Happy Birthday (F,bg)

Happy Birthday (F,bg)

Prologue: A thirteen year old boy gives his mom a surprise birthday present.
Author : Uncle Tony

Vicky was twelve. They lived in a little village in Hampshire. It was 1954. She had been very busy with her parents packing. They were moving up North to a new house that dad had got in Yorkshire. He was s bank manager and had been transferred to this new branch. It was their last night before they left the tiny village.

Vicky had a best friend, Edna. She and her brother Joe used to go with her sometimes to the morning matinees at the cinema. She’d also been fishing with him a couple up of times. She liked Joe, he was nice, he was fourteen. Sometimes they would kiss and cuddle. The last time they were together, he had put his hand up her sweater and stroked and fondled her growing breasts. She had already had her first monthly. As this was her last night in the village, she would spend the evening with her friend Edna. “I want you back home before nine.” Her mom called out as she left.

She skipped down the short walk to Edna’s house and rang the bell. Joe answered the door. “Hi, Joe, where’s Edna, is she in her room?” She asked.

“No, she popped out with her mom I don’t think they’ll be very long.” Joe lied. In fact he knew they had gone to the cinema and wouldn’t be back until after nine. “Come on, we can watch TV.” They went into the living room. The only light was the small black and white TV. They sat on the floor by the settee. Joe put his arm around her and started to hug her. She liked it when Joe hugged her. They started kissing and Joe put his hand up her top and started fondling her breasts. She was breathing hard. It felt real good when he did that. Gently he pushed up her top until her little breasts were exposed. She was a bit scared at first, but when he started to lick and suck them, her breathing got heavier. Her pussy was getting very wet. She put her hand down between her legs, but Joe caught her hand. “Let me.” He whispered, huskily.

“No, you shouldn’t..” Her protest was very half hearted, but he put his hand down there and started to gently rub her pussy. She was getting hot now. She had never felt like this before. “Oh, Joe, that feels nice.” She panted. “But I think we should stop now. What if your mom comes back?” Joe put his finger into her wet little pussy, she gasped.

“If they come back, we’ll hear them. Relax, it’s the last time we’ll see each other, I’m going to miss you, Vicky.” He was also panting now. Gently, he moved her around until she was lying on the carpet. He put a pillow under her head. He was fumbling around, but she couldn’t see what he was doing. Suddenly he moved so he was lying between her legs.

“Joe, what a you doing?” She asked. “Shhhh, sweet Vicky, just lie back and relax, it might hurt a little bit, but you know I love you. He was fumbling with her pussy. Suddenly, he put something inside her. It was much thicker than his finger. She felt herself stretching. “No, Joe, stop it. You’re starting to hurt me.” Then she let out a choking scream as suddenly he pushed really hard. She felt something tear inside her and whatever it was he was pushing into her was going deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck, Vicky, that feels so fucking good.” He started rocking and the thing inside her was moving up and down. It hurt like hell. She beat at his back with her fists.

“It hurts so bad.” She whimpered. “Please Joe, stop it.” He paid no attention. His thrusting got deeper and harder, then she felt the thing inside her get even bigger. He dug his fingers into her flesh.

“Oh Jesus, I’m coming” he gasped and she felt something warm being squirted inside her. It hadn’t taken more than a minute. Shortly after, he fell with all his weight on top of her and then rolled off. “Jesus Vicky, that was good.” He mumbled. “Did you enjoy it as well.?” She got up. Something warm was running down her legs. The pain was still there, she was sore. She ran into the bathroom and looked in horror as blood and slimy, white stuff oozed out of her and ran down her legs. She got a face cloth and tried to clean herself. She had no idea what had happened. She knew nothing about boys, anatomy or sex. All she knew was that her best friend’s brother had shoved something inside her pussy, hurt her and made her bleed. She locked the bathroom door and sat on the toilet. The bleeding seemed to have stopped, but she was very sore inside.

Joe knocked on the door. “Are you alright, Vicky?” He asked. “I’m sorry if I hurt you a bit. But it always hurts first time. It won’t hurt next time.”

