Brotherly love (bg,incest)

Brotherly love (bg,incest)

Prologue: A schoolboy manages to get both his sister and her best friend pregnant
Author: Uncle Tony

My first sex experience came when I was about five. I was playing around in my back garden. We has a big shed right at the top. It was a pretty long garden. I guess, looking back it must have been about sixty meters. I heard a noise coming from behind the shed so I went behind. There was my next door neighbor, he was six, because he’d just started at primary school. They had a smaller shed just a few feet from ours. Tommy, the kid next door was sitting on a piece of wood. He had his trousers undone and he was pumping away at his penis. Of course I had no idea what it was called back then. It was all swollen and while I watched he suddenly made a noise and seemed to stiffen.

“What’re you doing?” I asked. He jumped, but when he saw it was me. He grinned.

“I was having a wank, silly. I like to come up here for a wank. You should try it.”

“What’s a wank then?” I asked. He looked surprised.

“You know. You do it as well, don’t you?”

“Do what?”

“Come on, climb over and I’ll show you.” It was easy to get over the fence. He unfasten my pants and started to play around with my penis. It used to get all hard, for no reason, but when Tommy started to play with it, it soon got all hard and swollen. He started to pump it up and down. “How does that feel?” He asked.

“Feels nice.”

“Soon, if you concentrate, it will feel super good, then when it happens, you have to tell me so that I can stop.” It didn’t take long before I had this amazing feeling. I clutched at Tommy. He slowed right down. My penis started to go soft. “Now you know what wanking is.” He told me. “Sometimes I like to do it two or three times every day. Just don’t let your mom or dad catch you or they’ll be real cross with you. So that was that. I enjoyed wanking. My little dick used to get hard just thinking about doing it. It wasn’t long before my mom caught me. It was real hard and I was rubbing it through my pants when mom saw me. She slapped my leg.

“Stop that.” She shouted. “It’s a dirty, filthy habit. You’ll go blind if you keep playing with yourself” if I ever catch you doing it again, I’ll tell your father and he’ll take his belt off and give you a good hiding.” From then on, I made sure that no-one saw me, that is until my older sister caught me in my bedroom. Sandra was eighteen months older than me. We got on real well together. She’d already started Primary school and I would soon be starting as well. I was having a quiet wank when suddenly the door opened and I saw her there. I quickly tried to hide everything, but it was too late. She wasn’t mad at me though. She came over and sat on the bed.

“You don’t have to stop for me.” She said. “It’s OK, I won’t tell anyone. I do it as well. I’ll help you if you like.” Mom told me it’s a filthy habit and I should never play with myself or I’ll go blind, but that’s rubbish all the girls at school do it. Come on Peter, let me help you.” Sandra could be quite insistent. She hauled out my shaft and got to work on it. Jeez, when she was doing it, it felt better than when Tommy had done it. It didn’t take long before it was over. I held her hand to stop her.

“My, my bro, that was quick. Doing that has made me all horny, come on you can help me. Just keep quiet and listen for mom. Mom was busy in the kitchen. Sandra took off her panties and showed me how to make her feel good. It took a long time. My arm was getting tired, when suddenly she grabbed hold of me and great shudders ran through her body. “Thanks Pete, that was fantastic. I never knew it could be better to have a boy help you out. We can do this again any time we get chance.

Over the next couple of years, Sandra and I became almost inseparable. We would do it just about every night after mom and dad had gone to sleep. Then, when I was nine and Sandy was coming up for eleven, it happened. She came running up to me all excited.

“Oh wow, Pete’ you aren’t going to believe this. Come with me.” We went right to the top of the playground. It was lunch break and I wanted to eat my lunch, but she wouldn’t let me. Right at the top of the playground, there was a big log shed. It stood on a sort of plinth. There were lots of trees and bushes. She dragged me behind some bushes.

