Aunt Martha (bgF,pedo)

Aunt Martha (bgF,pedo)

Introduction: A little boy has fun sex with his little girl cousins and aunt Martha.

Author: Norm DePloom

Yes, I know, it’s popular right now to pretend that kids aren’t sexual, but I’m here to tell you that the good Dr. Freud was right. I’m determined to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (except where to do so might land me, or someone else, in prison). Only the names have been changed to protect the incredibly guilty. Due to my good fortune in being raised near, and with, my two slightly older female cousins, Suzie and April, who, from as far back as I can remember, were unashamed, blatant, and whole heartedly sex hungry sluts in training, and my Aunt Martha, I lost my cherry before most boys learned how to jerkoff. I gained an intimate knowledge of female anatomy and physiology when most males hadn’t even discovered that girls had something missing ‘down there’. We lived in a small rural community, chosen by our parents to protect us from the ‘evil’ influences of the big city. As far as I can tell all living in this small rural community did was to insure that there would be very little to distract us from our single-minded obsessions with sex.

It all started with our afternoon naps. We lived in houses that shared a common backyard and our mothers pooled the kids and shared the responsibility of watching us. All three of us would usually be put down for our afternoon naps in whichever house we happened to be in at the time. My earliest memories of sexual activity dates to nap times when I was four years old. That would have made April five and Suzie all of seven. As the oldest Suzie was in control our fun and games. Suzie and April would almost always masturbate during naptime. I remember both of them using the same technique, they would put there hands palms together like they were praying then, laying on their stomachs, put their hands between their legs and rub them selves with the edge of their hands while rocking there hips in, what we would later discover were, fucking motions.

What, you ask, was my part in these naptime masturbatory sessions? I was none other than the big mean powerful male who had kidnapped these poor helpless innocent young girls and was torturing them by making them ‘tickle their cunnys’. I spent many a naptime rubbing my hard little cock while I watched Suzie and April experiencing their first orgasms. At that time just being allowed to be part of their ‘nasty games’, as they called them, was thrilling enough for me.

By the time I was six making April seven and Suzie nine, naptime proved to be a little to restricting so we found a couple of little hideaways where we could indulge in our fun and games during play time without being seen by any of our parents. Our favorite was a space in their garage hidden from view by an old car my uncle insisted he was going to, some day, restore and an old roll away bed stored in it’s folded position with boxes under it. We cleaned the area out and scrounged old furniture cushions and Pillows to make the cement floor more comfortable. We were totally hidden and could not be approached from any direction without our knowing it. We called it our ‘club room’ and left a few comic books lying around to make it look authentic. Now don’t get me wrong, not every day was a pre-pubescent masturbatory orgy. There were many days when all we would do in our hideout was to read comic books.

One warm summer afternoon, after Suzie had set up her scenario for the game (If I remember correctly they were supposed to have been on their way to the store to buy milk for their poor sick mother when I lured them into my car and brought them to my hide-out where I was forcing them to ‘tickle their cunnys’ until they had cum several times) I protested.

“Wait,” I demanded just as Suzie was rolling onto her stomach and slipping her hands into her crotch, “before I make you do that you have to take your panties off and let me look at you.”

“You have to make me.” Suzie challenged lying back on a pile of old cushions and doing her nine-year-old best to look sexy. I took the challenge and Started wrestling her pants off her. She could have fought me off easily if she’d wanted to, but she put up just enough fight to make me work for it, and to get us both excited in ways neither of us had imagined before. First I got her shorts off then our bodies continued to rub against each other as I worked her panties down her legs and off her feet. I decided not to stop with her panties, and began pulling at her blouse. Again Suzie fought just enough to make it exciting. By the time I had her completely naked I was laying on her with her legs spread and only the thin material of my shorts between my throbbing hard little boy cock and her hot still hairless little girl cunt. As Suzie slowly rocked her hips, rubbing herself against my, still covered, stiff cock, I looked into her eyes and saw the smile growing on her lips. I was amazed by how hot she felt against me even through the material of my shorts. Then it happened, I had my first dry cum. It was a mind bender.

After we both came I climbed off my cousin, who left her legs spread inviting my examination of her most private parts. Kneeling between her thighs I gently spread Suzie open and probed inside her mysterious moist cavern with the tip of my finger. Suzie seemed to be just as anxious to discover what it would feel like to be penetrated, as I was to explore her feminine tunnel.

