More than kissing cousins (bFf)

More than kissing cousins (bFf)

Prologue: An eight year old boy gets his world rocked by his twelve year old sexy cousin and she teaches him about sex.

Author: Uncle Tony

My dad died a week before I was born. I believe he was killed in a traffic accident. My mom was a hypochondriac and a total prude. In her mind, sex was only for animals. It was the most disgusting thing that a human could do. She had been married for over a year, I believe before she allowed my father to have sex with her and I was a result of that liaison.

I don’t think my mother was very interested in me. She was a Jehovah’s Witness and she was either buried in the Bible or one of her Watchtowers or she was out ‘doing the work’  or ‘bearing witness’. From the day I was born, I’m sure my mother told me time and time every day, never to touch myself ‘down there’ unless it was to pee’ never to let anyone ever see our touch ‘down there’ or God would strike me down with a terrible disease. My grandfather brought me up.

He was a bodybuilder when he was younger and he had one room in the house that was his gym. From as far back as I could remember, I used to work out with him and I would be allowed a sweetie or some treat if I managed to lift a heavier weight each time. I actually enjoyed it and he would cook for him and me and I would get lots of milk and protein shakes, steaks, fish, chicken and good food.

When people keep repeating the same thing over and over again, it becomes ‘white noise’ and you don’t hear it any longer and I just ignored her, but, I never did ‘touch myself down there’ other than to pee. I was just over four, I think when my mom developed some kind of illness that entailed her going into hospital. She couldn’t leave me alone with my old grandfather, so she asked her sister Joan to come over, until she got out of hospital.

I’d never met Joan before, but she was a very nice, pretty, kind woman. The first day she took me into the bathroom to bath me. Everything was alright, until she told me to wash inside my penis. I had no idea what a penis was or how to wash it. Aunt Joan tried to do it and then went into a long tirade about my mother and her neglect.

She dried me off and then took me into the bedroom and started to mess around with what I now knew was my penis. I know now that she was trying to get my foreskin back over the glans, but I had no idea what she was doing then. She messed around for a while, sometimes it hurt a bit and I would wince, but she was very gentle. After some time she seemed satisfied and gently rubbed my penis back and forward. It started to get hard, and it was nice.
“Oh, that feels nice Auntie.” I told her. She looked at me sympathetically.
“I guess if I don’t show you, your bloody mother never will.” She sat beside me on the bed and started to massage my penis, it got harder and harder and it felt really good.
“What’s happening Auntie?” I gasped. I think I’m going to pee myself.” Auntie Joan leaned over and kissed me.
“Just let it happen, kid. You won’t pee yourself. Just concentrate on how good it feels until, well, you’ll know.” Suddenly something happened. I cried out, I thought I as going to die. I dug my fingers into my Aunt.
“It’s alright, you can relax now. You just had your very first orgasm.”
“I’ve never felt anything like that before.” I told her.
“Well, now you know how to do it yourself, but for God’s sake, promise me you will never, ever tell your mom or your gramps that I showed you how to do this, and don’t let either of them catch you doing it either. It’s our secret, OK?”
“Can we do it again tomorrow?” I asked.
“You can do it yourself now, but don’t let anyone see you doing it, but maybe I’ll help you once more before I go, if you behave.”

The next night, in the bath, she showed me how to pull back my foreskin and wash inside. I quickly got hard again. She tucked me into bed and gave me a kiss.
“You can help yourself tonight if you feel that you must.” She laughed. When she had gone, I worked on my penis until I had another climax. This was a whole new world for me! She jerked me off twice more before she left. The last one, was in her mouth. It was incredible.

In spite of being warned every day about ‘touching myself down there’ and the terrible things that God would do to me if I did, I jerked myself off at least once a day, sometimes even more and God didn’t seem to care.

By the time I was eight, I was a big boy. I was already five feet eight and I was very muscular and strong for a kid of my age. Just after my eight birthday, my mom was destined to go back into the hospital and she was going to be gone for at least 3 weeks. I was excited, because I thought Auntie Joan would be coming, but it was my Aunt Celia instead and she brought her 12 year old daughter, Vanessa with her.