“You bastard.” She yelled at him. “I don’t know what you did, but I’m bleeding down there and it hurts real bad. I’ll never speak to you again. I hate you, I hate you.” When she was sure that the bleeding had stopped, she cleaned her pussy and her legs. Her panties were still wet and there was blood and the other stuff on them. She ran out of the bathroom and ran to the front door. Joe tried to stop her, but she got past him and ran into the night. She said nothing to her parents. She threw her panties away. They moved the next day.

Everything was fine for a while. Then she started to feel nauseous when she got up in the morning. She had no idea why, or why she was suddenly so hungry. Her tummy started swelling. Then her mom caught her throwing up in the toilet. “What have you been up to young lady?” She asked. “When did you have your last period?”

“Not long before we came up here.” She answered.

“What!” Her mother almost screamed. “Four months ago. Come on, who was it?” Vicky started crying.

“Who was what? Mom, why are you mad at me?” Her mother was livid.

“Don’t you lie to me you little bitch, who fucked you?” Vicky had no idea at all what she was on about.

“I don’t know what you mean mom.” She sobbed. “What have I done wrong? Why are you yelling at me? It’s not my fault that I threw up. I couldn’t help it.”

“Vicky, I think you are pregnant. You’re going to have a baby. Now for that to happen, some boy had to stick his dick inside you and fuck you. You mustn’t tell me that no one ever did, you aren’t the Virgin Mary.” Vicky went white.

“Oh mom, it was Joe. That last night back home. He started rubbing me and then he put something inside me, it hurt real bad. I was bleeding and there was this slimy stuff running down my legs. I didn’t know what he was doing. It was dark. I don’t know what he put inside me. I couldn’t see.”

“I told you plenty times not to go with strange men and to keep yourself pure until you married. There’s no excuse. Now what are we going to do? It’s a disgrace to the family. Your father will be so mad.” When dad came home there was a massive row, she lay in her room, but she could hear them.

“You were supposed to teach her what sex was and how to stop boys from fucking her. You say you told her to keep herself pure until she got married. How in the name of a God is a little girl supposed to know what the fuck that meant. It’s all your fault.”

“It’s so embarrassing.” Her mother retorted. “My mother never told me anything either and I didn’t get pregnant before we got married.”

“You silly cow.” Her dad screamed. “You were just lucky. We’d been fucking for months before I decided to marry you.” The war of words went on for several days. Then her mother packed a suitcase. They got on a train and went up to Scotland and her aunt Ethel. Ethel was her dad’s sister, she was also pregnant. They took Vicky to the doctor who confirmed that she was four and a half months pregnant.

“I think you’ll both pop at the same time.” He joked. They did, Ethel gave birth to a baby girl, the day before Vicky gave birth to a baby boy. It was a month before her thirteenth birthday. Ethel breast fed both babies for two weeks, then Vicky’s little boy they called him Richard, was put onto a bottle. After that, Vicky had to bottle feed him when she was home and Ethel would look after him whilst Vicky went to school. After a month, Vicky’s mom came and took her home. Now, Edna would look after Ricky. All that Vicky had to do was tend to him when he cried at night and bottle feed him when she was home. Edna wouldn’t even trust Vicky to change his diapers. Ricky called Vicky momma, and Edna was granny

Vicky left school at sixteen. Ricky was three. She got a job as a waitress in a local store whilst mom looked after Ricky. Dad got killed in an accident at work and shortly after Ricky started school, mom got diagnosed with cancer. Six months later she was gone. Vicky inherited the house and moms savings.

With the interest on the savings and the money she got from her job, life was reasonably good. She couldn’t afford expensive clothes or holidays, but Ricky always got good food and by the time he was thirteen, he was an inch under six foot. He had broad shoulders and he excelled in every sport at school. She was very proud of her son. She had grown into a very beautiful woman, she was a honey blonde, five feet eight, slim and sexy. Over the years, many men had tried to date her, but she wasn’t interested. Many people had asked her why she didn’t remarry. They all got the same answer “I will never allow another man to touch me. I don’t need a husband. My son will look after his mother until I die.” Vicky lived alone with no real friends other than her son.