April turned out to be a little shyer. She watched with obvious interest as I examined her older sister, spreading her open and marveling at the wetness developing on the glistening folds of girlish flesh. After several minutes of mutually exciting exploration Suzie and I turned our attention to April.

“It’s your turn.” Suzie announced as we approached our reluctant but not totally unwilling victim.

“No,” she begged, but not loud enough to draw parental attention, “I won’t do it.” In spite of her protests April put up less fight then Suzie had as Suzie and I stripped her then pulled her naked legs apart to expose her wet hairless slit for our exploration. Suzie and I took turns spreading her open and pushing the tips of our fingers between her damp lips.

“What about him?” April asked as her hips began to move pushing herself against our invading fingers.

“Yes,” Suzie agreed, “you’ve got to be naked too.” Even at that tender age I knew enough to not turn down an invitation to get naked with two nude females, I was out of my clothes faster than it used to take my cock to get hard when ever I saw Suzie rubbing herself. Suzie and April both sat up and examined my hard little cock and my balls.

Oh how great it felt to have warm soft female hands rubbing over my crotch, pulling at my cock and massaging my balls. After a few minutes of them running their hands over my balls and my hard little cock my whole body shivered with another cum-less orgasm. I decided right there and then that I would do whatever I had to feel that great feeling wherever and whenever I could.

The next time we got together we stripped off our shorts and shirts then Suzie and April played the role of my slave girls and, both of them laying on the floor facing me, they spread their legs and fingered themselves while I stroked my hard cock and watched them. Since they were my ‘slaves’ I insisted that they tickled their cunnys lying on their backs with their legs spread so I could watch them. We spent the whole afternoon masturbating ourselves, and each other, to orgasm after orgasm. Each time we came it only seemed to ignite our desire to cum again. How many times can three seemingly insatiable kids masturbate in one day? Who knows it never occurred to us to keep track. However many times it was it wasn’t enough to keep me from jerking off a couple of times before going to sleep that night.

It was only a short time later that Aunt Martha came to live with us. We didn’t know much about our mothers’ youngest sister accept what we over-heard of our parents conversations about her. We heard terms like ‘wild’ and ‘out of control’ and concluded that Aunt Martha must be insane in some way. We heard them say that ‘mom and dad can’t handle her’ any more. We half expected Aunt Martha to show up in a straight jacket being escorted by armed guards. We overheard enough to know that Aunt Martha was going to come live with us where she would be expected to ‘help with the house work and the kids’ (we thought we were doing just fine without anyone to ‘help’ with us), and ‘attend the local Jr. College’. Our mothers cleaned out the room next to mine, where she would sleep. I was a bit concerned about having my ‘out of control’ aunt sleeping in the room next door.

“We’ll just have to keep her away from our club room.” Suzie announced while we were lying around naked on the pillows recovering from several very intense orgasms. I was gently stroking my cock slowly bringing it to attention again. We were playing a new game I’d thought up. Every time my cock got hard my two slave-girls had to tickle their cunnys, and they couldn’t stop until I’d had another orgasm.

The next morning we were loaded into Suzie and Martha’s parent’s station wagon for the two and a half hour drive to pick up our ‘out of control’ aunt at the railroad station. Their dad drove, my dad sat in the front seat with him. My mom and their mom sat in the back seat and the three of us were setting in a removable seat that faced the rear window. After about half an hour on the road I got so board that I reached down inside my shorts and started stroking myself. Suzie grinned and Martha, setting on the other side of me, looked worried. It wasn’t all that dangerous, our mothers couldn’t really see what I was doing unless they turned all the way around and got up on their knees on the car seat. Which they wouldn’t do unless one of us was ‘making a fuss’, and if one of them did I’d have plenty of time to get my hand out of my crotch before they saw anything. As soon as I was hard I pulled the leg of my shorts aside and let Suzie and April see my hard cock. According to the new rules both of them were required to tickle their cunnys until I had an orgasm. Suzie immediately plunged her hand under her skirt and, after pushing the crotch of her panties aside, began fingering her already wet pussy. April, not quite as bold started stroking her crotch through her skirt and panties. The rest of the trip flew by with only an occasional “Is everything OK back there” from one of the parents when they would decide that we were being just a little too quite. My mother actually complemented us on how well behaved we’d been during the drive. As soon as we arrived I started looking for the flashing lights on the police car I expected to be escorting my ‘out of control’ aunt.

