Naughty Mommy Michelle: Day-To-Day Little Boy Care (Fb,pedo)

Naughty Mommy Michelle: Day-To-Day Little Boy Care (Fb,pedo)

Introduction: A horny pedophile naughty mom has sex with her preteen boy.

Author: PeachKisser2004

Once Michelle had sucked on her young son’s penis, once she had crossed that taboo boundary of mother-son interaction, the floodgates opened. Something that was formerly illegal and wrong, the incestuous love shared between mother and son, was now okay, was now an integral part of her life, an integral part of she and her son’s ever-evolving relationship.

Being a very compulsive and passionate woman, Michelle found herself thinking about her little boy all the time, found herself getting turned on as she imagined the next time they would be together intimately, the next time she would take his tiny erect penis into her mouth.

At random times the thoughts would turn her on so much that she would have no choice but to reach down and masturbate herself. If she was in public she would have to hastily find a suitable private location, her car or a clean restroom, where she would quickly reach into her silky mommy panties and find her oozing wet cunt and begin the frigging that she knew would lead to glorious relief, relief that came when she thought about her young son’s spurting penis, thought about the stiff little pink boner erupting in her warm mouth.

But she didn’t want to push it, so Michelle made a pact with herself: she would always allow Kurt to initiate each of their interactions, never push herself on the little boy. Part of her feared the societal backlash should their illicit mother-son relations ever be exposed, but the motherly part of her was even more concerned that she not coerce her son into actions that he would not otherwise take.

Luckily her son Kurt was at that magical age when boners appeared multiple times per day! It seemed to Michelle that hardly a day went by that they didn’t engage in their naughty little mother-son sex play. And it was almost always oral, although often Michelle would start out by fingering her son’s tiny organ with her soft hands and tugging on it to help stimulate his growing genitals.

Michelle also spent time massaging his tiny testicles as well. She read on the internet that time spent massaging a man’s genitals after he ejaculates would help his testicles refill the seminal vesicle for the next ejaculation, helping to ensure a larger quantity of ejaculated semen, and also helping to nurture and grow the testicles themselves.

And Michelle loved large testicles, as much as she enjoyed her present ability to easily fit her little boy’s testicles right in her mouth. When he grew up, Michelle wanted Kurt to have beautiful heavy-hanging fertile balls, so she dedicated some significant effort towards this.

After sucking off her son he would get very sleepy and often want to take a nap right there, so she would let him drift off to sleep, cradled right in her arms. Once Kurt was sound asleep Michelle rearranged the covers so that his upper body was still under the sheets and yet his legs were exposed.

The horny mother sat cross-legged on the bed and spread her son’s spindly legs wide, revealing his bare hairless crotch to her view. After admiring the smooth pale skin for a while, listening to him breathe rhythmically, she would place her palms on the warm insides of his silky thighs. With the thumb and forefinger of each of her hands she would caress and trace the outline of each of his tiny pigeon’s-egg-sized testicles.

Michelle derived and incredible thrill from this, and as she sat comfortably cross-legged on the bed, her son’s bottom drawn up onto her folded legs, her fingertips kneading his tiny testicles, her cunt would ooze its juices out freely, oozing warm syrupy mommy cunt butter out onto the clean white sheets. The buttery liquid came in distinct pulses as she massaged her son’s growing testicles, and the thrill of how naughty a mother she was being always gave her an extra tingle between her legs, followed by a warm trickle of Mommy cuntal butter.

Over the next few months Michelle noticed changes in her little boy’s body. First of all his penis definitely grew larger, and his tiny testicles began to descend more and more, filling out his scrotum as they descended into place between his still-hairless legs. The fact that rarely a night passed without the horny mother sucking a fresh load of salty little boycum out of his penis had a lot to do with the growth!!

And the testicular massage certainly contributed as well: Kurt’s tiny little pigeon’s eggs testicles grew larger like the rest of his “package,” much to Michelle’s delight. The regular application of rhythmic manipulation by her soft fingers stimulated his tiny testicles to generate more testosterone and sperm than they would otherwise have done, and this helped mature his prepubescent body even faster.

Michelle often spent hours kneading her son’s testicles, and even did a fair amount of massage directly with her mouth. She would turn her child sideways with his lower leg stuck out, his upper leg straight, and then rest her cheek on his soft thigh, bringing her mouth right up to seal against his tiny nuttsack. From that vantage point she had a perfect view of his tiny penis jutting up past her nose, even if it was a very close view.

