boys were in wanting sex. Then the look on her own daughters face and the look on their daughters face showed how ready both of them were to fuck each others daddy and brothers.

Yes, Mary could see that their two families were really alike in the desires of all of them.

Of course they also knew that they would be fucking the other family while their own was watching them and being fucked by the others family. It was basically going to be a big orgy with the two families. Only they would be fucking the other family not their own.

They had rented a couple of rooms at a local hotel that had king sized beds in them. Of course they would actually only be using one of the rooms, but they couldn’t all rent just one room, some appearances had to be kept up.

The two families met in the one bedroom. Both families were soon naked in front of the other family. None of the were disappointed in the looks of the other family.

Scott could hardly wait to get his cock and hot cum in the other mother and daughter. It was easy to see that Sam felt the say way. Of course both husbands could also hardly wait to watch their own wife and daughter being fucked by the other husband and son.

The wives started it. They had the two fathers lay on the bed naked. Mary moved over to Sam as Connie moved over to Scott. Both women were soon licking and sucking each others husbands cocks, sucking them all of the way down their throats, all while the men were playing with their small firm but sensitive tits.

The women as they sucked the men’s cocks almost as if on signal, moved around straddled the mens heads and lowered their hot wet cunts down on the men’s mouths.

The children watched their parents enjoying the others spouse.

Then Mary and Connie straddle the men, and grinning at each other they dropped themselves on the men big stiff cocks.

The two wife, mothers fucked each others husbands as hard as they could, using their hands, and cunt muscles to finally send the men over the edge to give each of them a cunt full of a strangers hot fertile sperm.

After the women finally had their own orgasm’s on the other’s husbands cocks, they took each others son’s on the bed and sucked and fucked them just like their fathers had enjoyed. The men found out that both wives, were really expert in the use of their cunt muscles to milk them and their son’s of their hot sperm.

Then it was the two young daughters turn to enjoy each others fathers and brothers. The two girls learned a lesson though.

As they sucked each others fathers cocks, with their fathers licking and sucking their tight hot, throbbing cocks they finally straddle daddy and dropped their little young tight cunts down each others daddy’s cocks hard, causing themselves to cry out with the pain.

They tried to out do, each other as they fucked their first other man. Of course both daddies loved it.

Finally the girls orgasmed and milked the strange sperm up into their maybe fertile wombs.

Even at ten and nine the two girls knew they were young to be getting pregnant but they also thought it would be sooooo exciting.

After the two adult men finally filled the girls cunts and wombs full of their sperm, with their mothers watching, the girls lay there showing their gapping cunts with the adult sperm leaking from them.

After the men fucked the two girls and the mothers fucked the two son’s the boys, being young and virile and loving sex, fucked each others little sisters. The boys loved each others sisters sucking mouth and fucking young cunts.

Finally Mary and Angel had hot fertile sperm from both Sam and Bill in in their cunts and Connie and Tiana, had sperm form both Scott and Seth in theirs.

They spent most of the rest of the night fucking each others wives, mothers, daughters, sisters. They didn’t fuck their own, only the other wife and daughter.

The surprising thing was, the two boys preferred fucking each others mothers more that their sisters. Of course the men didn’t let them go without fucking them over and over, enjoying the young girls.

Of course the mothers didn’t argue because they were enjoying the young cocks of each others son’s.

It was quite a night. One that they wouldn’t forget and one the would send them off on their life style of fucking other families with young son’s and young daughters.

Of course that didn’t stop Mary and Angel from fucking their own relatives and other men that they met and wanted to and that Scott and Seth would bring home and want Mary or Angel or both of them to fuck.

Of course Mary and Angel brought their own friends home for daddy and son to fuck them.

Mary and Angel finally had to tell Scott and Seth about being pregnant, Mary with her own son Seth’s baby and Angel with her own daddy’s baby. All of them were extremely happy and excited by it.

With their stomachs swollen with their babies, Mary and Angel were both shocked at the number of men who wanted to fuck them while they were pregnant and showing.

Even Scott and Mary’s fathers enjoyed fucking the two of them with their mothers watching.

When the two were eight months pregnant, the two of them had their last party, a party of five men all who wanted to fuck them and did spewing their hot sperm up into the mother and daughter’s pregnant cunts.

After that the two of them didn’t fuck anyone and wasn’t going to until after they had their babies. Mary her son’s and Angels her fathers. Most people thought it was terrible that a ten year old girl had fucked someone and had gotten pregnant, but Mary and Angel giggled as they wondered what those people would say if they knew it was their own father and son’s babies they were having. Only the four of them knew that.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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