“Martha.” I heard my mother yelling, and looked in the direction she was waving. I was hit by a feeling a thousand times more intense than the first time I fingered my cousin’s naked hairless cunt. In spite of having spent the last two hours repeatedly jerking off, my cock became instantly hard and, if I’d been old enough to ejaculate, I would have had a wet spot spreading across the front of my shorts. What I saw walking toward me was not an aunt. This was nothing less than a living, breathing goddess of sex. I would have sold my soul to the devil on the spot just for the opportunity to be her slave for the rest of my life. As she hugged my mom and my other aunt she looked down at me and I could feel myself turning red with humiliation, I just knew that she could see right inside me, that she knew my every thought. I was instantly convinced that not only did she know what I’d just thought about her but that she knew my little boy cock was hard, and exactly how big (or small) it was.

“Would you carry this for me?” She asked smiling at me. Her smile would have made me ejaculate again if I’d been able to and her voice reached deep inside me, down to my very soul, the one I’d just promised to Satan if I could just be her slave for the rest of my life. I took the proffered carryon case and tried desperately to hide how heavy it seemed to me. Our moms, with Aunt Martha between them walked in front of us. Our dads walked in front of them and, with one cousin on each side of me we brought up the rear as we walked back to the car.

“James wants to fuck Aunt Martha.” Suzie whispered just loud enough for April and me to hear.

“Shhh.” I shushed her as I lugged Aunt Martha’s carry on bag. Two steps later Aunt Martha looked at me over her shoulder then smiled. I thought I was going to die. I wished that I could melt into the pavement. I just knew that my goddess had over heard Suzie’s remark. We got back in the car and drove to a restaurant for lunch. While we drove I sat and just held my hard cock in my hand, paralyzed with the knowledge that the most beautiful woman who ever lived, the incarnation of female sexuality was sitting just inches from me talking to my mother and my other aunt. Suddenly my two cousins, who I had found to be such turn ons just a few minutes ago, now seemed to me to be little girls. I could see Suzie laughing at me, but I didn’t care.

When we got to the restaurant Aunt Martha sat at the end of the table. My mom sat on her right and Suzie and April’s mom sat on her left. My dad sat next to my mom and my uncle sat across from him. April sat next to my dad, on my left, and Suzie sat next to her daddy on my right. I ended up setting at the other end of the table, facing my goddess aunt. I could hardly eat; it seemed that every time I looked up I was looking directly into her knowing eyes. The eyes which, I was convinced, could see my every thought and feeling. During the meal, when all the adults seemed to be busy, not paying any particular attention to the kids at the end of the table, Suzie reached under the corner of the table and stroked my perpetually hard cock with her young but experienced hand. It only took two strokes before, while I stared into Aunt Martha’s mesmerizing eyes, my body shivered through another orgasm. I blushed, unable to look away from her eyes as Aunt Martha seemed to give me a knowing smile then turned her attention back to what my mom was saying to her. Reaching under the table, I pushed Suzie’s hand away from my crotch then tried to ignore her teasing looks and whispered references to my lust for our Aunt Martha.

The trip home was pure misery. I sat stiffly in my seat refusing to play any games with my cousins. I was convinced that Aunt Martha could read my every thought, and much to my humiliation I couldn’t stop thinking about her body. I kept trying to imagine what her breasts looked like, how big her nipples were and what her hair ‘down there’ looked like. Mostly I was obsessed with finding out what a grown up woman’s cunt looked like.

After we’d been riding for about two hours, we were getting close to home, Aunt Martha turned around with her knees on the seat and talked to us. The whole time the side of her breast was resting against my cheek. If I had turned my head my lips would have touched her blouse right on the side of her firm womanly breast. The whole time she talked to us I imagined myself sucking on her wonderful nipple. I so much wanted to have the courage to turn my head and start kissing her breast. I kept my hands in my lap to hide my erection. When she was finished talking to us she turned to set back down and in the process rubbed her breast against my face. Summoning all of my courage I turned my head toward her just in time to feel her nipple drag across my lips. My body jerked, releasing some of the pint up tensions that my fevered imaginings of her pussy had caused. Aunt Martha smiled at me then kissed me on the cheek before she sat back down. I could still feel her lips against my skin when I went to bed that night. I laid awake imagining Aunt Martha naked in her bed just on the other side of my bedroom wall, then dreamed about her pussy all night long.

