More than kissing cousins (Mg,fam)

More than kissing cousins (Mg,fam)

Prologue: Sixteen year old bored Greg, gets a visit from his equally bored twelve year old cousin and one thing leads to another.

Author: Uncle Tony

Gregory was bored. It was summer holidays at school, he was just turned sixteen. It was a hot day and there was almost certainly a thunderstorm brewing. He had been in the garden and cut the lawn and tidied up. He came back into the house and poured himself a glass of lemonade. All he had on was a pair of shorts. He was a tall very muscular young man, very much into sports, judo and weight lifting. He sat on the couch and wondered what he could do to pass the time.

It was back in the 1960’s his mother was in hospital and his grandfather was as well. His dad had died a couple of years earlier, so he was now home alone. He had two young girls at the secondary school that he was fucking on a regular basis, but they were both on holiday with their folks. There was no TV and no computers. He had read most of the books in the house. Maybe he would go out to town the next night and go to one of the dances and try to find another girl. Just then the doorbell rang. He went to the door, but there was no one to be seen. Then he heard a voice from the kitchen at the back of the house.

“Hey, where is everyone?” It was his cousin Jane. Greg had quite a few cousins, most of them boys and all but his uncle George lived at opposite ends of the country. George had four children, two boys and two girls. The older girl Mary was about seventeen. She had a body that attracted every male like flies around a honeypot and she had been fucked by just about every guy in the area. Jane was only twelve but she was absolutely gorgeous. When she was older, she would be far better than Mary, but he didn’t see much of her. It was rumored that she had been going out with a bloke of around twenty, nut it was just a rumor.

“I’m here.” He called. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m bored, everyone seems to be out or away. Our Mary is probably on her back somewhere and I just wanted to get out of the house. What are you busy with?” She came into the room. He almost stopped breathing. She had a tight white cotton top, and jeans. She looked amazing. Christ, he would like to get her into bed with him, but the chances of that we’re about nil.

“I just finished in the garden.” He told her. “I’m also bored I’m on my own, you know grandpa and my mom are in hospital.

“Yes, that’s why I though about coming here. Want an ice cream?”

“That would be nice, we could go . . .” She cut him off.

“I’ll nip down to the shop and get some. Shan’t be a tick. Strawberry or vanilla?”

“Strawberry,” she ran out of the front door, leaving it open. The shop was only about two hundred meters away and she was back in next to no time. He sat on the big settee and she sat down beside him. She had some perfume on and she smelled delicious. They are their ice cream in silence. The scent of her perfume was giving him a problem.

“Got anything to drink?” She asked.

“Lemonade, tea, coffee. What would you like?”

“Isn’t there any beer in the house?” She asked.

“Beer!” You shouldn’t be drinking beer at your age.” She moved a bit closer to him and put her hand on his thigh.

“Why are you such a straight-lace fuddy-duddy? Don’t you ever have a bit of fun. You aren’t funny – you know what I mean, are you? We never see you with a girl, you never seem to do anything other than study. Why don’t you let your hair down a bit and enjoy yourself?” Greg almost burst out laughing.

“Well, Jane, it’s like this. Some people’ like your sister need to tell the world everything that they are doing, and some of us like to keep things to ourselves and not advertise.”

“Yeah, well I bet you’ve never done it with a girl, have you?”

“That’s a question that a gentleman doesn’t answer.”

“Would you like to fuck our Mary?” Greg was a bit shocked.

“Actually, I wouldn’t. I don’t like girls with huge boobs like your sister’s. She’s had more pricks in her than a second-hand dartboard.” She started to laugh.

“Which one do you like the most, me or our Mary?” She looked Greg right in the eye as she said it.

“Jane, you are the most gorgeous little girl in the area if not the entire county and when you get to Mary’s age, you will be far more beautiful that she could ever be. So yeah, I prefer you.” Her hand moved closer to his crotch. Conversations like this aren’t good for staying calm.

“So would you like to fuck me then Greg?” Greg’s face went red. He wasn’t sure how to handle this. Not only was she his cousin, she lived about a mile away and she was only twelve. Greg tried to stay calm, but the bulge in his pants and the quiver in his voice betrayed any calmness. He decided to be honest.

“”If you were available and not my cousin and you were older, I would give one of my testicles to fuck you.” She giggled.

