Fist time with no sitter (bbbg,incest)

Fist time with no sitter (bbbg,incest)

Author: C H Marshall

All views characters and events in this story are fictional.
Prologue: 12 year old Caiden has his 3 best friends (Brady 12 Brice 12 Brad 13) over on his first day of not having a babysitter. Things get a little out of hand and when the boys fear Caiden’s little sister (Holly 9) is going to get them in trouble they make matters worse with a little forced sexual play.

Holly is a green eyed, blonde haired, fair skinned girl, 9 years old she is tall for her age almost 4 foot 10 inches tall but very slender at a mere 61 pounds. Her brother Caiden had just turned 12 a month ago, dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, lightly tanned fair skin, he was 4 foot 11 inches and 80 pounds.

Most days Holly and her older brother Caiden, were picked up from school by a baby sitter. Today was different, being the first day of 7th grade for now 12 year old Caiden, their father decided to ditch the babysitter and save money by having Caiden walk his sister home and watch her till his shift ended at 8pm.

Caiden bragged to his friends all morning long that he no longer needed a babysitter. What would not be a big deal to many his age was a huge excitement to him. He and his sister were closely guarded since his mother died in a car accident with him and his sister in the backseat when Holly was just a few weeks old.

Brady, Caiden’s best friend, 4 foot 10 inches 81 pounds light red hair, and blue eyes, waited in the church parking lot across from the middle school. Dancing with excitement from foot to foot his light red hair bouncing on his forehead. His step brothers Brad and Brice right behind him.

Brad was 13 with jet black shoulder length hair, and brown eyes, 5 foot 2 inches 95 pounds of pure muscle. Brice was 12 just like Brady and Caiden, he was 4 foot 9 inches 98 pounds dark brown hair and brown eyes.

“Caiden over here!” Brady called out as soon as he seen his friend.

Caiden jogs over to his friends.

“You all coming to my house?”

Hell yeah that the plan… Boys day. Brad says back.

The 4 boys all walk the 5 blocks to Caiden’s house where they play call of duty online together.

After about an hour of playing the boys put their shoes back on and walk 3 blocks farther away to the Elementary school, to get Holly from her first day of 4th grade.

The boys are leaning against a pole across the street from the school, Brad lying to them about his experience with girls.

“So Vickie was standing there in my bedroom with no pants on, her cone shaped tits pointing right at me, she was begging me to put my dick inside her.”

Did you do it Brad… Did you fuck her? Brady asks. Hanging on every word.

Naw I didn’t want to hurt her, this dick ain’t no joke, I just rubbed and sucked on her nipples until she shot cum on the floor. Brad brags back

BULLSHIT! Brice says loudly to the group. He was the one shot cum on the floor. She never even had her pussy out, only one of her tits, Brad was cumming from just touching her nipple.

I was there fuckstick. Brice says pushing Brad.

Brad turns red with embarrassment and slugs Brice in the stomach.

“I’m not talking about that time I’m talking about another one” he says angry.

Brice lunges towards Brad but Caiden steps between them.

“Stop it, here comes Holly”

Holly was excited to see the boys, she knew that they were told no one could come over for the first few days of no sitter but she wasn’t going to tattle, she had a crush on Brad and the boys rarely included her in their games, she was hoping today would be different.

The group headed back toward Caiden’s house, Holly and Caiden in the front, Brad and Brice arguing and pushing each other in the middle, with Brady bringing up the rear.

About a half a block from the house Brice runs up infront of Holly turning around and walking backwards he asks Holly. “Do you squirt cum from your coochie?”

Whoa.. Brice, what the fuck dude? Caiden says a little irritated as soon as Brice asked the question.

What? She’s the only girl that’s close and might answer. I mean come on you were jacking it at her age right? I’m guessing she girl jacks it too. Brice says back shrugging.

Holly turns bright red with embarrassment and runs ahead to the house, running right to her bedroom.

“Now you embarrassed her, she’s probably gonna rat us out, hell with it, might as well enjoy the day I guess” Caiden says

The boys go into the living room, the debate of girls shooting cum back in full swing.

Just get online, you will see I’m right, there’s videos all over of girls shooting cum. Brad says

I think he’s watching tranny videos. Brady says with a laugh.

Well dad has a net nanny filter on, so online is a no go. But he has a box of dvds in the back of his closet. Caiden says as he dashed down the hall to his dads room. He returns seconds later with a stack of DVDs in his hands.