The next morning I was so hot from dreaming of Aunt Martha’s grown up women pussy that I woke up with my cock still hard. I did my best to hide it during breakfast with mom, dad and Aunt Martha. Dad explained to me that one of the reasons Aunt Martha came to live with us was to help with ‘the kids’ so mom and my other aunt could help our daddy’s with the family business. I excused myself as soon as I could and headed for the garage. Suzie and April were already there. I practically pounced on Suzie as soon as I got into our ‘club room’. Lying on top of her I pushed Suzie’s shorts down while I humped frantically against her body.

“Yes,” Suzie hissed in my ear as she pushed my shorts down, “do it to me.” I found myself nestled between my cousin’s thighs and, although I did not penetrate her, my naked hard cock was rubbing against her naked moist cunt lips. As I humped my cock against Suzie’s pussy with hard fucking motions I looked over at April. April watched us intently with her shorts pulled down just enough to allow her access to her pussy. I watched as April matched the intensity of her hand rubbing up and down her crotch with the intensity of Suzie and my pseudo-fuck. After we all came I rolled off of Suzie a little embarrassed with the intensity of my play fucking.

“Oh crap.” I said as we all jumped after hearing a sound out in the ‘regular’ part of the garage. We pulled up our shorts, straightened our clothes and grabbed comic books off the floor just as Aunt Martha slipped through the space between the folded up rollaway and the old car.

“What are you pervs up to?” She asked casually as she sat in the leg less over-stuffed chair we called the thrown and, picking up a comic book, pretended to read just as unconvincingly as we were.

“Just reading comic books.” Suzie volunteered.

“Uh-hu.” With just those two syllables Aunt Martha managed to let us know that not only did she not believe what we were telling her but that she knew exactly what we were really doing. I looked around the room and was relieved to see that Suzie and April were both just as red with embarrassment as I was.

“Tell me,” Aunt Martha asked looking over the top of her comic book directly into my eyes, “were you really fucking Suzie,” Aunt Martha paused to shift her gaze from my guilt ridden face to Suzie’s, “or just pretending?” The question hung in the air scaring and thrilling us at the same time.

“After all,” Aunt Martha continued after a long silence, “I’d be terribly upset if I wasn’t the first girl to get fucked by that cute little cock of yours.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. If I could have ejaculated I would have cum in my pants. Aunt Martha slid down off the chair then pulled a pair of dice from her pocket.

“James, you set across from me.” Aunt Martha pointed to a spot on the floor just a couple of feet from where she was setting cross-legged on the floor leaning against the leg less chair. “April, you set there,” Aunt Martha indicated the place on her right, “and Suzie, you set there.” Aunt Martha indicated the place on her left. Suzie sat on the floor facing her younger sister. During these instructions non of us lost the open-mouthed dis-believing stars that Aunt Martha’s comment had provoked.

“Now,” Aunt Martha continued, as she rolled the dice around in the palm of her hand, “I’m going to teach you a game that your Uncle Frank taught me when I was about your age. Uncle Frank was our mothers’ older brother, sort of the ‘black sheep’ of the family that we seldom heard about except in the most veiled and incomprehensible terms.

“We each take turns rolling the dice,” Aunt Martha began to explain as the dice continued to make little clinking noises as she rolled them around in her hand, “if you roll any double the person to your right has to take off a piece of clothing and you get to roll again.” Aunt Martha paused to make sure we were paying attention. She needn’t have bothered, all of us were looking at her with the rapt attention of three supplicants in the presence of the sex goddess. I couldn’t believe that my prayers were being answered so quickly. If there really was a devil then he was welcome to my soul, just as long as I got to be Aunt Martha’s slave and plaything first.

“If the person to your right is already naked,” my stiff cock twitched at the word ‘naked’ and a thrill ran through my body, the word ‘naked’ embodied, for me, everything carnal, sexual and forbidden about the adult world, “then they have to do whatever you tell them to do.” Why? I wondered, why had Aunt Martha put me facing her instead of next to her where I could be commanded by her?

“If you don’t roll a double you pass the dice to the person on your left.” Aunt Martha concluded her instructions then rolled the dice. My heart raced and another thrill shot through me as I watched the dice tumble and spin to finally come to rest with a two and a five showing. April started breathing again relieved that she would not be the first one to take off her shirt. Aunt Martha passed the dice to Suzie. As Suzie rolled the dice around in her hand I could feel my blood pounding in my head and my prick throbbed with the knowledge that within seconds I could be seeing my Aunt Martha without her blouse. Suzie tossed the dice and they landed on three and one. My hand was trembling when I took the dice from Suzie. Sure, I’d seen her naked lots of times, but there was something different about doing it this way, something seemed to make it nastier and more exciting. I rolled a three and a six and passed the dice to April.