“Well, I’m available. I don’t give a rats arse about being your cousin and you wouldn’t be the first. I did it with Steven. He really hurt me. I was bleeding like a stuck pig and he only lasted for a few seconds before he had to pull it out. I got nothing out of it. I let him try again later, it didn’t hurt that time, but within about ten seconds, he came all over my dress. I got fuck all out of that. Our Mary says I should look for a more experienced man, but if you’ve never done it with a girl, you would probably do the same as Steven.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you want someone to have sex with you. If you mean it, I’m definitely in the market, and yes, I’ve done it more than once.” She put her hand on the bulge in Greg’s pants.

“Mmm, it’s definitely worth exploring.. Maybe if we started fooling around, I might just decide to give you a try. It depends. I hope you aren’t as big down there as the rest of you. If you are, I’m not interested. You could start off by giving me a kiss.” She didn’t need to ask twice, within seconds they were kissing, her hands were all over his body and pretty soon she was grinding her crotch against his leg. Greg’s hands unfastened the buttons of her top revealing two of the most perky, adorable little breasts that he had ever seen.

“Holy shit, Jane, you are so fucking beautiful. His mouth was on her breasts, her nipples were as hard as rocks. She was breathing hard now. She started to unfasten the buttons of his shorts. Greg was bursting. After a bit of fumbling she hauled out his rigid penis. She pushed herself out of his arms and ran her tongue up the entire length of his penis. She took the head into her mouth and then the entire length. Greg was going crazy. Suddenly she stopped.

“Come on, Greg, don’t hold back, you can come in my mouth you know. I’ve done this a few times before. I don’t let boys fuck me, so I get them off like this. I’ll let you fuck me later, but if you come now, you probably won’t disappoint me, so help me to get you off, and enjoy.” She got busy again. His hips started to move. He was face fucking her. Greg made it last as long as he could before he exploded in her mouth. She gulped and gulped and managed to swallow just about every drop of the huge load that he had just pumped into her mouth. She sat up and snuggled back into his arms.

“That was nice, you taste real good, Greg.” He kissed and hugged her. Suddenly, she jumped up and pulled on her top. She headed towards the door. Greg was horrified.

“Wait a bit. Where are you going? I thought we were going to . . .” He called.

“I’ll be back later, just leave the back door open.”

“Here, take this.” He threw her a spare key to the Yale lock on the front door. “How long will you be?”

“Dunno, got to see my friend Gillian. Might be late.” He heard the front door slam as she went out. Greg lay on the bed. What a fool he had been. Fancy imagining that she would let him fuck her. If he had a choice of all the girls in the neighborhood, he would have picked her, but now she was gone and he knew that she wasn’t coming back. He should have fucked her whilst he had the chance. But then again, maybe she would come back.

Nine o’clock came and went. No Jane. He had a couple of beers, then at ten, he locked up and went to bed. He lay there for a while, wondering if he had done something wrong, then he fell asleep. He awoke in the middle of the night. Something was wrong! As he moved, he felt a naked body in bed with him. Hurriedly he switched on the light. His heart almost skipped a beat. It was Jane, she was fast asleep and completely naked. What was she doing here? Her parents would freak if she stayed out all night. He tried to wake her, but she was sound asleep. What should he do? He could get one water and wake her like that or he could just take the opportunity to fuck her. He chose the third option. He went back to sleep.

He woke up to a dream of getting a blow job, but it wasn’t a dream. It was Jane! Before he had the time to tell her to stop, it was too late. She gulped it down greedily. Then looked at him accusingly.

“You were fast asleep, when I got back last night. I told you I was coming back. Didn’t you believe me?”

“Yes, but when it got really late I gave you up. Won’t your folks be mad that you were out all night? I tried to wake you, but you were out cold.”

“My mom and dad give a shit about our Mary and me staying out all night? You must be joking. Mary stays out most every night and I just say I’m going over to my friend Gillian. If they ever phoned or called, Gillian’s mom would cover for me. She’s a teacher and she’s fucking one of the boys in her class, she just tells us to be careful not to get knocked up.” She jumped out of bed. “Are you going to be here all day? I’ll be back after lunch.” There stood this twelve year old, gorgeous little tease, stark naked in front of him

“You can’t just go.” He said in despair, I thought we were going to . . .”