Vicky’s twenty sixth birthday, fell on a Friday. Ricky arrived home from school with three carrier bags. In one, he had bought a Chinese meal for them both. It was piping hot. In the other bag was a birthday cake, with Happy Birthday Mom in icing on the top. In the third bag he had six bottles of Babycham a popular drink back then. Normally Vicky didn’t drink at all.

Rick quickly laid the table and they sat down to a delicious Chinese meal. They put on the TV and each had a piece of birthday cake and a glass of Babycham. There was a good movie on TV so she didn’t notice that Ricky had kept her glass topped up. By the end of the film, she had drunk almost five bottles of Babycham. Her head was starting to spin and she started giggling. Rick kissed her “Happy birthday mom. I think you’re a bit tipsy.”

“‘Snot true.” She giggled. “Can’t get drunk on one glass.” Ricky pointed to the empty bottles lying by her chair.

“Try five bottles, mom.” She giggled some more.

“‘Smy burfday.” She hiccuped. Rick took her arm.

“Come on, mom, let’s get you up to bed.” He put his arm around her and she hung onto him as he tried to help her step by step up the stairs. It was just too much for her. She tried to sit down on the stairs, but Ricky picked her up as if she weighted nothing and carried her still giggling into her bedroom. He put her down gently on the bed, undid the buttons of her jeans and yanked them off.

“Watch it, kiddo, I’m your mom, remember.” She giggled again. She had a sweater on. He lifted her up.

“Arms up.” He commanded. Giggling she raised her arms and he pulled off her sweater. Before she could lie back down, his hands were round her back and he unfastened the clip of her bra. He gasped when he saw her firm young breasts.

“Stop that, Ricky. ‘Snot nice, I’m your mom. She tried to cover her breasts, but Ricky pushed her firmly back onto the bed, and started to suck and nibble her nipples. At first, the sensation was fantastic, but then she remembered. This was go her son. “Stop that. Stop that right now. How dare you. I’m your mother, have you forgotten? She was sobering up very quickly.

Ricky reared up. Vicky tried to get up, but he had one hand on her chest and he held her down. “Yes, you’re my mom. My own beautiful mom. You tell everyone you’ll never remarry and you’ll never let another man touch you and you don’t need a husband because your son, me mom, your son will look after you until you die. Do you think I’m going to be a monk and stay celibate until you die. Well fuck that. I’ll look after you until you die. That I promise you. I love you mom, but I want something in return. He picked up a pair of her dressmaking scissors that were on her bedside table. Still holding her down, he cut through both sides of her panties and pulled them from under her, revealing the triangle of soft golden hair.

Now, Vicky was starting to panic. “Rick. Stop that now. This very minute and get out of my room. If you don’t, I’ll call the police and have you locked up. Now, do you hear me, right now.” In reply, Rick unfastened his pants and let them drop. He was wearing nothing under them. She looked in horror at his huge rampant penis in front of her. The blue veins stood out on the sides. The skin of the purple head was stretched tight like a drum and clear liquid was oozing out of the tip. She tried to fight him, but he held her down easily with one hand. With the other hand, he slipped his finger into her pussy, then he fumbled with her pussy lips. She was yelling desperately for him to stop. She had never seen an erect penis, in fact, she had never seen one at all, not even her own son’s until now. What she couldn’t understand was why she was getting wet, despite her fear.

Then she felt it enter her. She had expected it to be painful, but it wasn’t. Slowly and gently he pushed and pushed until it was all buried inside her. Slowly he started moving. This time it didn’t hurt, in fact it was starting to feel good, very good. She stopped shouting. And trying to hit his back with her fists. Suddenly, her arms went around him and her legs hooked into his. The sensation was incredible. She started to grind her hips with him and meeting his thrusts with her own. “Oh, Ricky, that feels so good, fuck your mommy Ricky. Fuck me my baby.” The thrusts got deeper and faster. She had never experienced anything this good. She clung to him. Gasping and moaning.