Vanessa and I hit it off right away. Normally, I wasn’t allowed friends. My mom would take me to school, collect me, take me home for lunch and collect me every night. It was a big chore for her as it interrupted ‘the work’ but it was a cross that she told everyone that she had to bear. I wasn’t allowed to mix with girls, they were dirty and would give me a disease.

The boys were all diseased as well, so I had to avoid them. Fortunately, it was school holidays now, so I didn’t have to go to school for a while.

We had three bedrooms. One was my grandfathers, the other was mine and my mother had her own room.

My room had two beds, because until I was six, my mother had slept in my room, ‘to make sure that I didn’t play with myself’. That was a bit of a bummer, but there was always the toilet and sometimes I would sneak to the top of the garden, or go into the woods where no-one could see and jerk off up there. By now, I was allowed to bath myself, so I bathed and went to bed. My cousin Vanessa was in the spare bed. She seemed to be sleeping. I hadn’t been in bed for long, before I heard Vanessa get up. She walked to the door and very quietly closed it. Then she came to my bedside and whispered.
“Shhhsss, don’t go to sleep, just wait until they’ve all gone to sleep and we can have some fun.” Then she went back to her bed. I was tired and I must have dozed off, but I woke with Vanessa shaking me.
“Come on, sleepy head.” She whispered. “Wake up, time for some fun. Shove up, Tony,” and she climbed into bed with me. It didn’t take long before I discovered that she had no clothes on.
“I bet you’ve never been with a naked girl before, have you, let alone fucked one. Well, we’ve got three weeks to sort that out.” I had no idea what she was talking about! She unfastened the cord of my pajama bottoms.
“Come on, get these things off.” She whispered. I wiggled out of my pajama bottoms.
“And the top, silly.” I took off my top.
“There, that’s better, isn’t it?” She got hold of my penis. Within seconds it was hard.
“Oh gosh, it’s bigger than I thought. You must already have about six inches there. It’s nearly as big as my dad’s. You really don’t know anything at all, do you? Here.” She took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts. I’d never seen a woman’s breast before but it felt good.
“Play with my nipples.” She told me. “You can suck them as well. I like that.” I did as I was told. I liked it too. Vanessa was making low noises.
“That’s the idea, ooh that’s nice.” All this time she had hold of my cock and she was very slowly and gently massaging it.
“I don’t suppose you know where my pussy is, do you?” I was surprised.
“You brought your cat?” I enquired. She giggled.
“Give me your hand, you great clot.” She took my hand and moved it to between her legs. She didn’t have a penis. She took my finger and rubbed it down her slit. It was wet and slippery.
“This is a girl’s pussy.” She told me. There’s a hole here. Put your finger inside me. That’s right. Now put your middle finger in as well. Now move your fingers gently in and out. Oohhh that’s right. Oh shit, it feels especially good when a virgin boy does it.