The thrill increased as I realized that I could be the first one to take off my shirt. I know, it’s no big deal for a boy to take off his shirt, at that age it wasn’t really that big a deal for a girl to take of her shirt. Suzie had just barely discernible cones of flesh starting to grow under her puffy nipples, and April’s chest hardly looked different from mine at all. April rolled a four and a five. The dice went back to Aunt Martha with no doubles having been rolled, but the tension was building all three of us were getting more excited than we had been in quit a while. It took all of my willpower not to grab my little stiffy and rub it while I waited for Aunt Martha to roll the dice again. To my surprise Aunt Martha was also getting excited by the game. Her large hard nipples stood out against the material of her blouse where it was pulled tight against her breasts.

Aunt Martha rolled a three and a three. All eyes turned to April who, in spite of all the times she’d been totally naked right there in the ‘club room’, turned bright red as she pulled her T-shirt off over her head. The element of gambling, added to the illicit sex, kept me on the edge as Aunt Martha rolled the dice again. This time they came up a three and a five. Aunt Martha passed the dice to Suzie and once again I looked forward to the possibility of seeing Aunt Martha’s naked breasts, since it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra under her blouse. Suzie rolled a two and a one. My disappointment was tempered with the knowledge that sooner or later Suzie was going to roll a double and I’d get to see the breasts I’d been dreaming about for almost twenty four hours. Suzie started to hand the dice to me then dropped her hand back to her lap still clinging to the dice.

“Aunt Martha,” Suzie asked with a hesitant voice, “did Uncle Frank fuck you when you were our age?” We all held our breaths and watched Aunt Martha as she looked into each of our eyes in turn before answering. When she looked at me I once again had the feeling that she could see into my very soul and that I would never be able to keep any secrets from her.

“Yes.” Aunt Martha finally answered. “Although I’d say that ‘we fucked’ when I was your age, not ‘he fucked me’,” Aunt Martha paused to let that soak in, “do you understand the difference?” Aunt Martha looked into each of our faces then shook her head when she realized that no, we didn’t really understand the difference. “Fucking,” Aunt Martha continued to explain, “was something that Frank and I did together, not to each other. That’s OK,” Aunt Martha added when she realized that we still were not understanding the difference, “you’ll learn. Let’s continue with our game, shall we?” Suzie passed the dice to me and I casually tossed them on the floor.

“Shit.” I said when I saw the one and the six then picked them up and gave them to April. She tossed the dice onto the floor and squealed with joy when she saw them come up one and one. I pulled off my T-shirt and waited with my breath held as April rolled again. Another double and I’d be naked since none of us were wearing any more than a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. April’s second roll came up a one and a two, so she passed the dice to Aunt Martha and it was April’s turn to worry about being the first one to be totally naked.

Aunt Martha rolled the dice around in her hand using her fingers and thumb while she stared off into space for a moment with a small pleasant smile on her face, then she tossed the dice and came up with a three and a six. The dice had landed clear over near me so I picked them up and handed them to Suzie. Without any preliminaries or shakes of her hand Suzie let them drop from her hand to the floor where they landed with two five’s showing. All three of us watched as Aunt Martha unfastened the top button on her blouse with both hands. She paused for a few seconds between each of her buttons to tease us then, after the last button was undone she slowly, ever so slowly pulled her blouse open to reveal the most magnificent pair of breasts I’ve ever seen in my life. All the while staring directly into my eyes making me feel that she was revealing these great treasures for me alone. Her blouse slipped done her arms and Aunt Martha placed it on the leg less chair behind her. When she turned back around Aunt Martha cupped her breasts, one in each hand.

“Do you like them?” She asked as she gently twisted each of her nipples between a finger and thumb.

“Yes.” We all replied with reverent whispers. “Oh god yes.” I added as my body shuddered with another dry orgasm. I watched eagerly as Suzie picked up the dice then let them fall again from her fingers. It seemed to me that the dice were floating down to the garage floor in agonizingly slow motion. God, I wanted to see Aunt Martha’s cunt. I moaned in bitter disappointment when the dice came up with a five and a six.

