My Friend’s Little Sis [bg, cons]

My Friend’s Little Sis [bg, cons]

We were having a sleepover. My friend and I had done so many times before. Recently however, something changed. The things is,  I had begun to take interest in his little sister Kassie. Over the last few months I savored every opportunity to peer down her shirt or catch a glimpse of her panties.

I was twelve and Kassie had just turned nine. We were actually quite close and I never minded when she tagged along with us. Even before I began to delight in her body. My friend however, occasionally got annoyed when his parents insisted we let her play with us. Let me tell you, she was a real cutie. She had this way of cutting her eyes at me with a naughty smile and she liked to run her fingers through my hair and rub up against me.  My friend ignored her, but I couldn’t.

There had been other sleepovers. During one of them I actually caught a glimpse of the girl on her way back from the shower. She had been dressed in nothing but a towel. That image of her fueled my late night fantasies for months. In fact, it was on my mind when my friend’s little sister came to me that night during a sleepover.

My friend and I were sleeping on the two sofas in the living room. We had been watching a movie and my friend had fallen asleep. I was still awake when I heard his sister creeping down the stairs.

“Are you awake,” she whispered once she made her way over to me.

“Yes.  I’m awake.” I whispered back.

“Do you want to come sleep in my room?”

I didn’t think her parents would approve, but…  “What if your parents wake up?’

“They always sleep late and they never wake up at night,” she replied.       

Sneaking up into her room was risky, but I resolved that I would come back to my place on the sofa before they woke up; we always woke up before them on Saturdays. “Okay,” I agreed. My friend’s little sister made her way back to her room and I followed, not daring to breathe lest I make a sound. Her nightgown ended just above her knees and I caught a glimpse, mesmerized by her pink cotton panties we walked up the stairs.

Arriving in her bedroom, she indicated that I should get into bed with her. I didn’t hesitate.

My dick became hard as a rock when she kissed me on the lips, giggling with delight. At that point my instincts took over and my hand had begun to make its way up her thigh; lifting her silk nightgown. As I felt her panties, I wondered how far I should go. Twelve year old me was scared. I knew we were doing something bad, but why did it feel so good?

Kassie reached a hand into my underwear. It was as if she was answering my question. She began to giggle as her hand made contact with my dick. My cock shuddered under the touch of her soft hand and I pushed her nightgown up higher past her stomach.

“I’ve never touched a boy down there before,” Kassie admitted.  “My brother won’t let me. You’re my first.”

“It feels really good,” I told her as I began to let my hands slowly descend down the girl’s panties.

I had never touched a girl either. We kissed again, this time opening our mouths, allowing our tongues access. I could feel her mound as my hands explored the little girl’s privates. It begged me lower and it wasn’t long before I felt my hand caress her supple slit.

“That kind of tickles.” Kassie said as she started to pull my pajama bottoms off along with my underwear. I removed my shirt too and helped her out of her nightgown. Kassie’ssoft flat chest greeted me in the dim light. Her pink nipples felt firm as I kissed them. I explored her young body running my hands along her stomach and chest. Her smooth virgin skin seduced my senses.

Finding her panties once again, I got the sudden urge to pull them down with my mouth. I moved my head down in between her legs. My cheeks brushed against her thighs. They felt silky and soft against my cheeks. I allowed my tongue to lick her through her panties and my teeth closed around the loose cotton before pulling them down.

I hadn’t yet seen porn yet and thus, had never caught a glimpse of a real vagina. The pictures in Sex-Ed did not do it justice I noted, as I began to peel away Kassie’s panties, revealing her hairless pussy to me in all its glory. Kassie let out a soft cry of pleasure as I licked her, opening her immature slit and allowing me to taste her beauty as her eager vagina was now dripping wet. The nine year old squirmed with ecstasy. 

I continued to lick her slit a while longer before I began to lick my way back up to her mouth where once again, we shared a kiss.

I didn’t know what adults did, but my cock found a new kind of joy as I rubbed it against Kassie’s pussy.

She reached down and I felt both her hands surround my cock as the girl pointed the tip straight at her kitty. Opening her legs, she pushed herself down on my twelve year old dick. My body erupted with pleasure, as I entered her. I knew it could get no better than this.

I could feel her pussy surrounding me, her muscles tight against my cock. Slowly, I began to move in and out of her. Kassie arched her young body beckoning me on. Her small nipples reached up to the sky and my hands met them, rubbing heartily.

Lost in the thrill of coitus, I began to move my body faster. With my hands still caressing her chest, I fucked her harder. As she reached her orgasm, I drew another sigh out of her and a gentle shiver. The muscles of her delicate pussy tensed around my dick and my cum began to squirt into her little body.

I pulled the third grader closer to me, feeling her bare chest touch mine as more of my semen spilled out into her cunt. She hugged me close as well, and let out a little moan. When we both felt my dick begin to soften, I kissed her sweet lips once more before removing myself from her.

I immediately felt tired and shortly thereafter, fell asleep in her bed. I awoke early the next morning before anyone else. I decided I should get dressed and go back downstairs. Kassie however, had awoken too and had her hand around my cock.

She brought her mouth down and opened it wide, slipping my cock inside. Her tongue swirled around the tip. My hands went to her head and I began to caress her hair. I admired her head as it bounced up and down, eagerly pleasuring my cock.

When I came, Kassie pulled her mouth away and I watched in awe as my semen spilled out onto her face and hair. Her mouth was agape and she took me in again, licking my cock clean and swallowing every bit she lapped up.

When we finished, I dressed and made my way back to the sofa downstairs. Neither my friend nor his parents would be the wiser to the relationship Kassie and I had just begun to explore.