Caiden slides a disk in and grabs the remote. He presses play and starts skipping thru the scenes with fast forward. All for boys fall quiet turning their attention to the screen.

Caiden presses play near the end of the first scene. The room fills with the loud moans of the people on the television and Caiden quickly turns the volume down.

Geeze that’s loud, what the hell its only on a 9, why is it so loud. He says with a nervous giggle.

Porns always loud I think it’s a law. Brice says not turning any attention away from the screen.

A large breasted blonde woman is sitting in a chair on a man, both facing the camera she is grinding in his lap his large thick cock pushing deep into her clean shaven pussy.

That’s reverse cowgirl, I’ve done that before. Brad says proudly.

You’re full of shit Brad. Brice quips

Brad says nothing back instead watching the screw closely as the woman’s moans get louder and quicker, her legs shaking she rubs firmly on her pussy as the man pushes up harder lifting both of them off the chair.

The man grunts out that he is going to cum, she slides her hand down pulling his cock from inside her stroking it as he shoots streams of thick white cum onto her stomach and pussy.

Caiden presses fast forward again moving into the next scene. A woman is sitting on a couch with a man on either side of her and another man in a chair to her right a fourth man comes in thru a white door and sits on a table between the chair and couch.

As fast forward continues the woman is led into another room by the 4 men all of whom undress.

“Wait, press play let it roll” Brady says trying to push down the visible bulge in his black cotton Nike pants.

Caiden presses play, just as the women is thrown onto the bed, her legs spread wide and pulled to the bed next to her head by one of the men while another of the men puts his face between her legs licking her partially shaven pussy.

The boys all watched intently occasionally shifting in their seats trying to conceal their boners.

The men took turns fucking her mouth and pussy switching again and again until one pulls her legs back towards them, rolling onto the bed pulling her on top of them. Another man stepped in behind pushing the head of his cock into her asshole.

The woman yelps out and pushes the man back trying to get him out of her ass. He shoves her arm away and pushes deep into her ass. She yells out, but a third man shoves her cock deep into her throat silencing her.

Movement in the chair to the left catches Caiden’s attention.

Brice slips down his Levi’s and boxer briefs, his 4 and a half inch boner springs from his blue boxer briefs.

Caiden trying not to be obvious that he was staring, gets a good look, pale white smooth skin with a few black hairs at the base and small grape sized balls in a smooth hairless pouch of skin at one end a large whitish pink head with a small slit in it at the other end. He quickly looks back to the screen, now there are 2 men behind the woman and one under her. The first man to have pushed into the women’s ass has now pushed his cock into her pussy with the man that is under her, the other above him has filled the open asshole with his own cock and the fourth still fucking deeply into her throat.

He opens the zipper of his own jeans, his 4 3/4 inch cock slipping from the opening because he doesn’t wear underwear, he does not touch it just leaves it hang there.

The man on top of the heap leans forward putting his face next to the woman’s, he then pulls the cock from her mouth, sucking it into his own.

Brad gets a twinge of embarrassment and quickly looks around the room to see how the others have reacted.

He sees Brice has his dick out slowly stroking it, Brady has his hand wrapped around his dick with his pants between his hand and penis the outline of the head of his cock clearly visible thru the black cotton fabric sticking past the top of his hand.

Noticing Caiden’s penis sticking out of his zipper a little bigger than Brice’s but he doesn’t appear to have any pubic hair, the dark red head glistening wet with precum.

Brad turns his attention back to the television, slipping his silky over sized basket ball shorts and gray striped boxers down. His 5 inch cock springing up flinging a few drops of precum onto his stomach. His thick tightly wavy short pubic hair at the base of a thick lightly tanned shaft the head not bigger than the shaft is almost purple and wet with precum. His balls nearly the size of golf balls with a few hairs on the shiny skin.

On the screen now the man in the middle has pulled his cock from her pussy and is now on his knees, licking between the cock in her pussy and the one in her ass and licking the other 2 men’s asses and sucking their balls.

Brad wraps his fingers at the base and squeezes as he strokes up pushing a few drops of precum from the slit little white droplets running down the head.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING! Your gonna be in so much trouble if I tell dad.”

All 4 boys jump to their feet.

