Cookies for Mary (mg,pedo,reluc)

Cookies for Mary (mg,pedo,reluc)

Introduction: A little boy convinces an 8yo girl to let him fondle her little smooth pussy.

Author: Uncle Sky

Johnny was just eight years old, way too young you would think, to know about sex, but Johnny knew all about sex, or at least he thought he did. You see Johnny’s last name was Fuckerfaster, with a name like that you know he was teased and so he found out at an early age what fuck meant and how it was done.

Mary, on the other hand, who was also eight years old, was a good little girl, she was very obedient and clean and well, just good, but Mary had a vice, she loved cookies, now I don’t mean she liked cookies ,he LOVED
cookies and she lived next door to Johnny. Johnny had been watching Mary for some time, he was horny and he thought Mary was very pretty and he wanted her, he needed a plan and one day he found out about Mary’s love for cookies , he found out that her favorite cookies were chocolate chip.

A few days later Johnny’s mother baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, they smelled great and it gave Johnny an idea. When his mother was not looking he filled a bag with the cookies and went next door to see Mary, when he arrived he knocked on the door and waited, after a few minutes the door opened a crack and he saw Mary peeking out.

– “Hi Johnny, what do you want?”

– “Hi Mary, can I come in?”

– “Oh no, I’m all alone and my mommy says I should never let anyone in when she’s not home.”

– “Come on Mary, you know me, I’m no stranger, It’ll be ok.”

– “No sir Johnny, my mommy said no and that means no, I’m sorry but you can’t come in.”

– “I have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and I’ll give you one if you let me in.”

– “Mmm, I love chocolate chip cookies but I can’t let you in”

– “OK. I’ll give you two cookies if you let me in.”

– “Oh they do smell so good. OK Johnny, come on in.”

Johnny followed Mary into the living room and they sat down on the couch. He gave her the two cookies and she gobbled them up, while she was eating the cookies Johnny started to rub her leg and slowly move his hand up under her dress.

– “Hey! Stop that. What are you trying to do?”

– “I want to see under your dress. I’ll give you two more cookies if you let me.”

– “Oh no. Mommy said that was naughty and I should never let anyone do that.”

– “Three cookies?”

– “OK.”

Johnny lifted Mary’s dress up and looked at her nice white panties. But that wasn’t enough for him. He reached out and touched her panties right between her legs.

– “Hey! No touching.”

– “Three cookies?”

– “Nope.”

– “Four?”

– “OK.”

Johnny began to rub Mary’s little pussy through her panties. Mary wiggled a little but was too busy eating cookies to say anything. That is until Johnny slipped his finger under her panties and rubbed her little pussy.

– “STOP!”

Sigh. – “I’ll give you five if you let me take off your panties.”

– “OK.”

Johnny slipped Mary’s panties off and went back to rubbing her pussy, he knew that was supposed to make girls hot and he sure wanted her hot, he thought about the things he had heard and decided to slip his finger in her hole, it started to slide in when Mary pushed him away again and said “No way.”

– “I’ll give you six cookies to let me put my finger in you.”

– “OK.”

Johnny was getting really hot now, and he thought Mary was too, while he had one finger sliding in and out of her pussy, Johnny opened his fly with his other hand, he reached in and pulled out his little dick which was hard and sticking strait up. Mary looked on with her eyes big as saucers:

– “What’s that?”

– “That’s my dick, I’ll give you seven cookies if you rub it.”

– “Un un.” – Mary knew that was naughty for sure.

– “Eight?”

– “OK.”

Johnny took Mary’s hand, the one not busy with cookies, and placed it on his dick, he started moving her hand up and down as he pumped his finger in and out of her pussy.

– “Mary, if you let me put my dick in where my finger is now I’ll give you all the rest of the cookies.”

There were still quite a few cookies in the bag. Mary looked in the bag, hesitated a minute, then answered.

– “OK.”

Johnny pushed Mary down on the couch and got on top of her, after a little fumbling he finally got his little dick into Mary’s tight pussy, he began to pump, he watched Mary eating cookies while he fucked her, she was not paying any attention to him at all. Little by little he picked up speed, plunging his dick into Mary and pulling it almost out before pushing it back in, he had it going now, he was finally fucking Mary, he had wanted this for a long time and now he was working hard at it.

This was great, Johnny speeded up some more, he was getting the feeling he got when he jacked off, it felt fantastic and he just kept pounding away as fast and as deep as he could.

Just then the phone rang. It was right next to the couch and without thinking Johnny grabbed it and answered.

– “Hello?”

It was his mother and she was mad. He could tell by her voice.

– “Johnny Fuckerfaster!” she yelled.

With a grunt Johnny answered her.

– “I can’t ma, I’m doing sixty now.”

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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