“Maybe next time.” Aunt Martha said softly, seemingly as eager to show us her pussy, as we were to see it. I picked up the dice, gave them a couple of shakes then let them fly towards Aunt Martha’s shorts-covered crotch.

“Yes!” I shouted after they bounced off her then landed showing double twos. “Take off your shirt!” I yelled again pointing at Suzie. Suzie stuck out her tongue at me then pulled her T-shirt off revealing her puffy nipples setting on top of small cones of swelling flesh.

“You’re going to have beautiful breasts.” Aunt Martha assured Suzie, who sat up straighter and pushed out her chest in response. Aunt Martha dug the dice out from between her legs and handed them back to me with a smile. I tossed them again, aiming once again for her cloth covered pussy that I so desperately wanted to see up close.

“At least your aim is improving.” Aunt Martha observed with a chuckle as the dice hit her square in the center of her crotch then bounced off to reveal a one and a five. Aunt Martha gave the dice to April who, after several vigorous shakes of her hand, tossed them onto the floor in front of her. She rolled a four and a six so I was safe, at least for this round, from being the first player to be totally naked. April scooped up the dice and passed them to Aunt Martha. With a gentle toss Aunt Martha rolled two fours.

“Looser!” I yelled pointing at April while she lifted her butt to pull her shorts out from underneath her and down her slender legs. Aunt Martha picked up the dice then paused and looked at me sternly.

“What do you mean ‘looser’?”

“She’s the first one with all of her clothes off.” I replied, feeling like I was stating the obvious.

“Since the object of the game is to get naked,” Aunt Martha said, talking like she was explaining something very simple to someone who wasn’t smart enough to understand, “April is the winner.” April bounced up and down clapping her hands then stuck her tongue out at me. Aunt Martha tossed the dice again and came up double twos. We all sat silent for a moment wondering what Aunt Martha was going to require April to do.

“Come here.” Aunt Martha said softly as she held out her arms. April scooted over to Aunt Martha. After putting her right arm around April Aunt Martha cradled her right breast with her left hand. “Suck on my nipple.” Aunt Martha commanded, urging April’s mouth closer to the proffered, already erect nipple. April hesitated only briefly before taking her aunt’s offered nipple into her mouth.

“Oooh, yes,” Aunt Martha moaned softly as she stroked April’s naked skin, “that feels real good. You do that just right. Your mouth makes me so hot.” April stroked the sides of Aunt Martha’s breast while she continued to enthusiastically suck on her nipple. Suzie and I each had a hand in our crotches as we watched. I was so jealous that April was getting to suck on those magnificent breasts before me.

“That’s enough for now.” Aunt Martha said reluctantly as she gently pushed April’s sucking mouth away from her wet hard nipple. April seemed to be as reluctant to stop sucking as Aunt Martha seemed to be to have her stop sucking. April looked at her sister and me with what appeared to be some embarrassment as Aunt Martha tossed the dice a third time. The dice came up a three and a five.

Suzie scooped up the dice and rolled a two and a four, then gave the dice to me. I rolled double ones, then watched as Suzie took off her shorts and joined her sister as one of the naked ‘winners’. I tossed the dice again and a mind-altering surge of adrenaline shot through my body as I looked at the double fours on the floor.

“Suck on Aunt Martha’s other tit.” I said after only a moment’s hesitation. As jealous as I was of April getting to suck on Aunt Martha’s nipple, I had been turned on to an even greater degree watching her do it. Suzie immediately scooted over to her topless aunt and, holding Aunt Martha’s left breast with both hands and sucked on her nipple with an enthusiasm that elicited a deep guttural moan from Aunt Martha. I rubbed myself while April and I watched. I watched and masturbated for several minutes before I realized that both Aunt Martha and Suzie were waiting for me to tell them to stop.

“O.K.” I croaked reluctantly. “That’s enough.” Suzie released her aunt’s breast, leaving Aunt Martha breathing heavily and leaning back against the leg less chair behind her, and moved back to where she had been before I rolled the doubles. I picked up the dice and rolled again. To everyone’s amazement I rolled double fours again. I thought for a moment before speaking.

“Spread your legs,” I instructed Suzie,” and tickle your cunny while we watch.” Suzie leaned back against a couple of pillows and, after bending her knees and spreading her legs as far as she could, began to ‘tickle her cunny’ while we watched. By this time my cock had been stiff for so long I thought I might set a world record. I couldn’t remember it being anything other than rock hard since the first second I saw the sex goddess we were calling Aunt Martha. Instead of watching Suzie I was watching Aunt Martha who had also leaned back against the leg less chair behind her and was gently stroking the crotch of her shorts.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said in a soft sultry voice when she noticed that I was watching her, “if I ‘tickle my cunny’ too.”