“Take off you shoes.” She said. ” don’t make a sound, no talking or anything.” We’d been there, hiding for about five minutes when Mr Kinsey, one of the teachers walked up the garden, with Jenny Smith. She was in the same form as my sister. She was a really pretty girl, quite tall and she had small nice little bumps for breasts. They looked around and then he opened the door and the two of them went inside. Sandra put her fingers to her lips for me to be quiet and e tiptoed to the shed. It had no windows, but by standing on the plinth, there was a crack in the logs that we could see through and we could look down and see inside. Mr Kinsey was sitting on a bench. Jennifer was on her knees, she had his penis out and she was kissing it and licking it like a lollipop. He penis was enormous and it had a lot of hair around it. Well it was enormous to us at the time! She got it into hr mouth and he was sucking it and her head ws bobbing up and down, my penis was rock hard, just watching. Sandra was rubbing her clit though her pants.

Suddenly, Mr Kinsey got up. There was a mattress propped against the wall. He put it down on the ground and Jennifer took off her panties, lay down and opened her legs wide. Mr Kinsey got down and started licking her little cunt. Jennifer was going wild. While we watched she had two orgasms. Then to my amazement, Mr Kinsey dropped his pants, took his huge penis and started to push it into little Jennifer’s cunt. I couldn’t believe that anything that big could get inside her. The head vanished inside her, but he kept pushing. Slowly as we watched’ his entire length vanished inside her. We watched in amazement as he pumped his dick in and out of her little body. She was clinging to him and obviously having a great time. As we watched we actually heard her cry “oh Jesus, I’m coming,” and she started. At that moment Mr Kinsey also cried out. He pulled her onto him and we saw him tensing just as I did when I reached a climax. Then he pulled his softening penis out of her and a flood of liquid came out as well. At first we thought that he had peed in her, but I knew, I couldn’t pee when it was hard like that. Jennifer stood up and a big blob of white stuff dripped out of her cunt. She giggled. It was running down her legs. Mr Kinsey gave her his hankie and she started to clean up. Sandra grabbed my hand and we climbed down and ran away behind the bushes again. A fre minutes later, they came out and locked up the shed.

My poor dick was still rock hard. I pulled it out and started to wank. I knew it would be I over in seconds and it was. Sandra was doing the same. I put my arm round her, but it only took a minute or two before she hit her climax as well.

“Shit!” She exclaimed. That’s amazing. We’ve got to try that tonight. I can’t believe that anything that big would fit in me. Oh but it looked like really, really good, for both of them. I’m going to make friends with Jennifer and find out what I can.” That night, we stayed awake until we heard dad snoring and then we tried it. My little dick was only about four inches long, so it wasn’t easy. I think something was wrong, because it only went in a little way and then there was some sort of obstruction. We were both frustrated, so eventually we gave up and went back to wanking.

“I’ll ask one of the older girls what’s wrong. I might even ask Jennifer. If anyone knows, she will.” She giggled.

The next afternoon after school, she told me that she had talked to Betty Jones.

“Betty does it with her dad.” She told me. “She says that there’s a bit of skin that has to break in there. She says that you have to push very hard, but if that doesn’t work, I could use the handle of a hairbrush or anything like that. I’m going to try my hairbrush in the bathroom when I get home, because she says it hurts a bit and it will bleed a bit, and we don’t want to get it on the bed.” Later that evening, she came back from the bathroom, looking a bit pale. When we got into bed, I asked her.

“Did you do it?”

“Yes, it was quite painful and it did bleed for a while. It’s still a bit sore, so I think we should miss tonight. It should be alright for tomorrow,” it was so we went at it. We were fucking each other just about every night, and then Sandra’s periods started. She came to me the next day at school, laughing.

“Mom gave me a sex talk yesterday.” She told me.

“What did she say.” I asked.

“She told me that I mustn’t play with myself, I mustn’t let boys touch me, I mustn’t let boys see me without clothes, I mustn’t let them touch my breasts and I must stay pure until I get married, because if I start messing around with boys I’ll get into trouble.”

“What did you say?”

“What could I say? I nodded and said, yes mom, no mom.”

“Is that it?”

“Yes. If she knew what we were doing, she’d have a bloody heart attack, but there’s a problem. I have to move into the other room. The small room next to mom and dads bedroom. I passed my exams and I’ve got a place at the Grammar School. You must work hard this year so that you can join me.