“Fuck ourselves stupid.” She finished his sentence for him. “Maybe. I hope so, but it’s up to you. If you don’t come after ten seconds.” She laughed. “I’m through with boys who do that. Let’s see how it goes.” He looked at in disbelief.

“When are we going to see how it goes. This is the second time that you’ve been promising me,but then you just piss off with some excuse.” She sat on the side of the bed, kissed him and gave him a hug.

“Greg, I’m truly sorry” I’m not being a tease, honest. It’s just, er, it’s just, just a bad time of the month for me. I want my first time, my first REAL time to be bareback, not with a fucking condom. I can do it eight days before my period and four days after my period, without a condom. At any other time . . . I don’t want to get knocked up, Greg. I’ve got to wait two more days before it’s safe, so I can come every day, I can sleep with you at night, for two more days, we can fool around, but no fucking. After that, we can do it, and if you don’t leave me frustrated so that I have to finish myself off, we can make it regular. As I said its up to you. I want to do it just as much as you Greg. I really like you and I really hope it works out. Can you hold on for two more days?” Christ, I’d hang in there for a month to get to fuck this beautiful little blonde nymphette.

“OK, Jane, it’s going to be tough, but I’ll hang in there. What about you though?”

“Me. Oh yes, I’m hanging in there. It’s alright for you, you get blown every day. I’m saving it.”

“Oh, well in that case I can . . . ”

“Fuck that, I’m not having another premature ejaculation. Trust me Greg, I’ll take good care of you for the next two days!”

She came back after lunch. Greg went down to the off- license and bought some beer and Mackeson Stout as well as a bottle of Port. There was no TV back then, no computers and refrigerators were for the rich. He took her down to the river on his motor bike and hired a boat. They rowed down the river and spent the afternoon chatting and lazing in the sun. When they got back she left him, promising to come back later. This time he believed her and waited up. She came back at half past ten. They opened a bottle of Stout and then went to bed. She got into bed with him wearing just her panties.

“Come on Greg, on your back. I need to take care of you.”

“We’ll take your panties off and I’ll take care of you . . .” She put her finger on his lips.

“No. You can play with my tits, we can kiss and cuddle but leave me cunt alone. I’m saving that for only another day and then you can do your thing. If you let me down, I will never let you do it again, that’s why I’m taking care of you tonight and tomorrow night. Then on Thursday. I’m coming here after lunch and I’m not going back home until the following Monday. I’ll have to stay inside. My folks think that Gillian and I are going camping, well Gillian is, with her boy.

On Thursday afternoon, she came. She had on a skimpy white top that covered her breasts, and tiny white hot pants leaving her midriff bare. Her long blonde hair was
brushed and fell over her shoulders. No socks or stockings, just a pair of white high heeled sandals. She had an all over tan. She looked really provocative. She had a knapsack on her back. She dropped the knapsack, and stood in front of him. She had a very subtle perfume that was already driving him wild. She looked demurely at Greg, giving her hips a slight wiggle.

“Oh, you big brute of a man.” She said in a low voice. “I’m only a little innocent girl and you’ve lured me here. Why I’m almost a virgin. You won’t hurt me or try to stick your thing into me, will you?” Greg caught on to her role play. Greg grabbed her and held her close to him.

“Come here you naughty little girl. I shall have to punish you severely and you know what that means, don’t you?” He gently took her ear. “I’m going to take you upstairs to be punished.” He helped her to the stairs. She pretended to hold back.

“Oh no, not that, please. I’m just an innocent little thing and no match for your big muscles. I don’t want the cane. I’ll do anything but not the cane. If you rape me, I’ll scream – but not very loud.” He picked her up, almost ran up the stairs with her and carried her into the bedroom.

“Now take off all your clothes, so that I can start the punishment.”

“Oh, no sir, I’m too scared, you’ll have to help me.” The rolled together on the bed, she was pretending to try to get away, until between them they had got her top and her pants off.

“Oh you big brute, look what you’ve done, I’m all naked and helpless. What are you going to do to me?”

“Just you lie still and I’ll show you.” He took off his pants. She pretended to cover her eyes. Her role playing was driving Greg crazy.