“No.” I answered in an excited whisper, as I pumped my hard cock through my shorts. April leaned back, spread her legs and joined in the cunny tickling. Basically, we took a masturbation break. Up until that moment it had never occurred to me that adults might enjoy playing with their bodies the same way we did. For the first time our ‘club room’ was permeated with the odor of adult female sexuality. I inhaled deeply reveling in the scent as my body jerked with the most intense orgasm I’d experienced up to that point in my life. As each one of us completed our individual acts we relaxed and waited for the others to finish.

“Don’t you think,” Aunt Martha asked looking at me while one of her fingers continued to move lazily up and down the seam in the crotch of her shorts, “you should roll the dice again?” I grinned at my sex goddess aunt and retrieved the dice from the floor. My fourth roll came up a five and a six. April took the dice from me and shook them three times then rolled them across the floor. They landed showing double ones and everyone looked at me expectantly. Suddenly I was very shy, I didn’t want Aunt Martha to laugh at my little boy dick. I could feel my face turning red as I stood up, hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts then slowly pulled them down my legs.

“Very nice.” Aunt Martha said with a smile when I stood back up with my still perpetually stiff prick sticking straight out at her. I sat back down, picked up the dice and gave them back to April. Aunt Martha was the only one left with clothes on. April’s second roll showed a five and a six so the dice went to Aunt Martha.

“I want you to suck James’ cock.” Aunt Martha instructed April after she rolled a double three. All three of us looked a bit confused. The only thing we knew of ‘sucking cocks’ was as an insult hurled by one man at another. “James,” Aunt Martha began to walk us through the process, “stand right in front of April. A little closer please, O.K. April, you just take your cousin in your mouth.” I wasn’t sure if my brain was going to melt or explode when April took my cock in her warm wet mouth. I felt like it might do both simultaneously. “Now swirl your tongue around his dick,” Aunt Martha continued, “and slowly move your head so he moves in and out.”

“Oh god this feels good.” I finally managed to moan.

“This is a skill you girls will have to practice regularly.” Aunt Martha announced. “That’s enough for now.” I groaned in disappointment, nothing I had ever experienced before felt that good.

“Let me try.” Suzie said pulling me over to her as soon as my dick slipped out of April’s mouth. I found the contrast of warm mouth to cool air then back to warm mouth interesting. As Suzie sucked on me I pumped my hips fucking my cock in and out of her.

“We still have a game to finish,” Aunt Martha reminded us, “there’ll be plenty of time for that later.” I pulled my dick from Suzie’s mouth and sat down with a silly grin on my face. Aunt Martha’s second roll produced a three and a five. We were all anxious to end the game and get on with other endeavors, so Suzie’s rolling double twos was met with general expressions of approval. Aunt Martha stood up and slowly pushed her shorts down, first revealing her ample bush, then leaning over to push them down her legs. We saw glimpses of her pussy lips as Aunt Martha stepped out of her shorts.

“Well,” she asked as she stood with her arms held up at shoulder height, and her feet spread far enough apart that we, from our vantage point sitting on the floor could see the entire length of her pussy slit, “what do you think?”

“You’re gorgeous.” Suzie and April both giggled at my reverential whisper but I could see that they were just as intrigued by Aunt Martha’s grown up body as I was. As we watched Aunt Martha cupped her breasts while she twisted and pulled on her nipples then ran both hands over her flat belly and through her bush of pubic hair. Leaning forward slightly Aunt Martha bent her knees and thrusting her ass out behind her. This opened up her crotch enough for her to push both hands between her legs and run her fingers up and down her pussy. As I watched with rapt, single-minded attention Aunt Martha used the thumb and fingers on her left hand to open herself while she pushed two fingers of her right hand deeply into her cunt.

Smiling at us Aunt Martha moved her fingers slowly in and out several times. I could see her shiny pussy lubrication coating them as she did. Standing up Aunt Martha pulled her fingers from her pussy and, extending her hand, offered them to us. Suzie and April sniffed tentatively at the extended fingers while I leaned close and inhaled deeply absorbing the intoxicating aroma into the very fibers of me body. Acting on impulse I grabbed Aunt Martha’s wrist with both hands and pushed her pussy slime coated fingers into my mouth. I just had to find out what she tasted like. Aunt Martha patted my head and stroked my hair while I licked her fingers like an eager puppy. Gently pulling her fingers from my sucking mouth Aunt Martha sat on the leg less ‘throne’.