Holly takes in the view and her victory for a moment. Brad is right in front of her just to her left at the far end of the couch. His basketball shorts and boxers have fallen to the floor, a large nearly smooth sack of skin between his legs with 2 golf ball sized bulges the left a little lower than the right. His 5 inch cock standing rock hard from a short thick wavy pubic hair the head bluish purple and sparkling wet. To her right was an arm chair that Brice was standing in front of. His jeans had fallen to his ankles his blue boxer briefs clinging to his hips, a smaller smooth sack of skin holding 2 grape size lumps both hanging the same distance, his 4 1/2 inch boner sticking out from smooth white skin with only a few black hairs slightly curved towards his belly. Across the large oak coffee table in front of another arm chair Brady stands. The only boy that still has his penis somewhat hidden, His black cotton pants bunched in front of him tightly wrapped around what seems to be the largest penis in the room, at least 7 inches long and thicker than the other boys also the out line of the head perfectly visible thru the wet cloth thats clinging to his skin. Next to Brad on the far end of the couch is her brother Caiden his dick is a little bigger then Brices about 4 3/4 inches sticking straight out of his zipper with a dark red head thats bigger then his shaft, she looks closely it seems Caiden has no hair at all his balls look to be about grape sized also and hairless.

She thinks for another second trying to come up with something she can make them do to keep her from telling, maybe cleaning my room naked she thinks to herself.

Brad looks at Caiden, Caiden slightly shrugs and nods to Brad.

Brad grabs Holly by her arm turning and spinning her with the table behind her now. Brice steps left blocking her escape with Brad to his right.

Caiden kneels onto the table behind his sister grabbing her red dress with white flowers and quickly pulling it up over her head, standing as he slammed her on her back onto the oak table. Brice grabs her right ankle and Brad her left leg pushing them towards her head.Caiden grabs her left ankle pulling her leg towards himself fully exposing her light pink panties with a light blue embroidery of TUESDAY just below the waistband.

Holly is frozen with fear, she cannot move or scream. She is certain they are going to beat the snot out if her.

Brad runs his finger down the outline of her her slit thru her panties. Top to bottom then back again.

Holly turns her head towards the TV trying to get a breath thru the fabric to make an escape, for the first time she truly takes in what is on the screen. There is a woman sitting on a man sideways with his dick deep in her ass and another man behind her pushing his cock into her ass with the one thats already there. A third and fourth man in front of her one pushing his dick into her pussy the other licking and sucking it as it goes in and out.

Brad grabs Hollys panties pulling them down her legs. Caiden lets go of her leg and unbuttons his jeans pushing them down and stepping out of them as Brad removes her panties.

Holly sees her brother push his pants down. She gets her voice and movement back at the same time. She starts screaming and tries to kick Brad. He grabs the back side of her keen pushing her leg towards her head again, She screams for help, as the word starts to come out Caiden pushes his cock into her mouth She gags a little her stomach turning and head is spinning. Holly wildly kicks her free lower right leg trying to kick either Brad or Caiden.

She tries to yell louder.

Caiden pushes deeper choking her words off, She gags harder pushing vomit out around her lips pressed firmly against Caidens hairless skin.

Caiden grabs both her ankles pulling her back towards him her hips rolling her smooth white skin opening to reveal her soft pink slit.

Brad kisses the soft pink skin in the middle of her slit. Then leans back to have a good look.

Her soft hairless milky white mounds surrounding her light pink slit, just below that a soft pinkish pucker of skin that is her asshole. He watches as both her holes flex open and closed as she gags and tries to get a breath, Then leans back in licking her pink slit top to bottom again.

Caiden pulls back allowing her to get a breath. Holly spits vomit onto the table and floor and gasps for air.

“if you fight and scream I can make it hard for you to breath while we do what we want, If you relax it will go easy and Ill be nice. Do you understand?”

“Mhm” she says as she starts to cry.

Brad licks down and up then back down again, pushing his tongue into her asshole when he reaches it, Then back up putting his tongue into her pussy as he goes by.

Holly starts to somewhat enjoy what Brad is doing, it feels good and her legs start to twitch slightly. She starts to softly suck on Caidens dick as it slips back and fourth in her mouth.

Brady still frozen with fear standing behind Caiden, cannot believe what he is seeing. His pants still bunched in front of him in the shape of his cock but is no longer filled with his hard on. He has now gone limp.