Since Michelle usually did this mouth-on-testicle massages after sucking her son off, she could often judge the effectiveness of her sucking by how quickly her son’s tiny penis would return to its fully-erect state. Sometimes it would take an hour or so, if he had fallen asleep.

But even sleep didn’t stop his little boy erections, and more than once Kurt would still be slumbering peacefully, his mother nursing contentedly on his tiny scrotum, when Michelle would see his fleshy pink finger begin to expand and grow, sticking up past her nose and up by her eyes.

Even though she swore that she would always allow Kurt to start things off, she found the sight of his tiny pink boner while he was asleep almost irresistable. Several times she would adjust her head upwards slightly,
capture the little stiff organ with her upper lip, and accept it into her warm motherly mouth, where she would hold it peacefully, as if she were nursing from the little tiny boy erection.

Once Michelle even fell asleep like this, her mouth blissfully attached to Kurt’s tiny penis. She slept a peaceful motherly sleep, her son asleep as well, until Kurt woke up from the warm sensations engulfing his prepubescent penis, and looked down to see his mother sleeping.

“Mommy,” he whispered. She didn’t budge. He pushed his hips forward slightly and moaned from the feeling of his erection sliding around his mother’s warm limp mouth. “Mommy!” he said slightly-more urgently, but still Michelle didn’t stir. But then Kurt remembered that his Mommy didn’t like being woken up at all, so he decided that he had better just lay still until she woke up of her own accord, or else she might get mad at him.

The trouble with, her her sleep Michelle was gently moving her jaw muscles, and her tongue moved periodically as well, caressing the tiny boy organ within her mouth. Each time this slathering wet warmth would send spasms of pleasure and joy up through her little boy’s body, Kurt would again will his body to stay still so as not to wake his Mommy.

But it was getting tougher for him! The familiar ache of needed release began to build up in his hips, began to get stronger in his little prepubescent testicles. He began to find that whenever his sleeping mother’s warm mouth moved, he was unable to stop his own hips from thrusting forward. And he didn’t want to stop either! The sensations were incredible! His Mommy’s normally-warm mouth felt even warmer as she slept peacefully, and despite having ejaculated into her mouth just a few hours earlier, Kurt’s well-massaged testicles had produced a fresh abundance of sweet salty sperm, and the ache in his hips kept growing.

Finally Kurt couldn’t resist. He found if he just barely rotated his hips the sensations were absolutely top-notch, and while his mother continued slumbering with his penis buried in her mouth, the young child slowly and
delicately humped her face.

After all these months of incestuous interactions with his mother, Kurt knew full well what he was working towards. It was no longer a surprise, and he knew just how good it would feel to ejaculate once again into his Mommy’s mouth, even if his Mommy was still asleep. But he was so worried about waking her up!

Kurt’s hips ached with a need for release now, and his thrusting motions became faster as he felt his tiny testicles draw up close in their wrinkly sac of skin. Almost… so warm… so wet and welcoming… oh yes… just one more unwitting motion by his sleeping Mommy’s warm tongue and he would come…

Michelle sensed the thrusting of her son’s penis into her mouth and she slowly surfaced through a pleasant dream she was having about stiff penises spurting their genetic payload across her body. She felt rhythmic bumps against her face, felt her son humping her face as she came slowly to consciousness.

Suddenly she heard Kurt cry out and felt his hands grab her hair roughly. Her eyes flew open as she tasted the salty fluids gushing out of his tiny rigid penis. Barely aware of her surroundings yet Michelle redoubled her sucking motions and Kurt’s hips went wild, thrusting and pounding wantonly against his mother’s slurping, sucking mouth, even as his tiny testicles pissed their salty boyish sperm right into her throat.

Looking down as his orgasm quieted slightly Kurt realized that he had accidentally woken his mother up! He saw his hands tangled in her hair and uncoiled them quickly, and saw her eyes looking up at him. “Mommy! I’m sorry I woke you up!! I’m sorry!” he said, the tingling in his testicles slowly fading as the last few dribbles of runny little boy come drizzled into Michelle’s waiting mouth.

When his penis had stopped oozing its precious fluids Michelle disengaged just long enough to look up at Kurt and reassure him. “It’s okay sweetie, Mommy was waking up anyway, shhh, it’s okay…” Kurt’s troubled face turned more peaceful at that point, and a smile of contentment returned as Michelle replaced her mouth around the freshly-spent little boy penis.

“Aaah…” said Kurt quietly.

“Mmm…” said his horny pedophile mother.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.