A few weeks later dad called me aside.

“We have to have a talk son, it’s time you learned certain facts about life. Look, you must play with yourself down there.” He pointed to my crotch. “It’s nasty and dirty and it can give you a disease. You should keep away from girls, don’t let them touch you down there, they can have a disease. All they want is your money. Never forget that. If you start kissing girls, one thing can lead to another and then you can be in big trouble. Keep yourself pure until you meet the right girl and get married.remember. God is always watching you.”

“How will I know when I meet the right girl?” I asked him. He looked flustered and at a loss for words. Then he told me”

“Oh you’ll know. God will tell you. You’ll see.” When I told Sandy, we both screamed with laughter. Because we had been split up it was hard to get together. We each had our own room. It was almost impossible to get together at night, because Sandy had to go through her parent’s room to get to mine. During school holidays we would go out into secluded places and enjoy each other’s bodies. I noticed that if I had a wank, some liquid would come out. It got more and more and I remembered little Jenny and Mr Kinsey, and the white stuff dripping from her cunt. Sandra made friends with Jennifer in fact Jenny quickly became her best friend. Both were going to the same Grammar school and in the same class. We heard that my Kinsey wasn’t coming back to the Primary school. Both Sandy and I were getting hair growing down there

All to so, holidays were over. Sandy was busy with piles of homework, I was concentrating on passing the exam. We had very little chance to have sex. There would be a time when Sandy had very little homework and she wanted to fuck, but we couldn’t find a place to go, it was cold. I passed to the grammar school as well, but we had very few chances to actually have sex. As the end of term approached, the school organized a trip to France for the better French students. I had a flair for languages and I was top of my class in French, my sis was pretty good as well, so we both had the chance. Mom and dad were very happy that we had such good reports and they gladly paid for us to go on the trip.

When we arrived, we were booked into a hotel, there was an odd number of boys. We were to sleep two boys per room. I made sure that I was the odd one out. Sandy was sharing a room with Jennifer, they had become friends. Between them, somehow, the room they got was next to mine with an adjoining door. Jennifer was quite good at picking locks, so they had the door open in no time flat. That night, when everything went quiet the door opened and both girls came into my room. Sandy whispered in my ear.

“You don’t mind if Jenny joins us, do you Peter, it’s OK this time. We’re on holiday and Jenny is all alone. None of the boys are interested in her because of Mr Kinsey. It’s OK, you can do one of us, then have a rest and then do the other. We’ll both take good care of you. Just keep quiet.” I was a bit shy at first, but the girls kissed and played with each other’s breasts and clit, whilst I fucked them. Jenny was a tall very pretty girl with long, almost black hair, she had two gorgeous titties and she really knew how to get me hard. She showed us different positions. We learned Cowgirl, Reverse Cowdirl, Doggy, Spoon and some other really complicated positions. She told us that Mt Kinsey had shown her a lot of different positions and that he was kind and gentle and very patient and he’d been fucking two other little girls as well. The girls all loved him because he was good looking and had a lot of muscles.

During the ten days we were in France, most of the other girls had made friends with local boys and most of the boys had made friends with local girls. There was a lot of whispers about ‘did you get any then?’ Even though the teachers were trying to keep everything under control, boys and girls sneaked away and I think quite a few had lost their virginity, buy the time the holiday was over. Jenny and Sandy spent every night with me. I would fuck one of them rest whilst both girls fondled me and each other and then, I would fuck the other one. By this time I was making lots of spunk. Jenny loved the taste of it and she got Sandy licking and sucking my dick and eating our juices.

All too soon it was over. The new term started, and everything seemed OK until Jenny and Sandy both came to me one afternoon after classes.

“We have to go somewhere where we can talk.” Sandy told me. “We’ve got a big problem.” Both girls looked pale and worried. We found a quiet spot and sat down.

“What’s the problem?” I asked. Jenny looked at me and started to cry.

“I’m pregnant. I’m carrying your baby.” I almost fainted.