“Oh, sir you have such a big thing. You aren’t going to try to put that into my little cunny are you? Oh sir, how could you do such a thing to a helpless little twelve year old girl? He gave an evil chuckle and got his head between her legs. She was soaking wet, and swollen revealing the pink inside. He lapped up her juices. He felt incredibly horny her role playing had really got him going. His tongue found her swollen clit. It was already out of its hood. It was incredibly sensitive and it only took him a few minutes before she exploded into a series of body shaking spasms. He was wild now with lust. He ran his tongue up and down between her labia, tasting the sweetness of her young pussy yet again. Again he found her clit and gently caressed it with his tongue. She grabbed his hair and pulled him up to her, grinding her hips against him. Her second orgasm was even wilder than the first. After a minute or so, he managed to escape from her grip, she was panting heavily.

“You wicked little girl. For that, I see no option but to punish you even more.” He told her

“Greg, for God’s sake fuck me and if you do the same as Steven did, I’ll never speak to you again. He kissed her lips and she grabbed his rigid cock and guided it to the entrance of her love tunnel. He slowly and carefully pushed into her. She was very tight. It was obvious that she wasn’t like her sister. It was like being in a hot velvet tunnel, her perfume and her incredibly beautiful little body was doing things to his mind that no girl had ever done before.

“Come on, Jane, you are the most wonderful little girl on earth, take all of me inside you.” He gently pushed and very soon, his pubic hair was resting on her bald mound. His entire length was inside her. “This is so beautiful, my lovely cousin. I’m glad that this is a good time of the month for you, because I’m not pulling out.”

“Don’t you dare pull out. Just fuck me, NOW.” They started with long slow strokes, but it wasn’t long before her hips were moving faster and her hand was working her clit. She dug her fingers into him and cried out.

“Oh fuck it Greg, I can’t hold it, oh Jesus, I’m coming again. She arched up. It took all his will power to hang on as the muscles of her vagina played a tune with his dick. Christ, this was so bloody good. He moved inside her very slowly as she was coming down, it took quite some time.

“Oh Greg, I wish that you had been my very first, that was fucking incredible.”

“Oh no, you naughty, naughty little girl.” He told her. “Your punishment isn’t over yet, not by a long way.” She seemed to suddenly realize that his dick was still rock hard and buried deep inside her.

“Oh, shit Greg, I think I’ll die if I do it again.” He started moving again. This time he was crazed with lust. At first she lay quiescent under him, but she soon started working her hand and her hips. They were fucking now like wild animals. Greg was trying to remember all the Capital cities in the world. He was getting very close.

“Come on’ Jane, hurry up for Christ’s sake, come on, you can do it. Concentrate.” After a few more minutes, she looked up at him.

“Oh Greg, oh yes, please, oh shit, aarrrgggg.” He felt her muscles start to tighten and at last he could let go.

“Oh Jane, you little darling, here it comes, oh yes, yes, yes.” Great fountains of his hot semen pumped deep into her little body. He never thought he would stop coming. It was being forced out, there was so much. Jane was convulsing in what seemed to be a monster orgasm. Her pussy muscles were milking every single sperm out of his body. Her fingers were dug deep into his skin. He knew he was going to have some bruises. Her face was flushed, she was drenched in sweat and she lay gasping helplessly under him. Spunk was running out of her. Slowly he withdrew his softening cock, blobs of his creamy white semen just kept leaking out of her. He was soaked in sweat as well and gasping for breath. He rolled off her and they lay side by side, her little hand crept into his. For some time, neither of them could talk. The bed was soaked in sweat and their combined juices. Eventually, she spoke

“Now you’ve done it mister. That was fucking fantastic. I don’t think anything will ever feel quite that good again. Now I know exactly what people mean when they say “I feel fucked”, I just hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did, because I want more. Lots more. In fact, you’re mine. Don’t you dare ever fuck anyone else like that. I’m going to hang onto you like a leech cuz. If our Mary knew about you, I’d have to kill the bitch.” Greg kissed her.

“You’re right, Jane my sweet, that was the ultimate fuck. I’ve done it quite a few times before, but never this good. You are so incredibly sexy, so incredibly beautiful. I think anyone else will fail to meet up with what you have. I want you as well Jane and I don’t want to ever think that another bloke will have you.

“Well, I’m not going to let go of you any time soon, my big cousin. In fact, when I’m older I want your babies. Don’t come with the cousin crap. I don’t give a fuck and I don’t care what anyone says. All our families seem to love sex, we’re all healthy and I think we’ll make great babies.” Greg smiled. With such a beautiful girl, who seemed to enjoy sex as much as he did, the future seemed quite bright.

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