Riley’s Corruption [mg, oral]

Riley’s Corruption [mg, oral]

“No that’s gross!” Riley told her thirteen year old brother.

“Come on! It’s exactly what I did with Jordan. Don’t be such a baby,” Mike whined at his sister. She gave him a look of disdain, but seeing there was no convincing her brother otherwise, the seven year old eventually gave in.

Reluctantly, she arched forward on her knees. The girl paused for a moment and looked up at her brother standing completely naked in front of her.He offered her no last minute comfort but placed a hand on the back of her head to encourage her to continue. With that, the seven year old opened her mouth and accepted her brother’s cock.

“Ah that feels so good!” Mike exclaimed. “Move back and forth,” the boy held onto his sister’s hair and moved her head in the desired motion. Her short blonde curls swayed with the movement. Soon she was going back and forth on her own without her brother’s help. But it didn’t last long before she pulled away.

“Can I stop now?” The little girl gave her brother an annoyed look.

“No,you barely even started. You have to keep going until the stuff comes out.”

“Eew! Don’t pee in my mouth Mathew or I’m telling mom.” 

Her brother laughed at his sister’s empty threat, “What would you tell her? That you agreed to suck my dick? Besides, it’s not going to be pee. Don’t worry.”

“You told me this was going to be fun,” Riley scolded her brother.

“I had fun sucking Jordon’s dick so I thought you might like it. Just keep going it gets better once you get used to it.”

Riley wasn’t so sure, but relented to keep going and put his dick back into her mouth. Once again she began sucking and moving her head just like he had shown her. There were a few moments when the little girl slowed down and seemed to forget what she was doing, but Mathew would put both hands on either side of her head and help her get her rhythm back. 

As the first grader continued, Mathew’s eagerness grew. He began grasping tighter to his sister’s hair and encouraging her to go faster and harder. As things were heating up, she made a few soft noises indicating that it was getting to be a little too much; but thirteen year old boys rarely listen even when they don’t have their cock’s buried in their little sister’s mouths.

“It’s coming, try to swallow it all,” was all Mathew said a few moments later. Riley squealed as her brothers cum began to shoot into her mouth and began to gag. She felt the salty substance pour onto her tongue and tried to swallow at first, but eventually gave up. Riley felt for a brief moment she might drown in the cum spilling into her mouth. She was about to panic but her brother pulled out of her mouth just in time, his cum had begun pouring out of her mouth and a healthy amount had begun to drip onto her t-shirt.

Riley leaned over and spit out the cum that had pooled in her mouth onto the carpet of her brother’s room.

“You were supposed to swallow it. I swallowed all of Jordan’s when he came in my mouth,” Mathew lied.

“It tastes gross,” Riley complained, struggling to speak clearly with cum dripping from her mouth. 

“Look, it got on my shirt!”

“If you would have just swallowed it like I told you to it wouldn’t have happened.”

Riley gave her brother another exasperated look as she stood up and picked a towel out of her brother’s dirty laundry to wipe her face. She tried to clean her shirt too, but wet spots were still visible on the light pink fabric. The girl could feel on her chest were the cum had soaked through.

“Take off your clothes so I can do you now,” Mathew was still completely naked and took a seat on his bed.

Riley thought about it for a moment, “No that’s okay. We can do it another time maybe.”

Mathew shrugged, “Fine. Suit yourself.” Riley decided she’d had enough. The ordeal had been a bit much for the seven year old and at that moment; it was something she never wanted to do again.

But there was a small part of her that felt differently. Riley was always the angel in the family. She was never one to speak out of turn and always did what she was told. Being naughty was something that was usually left up to her older brother. Even after committing the smallest of infractions, she felt guilty. This time was no different. As she walked back to her own room looking down at her cum stained t-shirt, she felt that familiar pang of guilt. But this time, she felt something else too…


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