“Brady… Get me a towel.” Caiden says

“I… Uhhh this isnt right, you shouldnt be doing this.” Brady stammers out

“Just get a fucking towel.” Brice snaps

Brady walks past the group and into the hall, grabbing a towel from the hall closet then returning to the living room.

Brad stands, as Brady hands the towel to Caiden.

Caiden pulls his throbbing penis from Hollys mouth and starts toweling her face, the table, and floor in front of her.

Brad rubs the head of his dick up and down her soft pink slit, pushing in as he slips past her hole then slipping it up again. When he slides it back down her slit he pushes into her hole. The tiny hole in the soft pink skin stretches and starts to tear as the head of his cock forces its way in.

Holly yelps out again in pain and the tears start to flow.

“Owww… Please stop it hurts… STOP!’ She cries out

She starts to scream STOP again but its cut short by Caiden pushing his cock back into her throat.

Holly gags and vomits again.

Caiden pushes harder and deeper.

Her head and stomach rolling again she feels Brad as he pushes the head deeper into her. Not more then the head is in her when she feels him flex and a hot fluid pumps inside of her.

Brads dick flexes and shoots into Hollys soft pink pussy. He never got more then the head in. The second pump of cum makes his dick slip from inside of her shooting a thick stream onto her waist then another pump into her pink slit.

The silky hot liquid burns as it runs over the small rips in her skin, slightly mixing pink strips in the white cum as it runs down gathering at her anus.

Brad leans back, standing straight up, Brice steps in front of him between Holly’s legs and from his pants and boxer briefs. Brad hard dick rubs across Brice’s ass cheeks leaving a wet streak then coming to rest in his crack against his anus.

Brad shutters, his dick flexing pushing out a couple more drops of cum on his brothers anus before he steps to where Brice had been standing, grabbing the girls ankle and pulling back rolling her ass and vagina a little higher.

Brice wastes no time, dropping to his knees licking her cum soaked pink slit, sucking on the small folds of skin and swallowing any cum that gets in his mouth. Working his way down to her anus.

He sucks the cum from her ass like jello from a cup, then pushes his tongue inside her. Licking his way back up sucking on all the folds of skin again.

Holly winces as Brice licks over the small burning rips in her vagina. He’s better at this then Brad she thinks, enjoying the feelings he’s giving her, except the burning.

Brice licks past the top of her vagina and slurps the cum from her waist then licking his way back down.

He licks a small hard bulb of flesh in the folds of her skin on the way back down.

Holly moans out leaning up.


Brice stops at that bulb licking a couple more times.

Holly moans and tries to reach down, her arm still caught in her dress.

“Please take this off… I wanna see and move” she asks nicely

Caiden lets go of her leg briefly to grab her dress again, slipping it over her head and off her shoulders he tosses it onto the couch.

Brice leans his head back for a good look at what he is licking. Spreading her skin and pulling it up the small pink pebble sticks out clearly. He can now see the start of her budding breasts with her dress out of the way. Her nipples a pinkish white and the size of quarters standing just a little taller then the surrounding area. He leans back in sucking and licking the bulb of skin at the same time.

Holly moans out loudly, she’s never felt this pleasure and don’t want it to stop. She reaches down towards Brice’s head.

Caiden grabs her hand and pulls it back thinking she is trying to stop Brice. Then leans over and starts sucking her right nipple as he holds her hand and leg back.

Brice releases his suction of her clit and licks down farther pushing his tongue into her small vagina opening. She winces but don’t try to get away. He licks farther down again and pushes his tongue into her anus while reaching up and rubbing her clit between his fingers. She moans out loudly again, Brice can feel her anus clenching and releasing his tongue.

He slides his hand down her slit pushing 2 fingers into her vagina. Her anus clamps down tightly onto his tongue and she screams out.

Holly overwhelmed with pain, the pressure of the fingers inside her and feeling her skin ripping farther she screams and begs him to stop, yelling out for her, followed by immediate gagging and dry heaving as Caiden rams his hard penis into her throat.

Brice quickly pulls his fingers and tongue from her. Raising up he sucks her clit into his mouth sucking and rolling his tongue across it trying to stop her from crying.

She continues her crying and gagging and heaving but her legs start to shake and she begins to rub her foot on his back and he licks and sucks.

Caiden pulls back a little to allow his sister some air. She draws a gasp of breath then starts to suck lightly in the head of his dick as she continues to sob.