“Gather round.” She invited as she put her feet up on the arms and scooted her butt forward until it was almost hanging off the edge of the chair. We had gathered around Aunt Martha in a semi-circle with me in the center. I slowly dropped to my knees without taking my eyes off of Aunt Martha’s glistening wet folds of pussy flesh. With my face less than a foot away Aunt Martha pulled her cunt lips apart letting me see further down into the dark mysterious tunnel. I slowly raised my hand and, extending one finger, pushed it slowly into Aunt Martha’s slick wet pussy. Aunt Martha placed a hand on each side of my head and slowly pulled my face into her crotch.

“Lick me,” Aunt Martha whispered, “lick my pussy.” I offered no resistance and, once my lips touched her pussy, I inhaled deeply saturating my lungs with her womanly odor then began moving my tongue over her slick pussy lips. “Yes, James,” Aunt Martha encouraged me, “eat your aunt’s pussy. Make your aunt cum with your tongue.” Aunt Martha moaned softly and moved her hips gently grinding her slick wet pussy against my face.

“Wait,” Aunt Martha panted, pushing my face away from her crotch, “right here honey,” she coached me, pointing to a spot where her two wet folds of skin joined together, “that is where a woman’s clitoris is. Gently lick and suck on it and you’ll make me cum.” I did as Aunt Martha requested, while my lower lip and chin slipped back and forth over her slick pussy lips I flicked my tongue up and down over the little bud of flesh she had called her clitoris. Aunt Martha responded immediately with deep moans and small spasmodic jerks of her hips.

“Come here girls.” Aunt Martha said as she put her arms around their naked waists. “Suck on my nipples while I turn our young James into a little cunny slave.” Aunt Martha’s hips bucked harder and harder as her oncoming orgasm caused her to slam her cunt against my face over and over as I struggled to keep my tongue obediently on her hard little clitoris.

“Oh god yes,” Aunt Martha moaned, “make me cum kids, make me cum.” Aunt Martha’s whole body tensed rhythmically as her orgasm peaked. Then she suddenly relaxed and laid draped across the leg less chair like a loosely stuffed rag doll.

“Thank you,” she said to all of us a moment later when she lifted her head from the back of the chair, “I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t have a good cum, and that was one of my best.” Aunt Martha smiled at us. “I’m lucky to have a bunch of young pervs like you for my nieces and nephew.” We all smiled back at our sex-goddess aunt basking in her voluptuous praise.

“Now,” Aunt Martha continued, new energy seeming to flow into her glowing body, “I want you two,” Aunt Martha indicated Suzie and April, “to use those cushions over there and practice licking each others pussies.”

“What?” Suzie asked as both of them looked unbelievingly at their Aunt Martha.

“Now, you can’t expect to get all the pussy licking you’re going to want from James.” She explained to them. “You to share a bedroom,” Aunt Martha continued, “and it only makes sense for you two to learn to please each other.” Aunt Martha told them how to use the sixty-nine position to pleasure each other. Once Suzie and April had their faces buried in each other’s crotches Aunt Martha turned her attention back to me.

“Don’t be shy,” she told my as she slowly stroked my stiff dick with her warm soft hand, “you’re pretty big for your age.” I felt my chest swelling with pride.

“Were you really fucking Suzie earlier? Or just playing?” Aunt Martha continued to stroke me and to massage my balls with her expert touch.

“Just pretending.” I answered blushing, but unable to look away from her penetrating gaze.

“Good.” She replied. “I don’t care how often you fuck her from now on,” Aunt Martha smiled and gave my genitals a gentle squeeze, “but I’m going to be your first.” As she spoke Aunt Martha put her hands on my hips then, as she leaned back in the leg less chair once again and put her feet back up on the arms, she pulled me forward my hard cock aimed directly at her open wet cunt. As my dick sank slowly into my goddess’s pussy I felt like my whole body had been transformed into one giant nerve, which had been thoroughly marinated in pure adrenaline.

No matter how long I live, no matter how many other cunts I fuck (or how many more times I fuck my Aunt Martha) I will never forget the feel of my cock slipping into the warm wet velvety folds of Aunt Martha’s cunt that first time.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.