“Are you sure? How do you know?” I asked. We had no idea as to how babies were made,

“I haven’t had a period since we came back from France.” She told me. I’ve been feeling sick every morning and I went to a doctor and he tested me and it’s true. Ive never been with another boy since I left Primary school. I don’t know how to tell my folks. I don’t want an abortion. I asked the doctor how I had got pregnant and he explained that the white stuff that comes out of your dick is called semen and it has little things swimming in it called sperms and at a certain time of the month, if you squirt it inside a girl, it fertilizes an egg and she gets pregnant. I want to keep my baby. What am I going to do?” It was then that Sandy broke her bombshell.

“I hate to tell you this Peter, but I’m pretty sure that I’m pregnant as well. I have the same problems as Jenny. I’ll have to see the doctor, but I’m pretty sure I’m the same.” Oh fuck! I thought, now what? Back in the day, the rule as that if you made a girl pregnant you had to marry her. I wouldn’t have minded marrying Jennifer, but I’d knocked up my own sister and not only was she underage, but it was incest as well. After a lot of thought and discussion, we came up with a plan.

“Look.” I said. “I can’t marry both of you, but I promise that I’ll take care of both of you and the children as soon as I can get a job. If I’m in jail for statutory rape and incest, I’ll never get a job. All the boys over in France were fucking the local girls. Maybe some of them are in the same condition. I know for sure that Sybil, Pamela, Janet and Mary were all getting royally fucked by French boys. Maybe one or more of them got knocked up as well. So you say that you met a couple of really great French blokes and you had some wine and you let them, just once. You didn’t know that you could get pregnant. You don’t know their names. It only happened once and afterwards you regretted it. There’ll be a lot of shit, but it’s our parents fault for not telling us how we could get pregnant. The shit will hit the fan, big time but it will soon blow over, mom will look,after our baby Sandy. What about yours Jenny?”

“Yes, mom will be pissed big time and she’ll shout and scream and blame the school. All hell will break loose at school, but mom will look after our baby until I pass my ‘A’ Levels and get a job. I think it’s a good plan.

As we suspected, the shit hit the fan big time. My father took me aside and asked me if I had ‘done anything’ with the French girls.

“Yes,” I told him. “There was this blonde French girl and her sister. They took me to their home and we had a party.they opened a bottle of wine and next thing I knew, I woke up in bed naked with both of them. I think we had sex.” My dad was livid.

“But I warned you about women, didn’t I?”

“No.” I replied” you said they were all dirty and they wanted me for my money and I would know when I met the right one. Maybe God told me that she was the right one. You never told me that I might get one pregnant or what I had to do to get one pregnant. How was I supposed to know. I’m not psychic.” Dad gave me a backhander across the mouth. “Shut up.” He blustered. “Surely they taught you at school. How am I supposed to tell you. You’d better pray that some bloody Frenchman doesn’t come knocking on my door with his knocked up daughter.” He was yelling so loud that Sandy could hear. Mom was very angry with her.

“You’re just a little slut.” She said. I warned you about boys.” Sandy decided on the same response as mine.

“No you didn’t, you told me that I shouldn’t let boys see me naked or play with my tits and I shouldn’t touch myself or I would get a disease, but you never told me what a boy had to do to get me pregnant. I was on holiday. I was at a party with my friend Jenny and a couple of lads who were on holiday. They were teaching us French. They opened a couple of bottles of wine and we were all having fun. We started kissing and then, the next thing I remember I was in bed with one of the boys. We were both naked, I was sore down there, the bed was wet an there was blood on it. Jenny had the same experience. We got up and got dressed. We both felt ashamed, but it was too late. We didn’t know that we could get pregnant. You never explained what we had to do to get pregnant.” More bluster from mom, who then blamed the school. Mom and dad went to the school, there was another girl who had also get pregnant to a French boy. There was a big stink at the school, but after a couple of weeks it died away. The recriminations at home also stopped. Mom took Sandy to an aunt in Cornwall, where she gave birth to a baby girl. She was called Nancy after her gran. She was beautiful. Jenny had hers at home, also a little girl, they called her Tammy. Both girls missed a month or so at school, but they had been given extra work to enable them not to get too far behind.


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