“Brady get over here and get your pants off!” Brad snaps

“This ain’t right, I don’t want to be with a girl like this” Brady responds timidly

You ain’t snitching on us get overhere now. Brad orders again

Brady walks to the other side of the table between Holly and the TV. Pulling his pants down his large 5 inch soft penis flops out. He is circumcised just like the other 3 boys.

Caiden and Brad both stare at Bradys big cock.

“You look like you could be in a porn… Its not even hard.” Caiden stammers out

Brady turns red with embarrassment but says nothing.

Holly starts really getting into Brice licking and sucking her clit. Grinding her hips rubbing harder into his face, her sobs slowing to a soft cry. She starts pinching and rubbing her own nipples sucking harder on Caiden’s dick.

Brice runs his fingers back down her slit lifting as he slides past her torn hole gliding down to her anus which is puddled with a combination of his slobber and her juices. He slips his middle finger into her ass. She wiggles a little but does not scream or cry. He works his finger in and out while sucking and licking her clit and her cry’s slowly give way to moans. He slips a second finger into her ass slowly spreading his fingers as he works in and out.

Holly starts moaning loudly bucking her hips and pushing against Brice’s face and fingers. Sucking Caiden’s dick deeper into her mouth, learning how to open her throat and take him deeply without vomiting.

Brady starts to get a little turned on by Holly seeming to enjoy this, his already large dick begins to rise and harden. It rises to 7 1/2 inches and over 2 inches thick standing at an upward angle, away from the base that has only 2 or 3 red hairs, his balls are just a bit bigger then A golf ball and hang farther from his body then any of the other boys.

Brice releases suction again leaning back and raising up he keeps his fingers in her ass. He raises up a bit more bringing his hips closer to her he pulls his fingers from her grabbing his cock with that same hand he pushes the head slightly into the opening of her ass. Leaning forward he pushes with his hips feeling the tight puckered skin slip over the head and down onto the shaft he pushes a little harder.

Holly winces hard and yelps as the cock pushes into her ass.

Brice stops pushing, he’s farther in then Brad got into her pussy but he trying not to hurt her.

Holly reaches down and starts rubbing her own clit, slowly working her hips and pushing Brice in deeper until he is all the way in.

Brady reaches down and starts rubbing her clit with her. She grabs his hand guiding it in a motion she likes.

Brice pulls out slightly then rams forward deeply to see how she reacts.

She continues to rub moan and move her hips.

Brice starts to pump, already feeling his own cum building, he tries to delay it. He leans forward across her licking her nipples then moving up to her face. He licks across her bottom lip which is wrapped around Caiden’s cock. Pumping into her ass he wraps his tongue around Caiden’s dick moving his hands up to squeeze her nipples.

Caiden pulls his dick from her mouth and Brice sucks the head for a second before sticking his tongue into Holly’s mouth. The two kiss for several seconds then their lips are separated as Caiden slides his dick between them. Brice sucks Caiden into his mouth taking him in deep until he gags, Holly pulls the back of Brice’s head causing him to gag harder then pulls him back for air.

Caiden pushes as deep as he can into her ass and pulls out slightly. He jumps as he feels Brads tongue push against his anus and pushes deep again, Brad follows pushing his tongue deep into Brice’s ass. Brice’s leans forward as he pushes deep gagging again on Caiden’s dick.

Brady using his free hand guides his dick into Holly’s mouth as he slides his fingers towards her vagina opening.

Brice moves his hands to Caiden’s ass quickly finding the opening he pushes a finger in pulling Caiden into his throat causing him to gag.

Caiden’s cock immediately swells and he starts pumping burst after burst of hot cum into Brice’s throat.

Brice try’s to pull back but Holly grabs his head holding him in place. His own cock starts pumping hot cum into Holly as her asshole clamps down on him and he feels Brady’s finger pushing against his dick from inside her pussy.

Holly feels hot and tingly all over her whole body shaking from pain and pleasure as she feels Brice pumping liquid into her ass. The dick in her mouth flexes and swells and a hot salty liquid fills her mouth squirting out onto her face and getting Brice with pump after pump.

Brice pulls his finger from Caiden’s ass still sucking, with cum running down his chin. He starts to slip his twitching cock from Holly’s ass but is pushed back in deep as he feels a sharp pain in his own ass.

Brad shoves his dick deep into Brice. Brice yelps out in pain and tries to get away but is stuck, the pain eases as he feels himself slipping down Brad’s shaft.