Give me your finger again.” She moved my finger to the top of the slit. Something small was sticking out. Her body stiffened a bit.
“That’s my clit, or clitoris. It is the same as your dick, you rub it gently and it feels really good. You rub my clitty and I’ll rub your cock. I suppose you know how to jerk off, or don’t you?”
“Hmmm, I think so.” I gently rubbed her clit and she massaged my penis. She started to go faster, so did I. She started to breathe hard. Her hips were moving.
“Jesus Christ, you’re a fast learner, that’s real good, oh my God, I’m going to come.” Her body stiffened and she let out a mewling sound, but she didn’t miss a beat on my penis. I reached my peak. Then I grabbed her hand.
“Vanessa, please, that’s enough.”
“Oh sorry.” She gasped. I forgot that you don’t spurt out any semen yet.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“When you’re a bit older, white stuff called semen or spunk will shoot out of your cock when you have an orgasm. How long does it take you before you can do it again?” She asked me.
“Dunno. I’ve never timed it, I usually go to sleep afterwards.”
“Right, well tonight’s the first time for you with a girl. Did you enjoy it?
“Did I? Best night of my life. I wish I could have seen you.” I told her.
“Leave it to me. I’ll try to get my mom to take her father, your grandfather out for the afternoon. Either tomorrow or soon. Then we can both get naked together. You seem to have a nice sized cock for your age. I can’t wait to feel it inside me.”
“Inside you?”
“Yes, silly clot, you stick you penis in my pussy, like you did your fingers and then you fuck me, like I let you do with your fingers. Then we both try to hit the spot together.” I was starting to get hard again. This sounded good. I took her hand and put it on my cock.
“Oh wow, it’s already hard again. That was quick. Do you want to fuck me now?”
“You’ll have to show me.” I explained.
“OK. Just one thing, you’ll have to control yourself. If you start getting carried away, the bed will start to make noises and no-one must ever know what we are doing. It’s our special secret. You must promise me.”
“I promise, Vanessa, cross my heart and hope to die.” She pushed back all the bedclothes.
“Kneel between my legs and I’ll try to guide your dick into my pussy. Push it in as far as you can. You don’t have to worry, I’m not a virgin and you can’t make me pregnant.” These were all words that I had never heard before.
“What’s a virgin and what’s pregnant?” I asked her.
“A virgin is a girl that’s never had a man’s dick inside her and pregnant means that a girl is going to have a baby. Don’t you know anything?”
“So you’ve done this before?” I asked.
“Yes, you must never tell anyone, but my dad fucks me whenever we are alone. He’s been fucking me since I was about ten years old. Now come on, don’t keep me waiting, fuck me, Tony.” She guided my penis to her entrance and I pushed. It slid all the way inside her right up to my tummy. It was so warm and wet and slippery in there. I didn’t need any more explanation, I started to work away with long deep strokes. I came out a few times, but she guided me back in. After a few minutes, she was panting heavily, her fingers were also working on her clit.
“Your doing great, Tony, just hold on, I’m getting close. I’ll tell you when I’m going to come, and you can try to come as well.” Believe me, I was ready, I was bursting. I couldn’t help it, it was going to happen.
“Oh God, I’m coming Tony, yes, oh God.” Before she actually got there, my poor cocked swelled and I hit my orgasm. I had to try really hard, not to cry out. A microsecond later it felt as if a giant hand had grabbed my cock. It was the most wonderful experience of my young life. The spasms in her vagina kept going, for what seemed to be minutes. She was clutching me to her and I was clutching her just as hard.

It was a while before either of us spoke.
“Was that good, cousin Tony?” She asked.
“I’ve never felt anything that good before, cousin Vanessa. Can we do it again soon?”
“For your first time that was pretty good. The only thing I miss was the flood of semen when you came. Other than that, by the time I have to leave, I’ll make you an expert.” Let me see what I can do about being alone with you whilst it’s daylight.” I thought for a bit.
“We could go into the woods.” I told her. “Maybe a picnic? My grandfather is the gamekeeper there, so I go with him. I know places we can go where nobody would ever come. If you can persuade your mom to let us go.”
“Tony, as far as my mom is concerned you are the safest person that I could ever be with. She told me your mom keeps you away from the girls and the boys and that you are totally innocent. I decided to fix that, but you’re not quite the innocent that my mom thinks you are.

Thank God. I can’t imagine staying here for three whole weeks without a bit of sex to liven things up. I would have to be careful with older boys. I don’t want to get pregnant and as long as you aren’t squirting out that white stuff, you’re as safe as can be.

I think I’m going to enjoy my stay here. We can fuck ourselves silly every day. I miss my dad, I don’t want to mess around with other boys. I love my dad, especially when he fucks me, but three weeks without a fuck is too long for me.” She giggled. “I hadn’t realized that you would be such a big strong kid and I had hoped that you wouldn’t be as fucked up as your mom. This turned out to be a lot better than I expected.”

The next day, Vanessa asked my grandfather if she could go into the wood to pick some blackberries. He told her that she should take me with her, because knew where everything was. I pretended not to be very enthusiastic, then she suggested that we take some fizzy pop and some scones and make it a picnic as well.