“Come on mom. I won’t last much longer.” Frantically she pushed and pulled him ever deeper into her.

“Oh, sweet Jesus Ricky, oh Christ, yes, yes.” Her entire body convulsed. A kaleidoscope of color engulfed her. She felt as though she had left her body. Ricky cried out as he shot jet after jet of his hot, sticky sperms deep inside his mom’s waiting body. Soaked in sweat and gasping, he rested his body on his forearms and kissed her.

“That was so very wrong, Ricky. You must never, ever do that again.” His penis was still inside her. It had softened’ but just remembering how good it had been and seeing his mom, her long, wavy golden tresses spread over the pillow and those two firm breasts with their rock hard nipples, got him going again. Her inner muscles involuntarily squeezed his hardening dick. Slowly and almost imperceptibly he started to move again. There was a look of alarm on Vicky’s face. “Oh God, Ricky’ what are you doing?” She could feel it getting bigger and bigger inside her and starting to fill her up again. “No, Ricky, no, we mustn’t, it’s wrong.” Her voice tailed off as he started thrusting again. She couldn’t help herself. Her arms went round him again as she started to enjoy it again. There were loud squelching noises as he thrust his engorged penis up and down inside her. This time, the wildness was gone, slowly and patiently Rick held on until his mom cried out. “Oh Ricky, my sweet baby. Yes, now, now.” This time he beat her by a few milliseconds as he shot another massive load of his sperms inside his moms receptive body. Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through Vicky’s body. Her fingers dug into her son’s flesh. This was even more intense than the time before

Silently, they lay as before until his penis shrunk completely and fell out of her, followed by a flood of his incestuous seed. He rolled off her. Then, he reared up and kissed her. “Now Rick, please go to your room. What we just did is so very, very wrong. It mustn’t happen again.” Rick answered by putting his arm around her and pulling her to him.

“Forget it, mom. From tonight, your bed is my bed as well. I’m sleeping here with you. I’m going to look after you until you die, physically and sexually as well. Grandma told me what happened to you when you were my age. It wasn’t nice, but I’m glad you had me. From today we live together, we laugh, cry and fuck together. I love you mom, you’re still young, you’re beautiful, you have a fantastic body and be honest, just for once, you enjoyed sex with me. Didn’t you?” Vicky put her head on his shoulder.

“Yes, I did, but what if you make me pregnant?” He laughed.

“Yes, but not yet, but maybe later, when I leave school and start working. In the meantime, my friend is a Catholic, he told me about the safe times of the month – today, according to my calculations and I’ve been watching, it is very safe, but I’ll get a supply of condoms,because you and I are going to fuck ourselves to sleep many times. There are plenty of cultures that do sex with family members” She snuggled closer to him.

“I never knew anything about sex. Your father tricked me. I didn’t know what he did. All I know is that it hurt me and I vowed never let anything like that happen again. Until today, I had never even seen your penis or any other man’s.” She put her hand down and gently stroked his flaccid member. “If that’s how you feel, I can’t argue any longer. It was great doing it with you. I know it’s wrong, but I’ve missed this all my life. What a fool I’ve been. If we ever do have another baby, I promise you that we’ll teach him or her about sex before they get to twelve. Now, let’s get some sleep. Maybe you can remind me how much I like it and how much I love you, when we wake up. Thank you for the best birthday ever and the lovely present that’s still making the bed wet.”

Vicky woke in the middle of the night. She felt her son’s naked body lying close to hers. She found his penis and began to stroke it. Slowly but surely it started to get bigger. He was still asleep. Carefully, she climbed on top of him and straddled him. She held his erection and guided it to the entrance of her sopping wet pussy. Slowly and carefully, she lowered herself onto it. Ricky groaned and woke up. “Lie still, my baby, and let mommy do the work this time.” She whispered. His arms went around her and once again she experienced the joy that she had been missing for so many years.

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