Brads dick swells and pumps 3 small bursts of cum into Brice’s ass.

Brice pumps more cum into Holly, every time Brad’s dick swells with another burst of cum it gives Brice a rush and he pumps cum also.

Brad pulls back his dick coming out of Brice’s ass with a pop.

Brice slowly slips he dick out of Holly after Caiden and Brady have both stepped back and sat Caiden on the couch and Brady in the chair. A big glob of cum slides from Holly’s ass and falls to the hardwood floor. She just stays laying naked on the table he feet flat on the floor looking at the ceiling.

Caiden lets the porn play a couple more minutes then turns it off. He gathers all the DVDs and puts them back where he got them. He looks at his dads alarm clock 1:34pm and it hits him, oh man I have 7 hours before dad kills me I know she’s gonna tattle. He thinks to himself.

Caiden returns to the living room, he pulls his shirt off as he joins the others. Holly still laying on the table naked, leaking from her ass, the boys sitting around her.

Caiden grabs the towel and starts cleaning the mess, the other boys join in the cleaning.

Holly slowly stands and goes into the bathroom where she sits for awhile slowly cleaning herself with a damp washcloth.

The boys while cleaning have all stripped naked, no one saying anything about what just happened or what they should do next, everyone just tending to a task.

When Holly was done washing her self and crying alone in the bathroom she slipped into the hall quietly, turning towards her bedroom to go find something to wear. She stopped when she heard the boys laughing and joking from the living room. She tip toed to the doorway peaking in to see what they were up to.

All 4 boys were gathered around the table. All still naked playing call of duty again, laughing like nothing had happened acting as if they were all still clothed.

Holly turns around and goes back to the bathroom, checking herself in the mirror to make sure she is clean and don’t look like she was crying. She reaches down deep inside gathering all of he courage and walks back to the living room still naked as well.

“Oh hey… all cleaned up? Wanna play you can have my turn. These guys are killing the shit outta me” Brice says handing her his controller.

Holly forgets all about wanting to yell at them and hit them. For the next few hours they all just hang out and include her in everything just like she’s one of the guys.

About 5:30 Caiden says the other boys should head towards home, he has to fix supper and prove that he can be responsible without a sitter.

Caiden throws on a pair of shorts and Holly a large t-shirt. Caiden makes sloppy joes and serves them with chips about the time his dad walks in from work.

“Heya squirt… What’d you do today.” he hears his dad say from the front door as he comes in the living room.

Caiden holds his breath his heart starts racing. He hadn’t thought about Holly tattling for hours but it was all he could think of now. His ears ringing he starts to sweat. His dad walks into the dining room carrying Holly on his side in his big arms.

“Quite the man of the house now, I guess since everything looks good and clean… Hell you didn’t even burn the place down. There’s no reason you can’t have some friends over starting tomorrow.”

Caiden just nods, gripped with fear unable to find words his palms sweating he notices hand print bruises around Holly’s ankles.

“So what’d you guys do. Other than obviously clean.” His dad says sitting Holly in the padded wood chair. Her white T-shirt slipping up. Caiden notices her vagina is bright red and swollen.

Holly looks to Caiden then back to her dad.

“Well…” she begins

Brady, Brice, and Brad come over today… We played some games and they helped clean, sorry I know they weren’t supposed to be here. Caiden bursts out cutting his sister off.

“Well I’m glad you were honest with me but if you guys were mean to your sister I’ll bust your ass” his dads says in a grumpy voice.

Holly starts to talk. Caiden’s ears are ringing so loudly he can’t make out what she’s saying. He feels like he might vomit.

Holly winks at him and his fear turns to confusion. Then his mind starts processing her words.

“Dad they included me in everything they let me play the video games with them and in the computer, they even did the cleaning without making me help, they were the nicest they’ve ever been to me.”

Caiden breathes a sigh of relief. Still feeing sick to his stomach he tells his dad he is going to bed early his tummy is upset. His dad wraps his big arms around him giving him an oily grease smelling hug. He tells him he’s proud of him and wishes him a goodnight.

About 15 minutes later Holly slips into his room.

“See I don’t always snitch. And maybe if you guys can be nicer about it we can do that again. Daddy will never be suspicious if I don’t say anything. I’m his little angel.”

With that Holly turns around flashing Caiden her butt and spreading her cheeks before letting her shirt fall back into place and leaving his room.


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