We set off soon after lunch and I took her to a high place in the forest. I think they had dug something out once, because there was a crater below and we had to scramble up to the top of a small hill. We had a blanket the picnic box and a container for blackberries. On top of the hill, there was a depression, so no-one could see from below.
“Time for you to have some fun. Come on, take my clothes off and explore my body, then I’ll do the same to you.” She helped me off with her top, there was nothing underneath, just two breasts. I’d never seen a woman’s breasts before. I explored them, kissed them, sucked them. My cock was bursting.
“Let me teach you how to kiss, Tony.” Shit, I enjoyed kissing her, I couldn’t stop caressing her breasts.
“Now my jeans.” I was only too happy to get them off for her and for the very first time I saw a girl’s pussy. There was just a bit of fine brown hair growing around it, forming a triangle between her legs. The hair was very short and soft, her pussy was soaking wet and I could see the pink inside the lips.
“If you really want to make me happy, you can lick my pussy and my clit with your tongue. It won’t poison you. It doesn’t taste too bad and I gave it a good wash before we left and I put a touch of scent down there, just for your pleasure. Come on, Tony, don’t be a wimp. Try it out.

I’ll do the same for you later.” I lay down between her legs and cautiously sniffed and tasted her juices. She was right. In fact she tasted good. I found her clit easily. It was very well developed. She taught me how to lick it to give her the most pleasure. She was panting wildly.
“Stick your finger in me and fuck me with your fingers at the same time, please, Tony.” I was only too happy to oblige. She was writhing and I was trying to hold her hips. Then she gave a shriek.
“Oh Tony, dear God, I’m coming, oh yes, yes, yes.” Her body arched off the blanket. She grabbed my head and ground it into her crotch. She was moaning and gasping. When she let go of me, I could breathe again.
“Oh, wow, Vanessa, that was a big one.”
“You’re telling me. Now one good turn deserves another.” She got down and licked my stiff penis. then she put it into her mouth and started to suck it. I was starting to go wild.
“Come on, Tony, fuck my face, come in my mouth” she sucked and I pumped.

It didn’t take very long before I just lost it. I think she felt my cock swell in her mouth, because she slowly started to swirl her tongue around it as it got smaller and finally limp.

She went back up to lie beside me. I was panting like a horse that had just finished a race. She opened the picnic basket, took out the pop and took a swig before handing the bottle to me. Then she wrapped her fingers gently around my limp cock and we started kissing again and I started to play with her nipples. It didn’t take very long before I started to get hard again. She reared up and looked down at my cock.
“Oh yes, now we can have a proper fuck. I’m going to show you all the different ways that I know to do this.” She told me. What we did last night was called the Missionary position. Today we are going to do it doggie style. She got onto her knees with her arse pointing up.
“Can you see my pussy, Tony?”
“Yes. Then kneel behind me, shove it in and fuck me as hard as you can. Grab my hips or my titties whatever. Try not to come before I do, or you’ll spoil it for me. If you think you’re going to come try reciting you multiplication tables and hang on until I tell you. I founded that hot pussy like a mad thing. She grunted and groaned and thrust her hips back at me.
“Faster, harder, give it to me, oh yes, just like that. I’m getting close Tony, please try to hang on for me.” Then a couple of minutes later. “Yes, that’s it, Christ, I’m coming. Pound me. Oh yessssssssss.” Her muscles started to milk my cock. I kept ramming her, but it only took about a minute more before I screamed.
“Vanessa, oh my God, oh yes, here it comes” It was so hot and wet and slippery in there, I just couldn’t lose my erection. It started to soften, but the feel of her breasts and the sensations that were flowing through my body, wouldn’t let go. I started to swell again, and I started moving again inside her. I don’t think that she could really believe what was happening. I hung onto her hips and started ramming her again.
“Jesus, Tony, this is incredible, you’ll be a real stud.”
“Sorry.” I apologized, panting and gasping for breath, “I can’t help it, this is so good. Please don’t make me stop.”
“Stop! You must be joking, just keep going until I come again. Give it to me, give me all you’ve got.” I pounded away at that hot wet pussy until she had another orgasm. I was exhausted, I was covered in sweat, my legs were on fire, but a few second later I too reached my climax. I just fell off her and lay on my back gasping for breath.
“My God’ Tony, that was a fucking fantastic fuck. You’re only the second person I’ve done this with. My dad has never managed to do it twice in a row like you’ve just done. Isn’t sex great? We can fuck every day now until I have to go home.” We didn’t pick an awful lot of blackberries, so we had to keep going back to find more almost every day!